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Classic Pinball Machines
Some great choices all around, Played most of them.
this was a common combo at local arcades. Loved shooting those guns.

Also deserve notice, The Star trek ones.
GnR pinball. One of those machines that, the first and only time I played it, I owned it.

My Old School Favorites:

Another classic from my youth. If I recall correctly, it yelled various threats at you. Not to mention it seems to celebrate demon rape.

I heard Slash actually designed that GnR machine. Also, I hate to be a nerd, but the Star Wars pinball was pretty awesome.
Blowing up a planet = multiball
Damn, I thought nobody was still making pinball machines, but Shrek 3 and T3 machines gives me hope that the industry is only a Terry Schiavo vegetable and not a Jesse Helms corpse. Even if Smails is right and the Sterns product stinks.

Though while looking up pictures online, I saw this Sterns that I'd forgotten once reading about in Maxim(yes, I DO read Maxim when I need to replenish...)...

The theme song plays during the game, so there's THAT.

As for favorites,

When your game was over, Marian says, "See you tomorrow, Indiana Jones."

Along with the Phantom Menace one(I know, I know...), I really dug those later hologram games. This one was particularly sweet, with a mini-game where a giant Abe Lincoln fought a giant chicken. Seriously.

Video game icon enters the pinball world. I remember only seeing this once at the NY State Fair and think it was the awesomest thing in the history of things. Includes an awkward part where you play SMB level 1-1 on the marquee with flippers.

Man, to have disposable income to get some machine to set up in a swinging bachelor pad.

The strange thing is that for how much I enjoy pinball, I really suck at it. I have the magic ability to make the ball sail right through the flippers like Adam Vinatieri splitting the uprights whenever it approaches the bottom.
I was getting worried about the "no machines before 1992" rule here until some folks finally posted some shots of so-called "old-school" tables.

And Trav McGee restored my faith in humanity.

And the GnR table can go fuck my sisters. Why can't Slash die of a heroin overdose or complications from syphilis already? There's no justice...
For those who don't know about the aforementioned World Cup game:

Ah yeah! I owned that bad boy, had it yelling "Goooooaaaaaalllll" like my name was Cristiano Ronaldo (for you Manchester fans out there).
So many memories here. Adding my love for Pinbot, World Cup, Twilight Zone, and Indiana Jones. But this was the monster that ate all my change in the early '90s:

I only got to play this one once, and I doubt there are many still operational, but it had the most original layout I've ever seen:

That's right, the ball-trap bonus is a mirror universe set beneath the deck. How utterly awesome.
Jesus Ratty, what other weird shit was going on in the early 80s?

But I once again would like to re-assert just how awesome the World Cup pinball game is.
Street Fighter II Pinball had a similar "below the playing field" thing going on. There was a flipper that you would use to repeatedly bash a small metal car with a pinball, in a nod to the "destroy the car" bonus levels in the video game.
One thing I love about the classic 70s/80s pinball games is the fucking creepy and sadistic style artwork. Just look at the animation on these things. Gorgar, Cyclone, Comet, etc. There is a cool Heavy Metal like aesthetic that you just wouldn't see these days. Unfortunately.

Fuck yeah! Man, I still, without CHUD MB prompting, occasionally fantasize about owning my own Black Knight machine, but crap does that Gorgar pic bring back the fond local-pizza-place memories.

I wonder if there's any way to find out if the graphic artist for that machine also contributed to the first-edition D&D books. Cause, I mean. /doff nerd cap

ETA: Singer, glad to see someone else out there recognizes [eta: one of] the first real groundbreaker[s]. Multi-Level Action. MAGNA-SAVE!

And lookit here, on Black Knight's own wikipedia page:


Black Knight was not the first game to have electro magnets installed - an earlier example is Williams' Electronics Gorgar (the first "talking" pinball game), which features an area of the playfield that when hit, holds the ball on an electromagnet for a second or two while a speech call plays.

Fuck. Yeah.

Originally Posted by Russell Faraday
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Aaand I just noticed the Whirlwind machine on the left. With the fan and the spinning turntable. I'd love to play that one again.
"The. Black. Knight. Will. Play. You. HAHAHAHAHAHHA!"

I blew so many quarters on BK, and those roller coaster-based machines. Plus, this was a classic at my old bowling alley I used to play all the time.
Thanks to this thread, I checked out all the youtube videos of people playing these pinballs. The sound effects really bring backs the memories of those old, dark arcades, and the hours spent playing these games.

Williams was number one for me. If it was a Williams pinball, I knew I'd love it.

Data East - a pretender. Gottlieb - an original, but couldn't hold a torch to the amount of action on a Williams table.

Speaking of Williams, another favorite:

Ah yes, High Speed. Reminds me of The Getaway pinball game.
Headed to Vegas next week and you bet your ass I'm stopping here -
Addams Family Pinball. It owns. Seriously.

Just got this up & running again:

Also, received the "This Old Pinball" DVD from for TZ repair & maintenance.  Awesomely great for pinball repair info in general, but the first 10 minutes is comedy gold.  A bunch of redneck yahoos who also happen to collect pinball machines, receive a shipping container full of vintage pinball machines.  Gold.


Such a great machine. The random plastic 'superball" is genius.

I noticed a problem with the ball release solenoid whilst playing my Twilight Zone tonight.  I decided to re-watch the "This Old Pinball" DVD that details the step-by-step process to troubleshoot a problematic TZ machine.  If you're trying to debug a pinball, if there's an episode on it by these guys, it's simultaneously entertaining and informative.

*bonus points for the first "ball release" joke

Absolutely been in love with Medieval Madness and the Indiana Jones pinball games lately.

Both are absolute classics.
Lethal Weapon 3 and Whirlwind were strong contenders for my collection.  I don't know if Whirlwind gets a lot of love,  but I loved the spinning discs on the playfield and the fan that blew your hair back.
Lethal Weapon 3, Demolition Man, and Data East's Star Wars machine are the best.
"PREDATOR 2 feels like it was penned by convicts as part of a correctional facility's creative writing program, and that's what I love about it." - Moltisanti
(02-25-2019, 03:08 AM)huntertarantino Wrote: Lethal Weapon 3, Demolition Man, and Data East's Star Wars machine are the best.

The Star Wars machine is a little too cutesy with the graphics and screens for me, but the mechanics of the game itself are top notch.

I can't remember paying LW3 or DM.  I'll have to look for them.
For the most satisfying play experience, my choice is  still Bally's Fireball:

"I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on Earth."--Steve McQueen
Sometimes you need to go ‘old school’...probably threw more quarters down this than anything...
...don't do it

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