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Phobias and Movies
My fiance' has a legitimate psychological phobia of vomitting. If someone is about to vomit on screen or someone nearby, she totally freaks. I came down with food poisoning once early in the morning and tried to hide the fact that I was puking. When I came out of the bathroom, she was gone and didn't return for about 3 hours. She ran for her life and didn't even change out of her bed clothes.

Needless to say, this makes viewing some movies difficult, especially horror movies. She's ok if I can warn her, but if it happens unexpectedly ( i.e. Minority Report), she's a wreck for the rest of the film (hyperventilating, heart-pounding, sometimes crying...).

Does anyone else go thorugh this and how do you deal with it?
Needles/Syringes going into human flesh.

I deal with it by leaving the room.
Nothing much on screen. But in life, noises in the middle of the night that aren't in the norm. Attics, crawl spaces. Closed show curtains. Lights left on in closets.
Agree, strange little noises that go on in the house at night are creppy. One thing I hate are siringes/needles, but I can it enough not to the leave the room. That the only thing other then clowns, I think they are just creepy little things and they freak me out.
Closed show curtains = closed shower curtains.

Though closed show curtains can be pretty creepy too.
I have a thing about spiders. But I saw 8LF anyway and don't regret it.
The final tale in the original "Creepshow". I almost can't watch it.
Vomiting does not do well with me either, but I don't freak out about it. I think that a movie that plays on people's fear of the dark could be fun. wink

Return of the Living Krak:
I have a friend who is is real scared of clowns. I think it's hilarious so every time I hang out with him no matter what were doing i always make sure I hacve a copy of Killer Klows from Outer Space on me. Is that mean?

I actually have a plan to get a few people to dress up like clowns with me and go running around his house at 3am knocking on his windows and banging on his doors. That would be unbeleivably funny.

Mean? I don't know. It depends on how strong the fear is. If it's like my dislike of snakes, then it's funny. I just hate those things, but I'm not terrified. But to do something like that to my fiance' would cause her some serious psychological harm. It's a clinical phobia, so I don't exploit it for fun.

Plus it would be seriously damaging to my sex life.

The final tale in the original "Creepshow". I almost can't watch it.

I was gonna post the same thing. But I love it.
one of the folks were I work is absolutely terrified of snakes. At our last inventory she started crying because in the section she had to count was a display of Nature Writers which are pens that are in the shape of various critters like fish, sharks, dinosaurs, vegatables and snakes. It was the weirdest thing to see her freaking out as I've never known anyone who is DEATHLY afraid of something.
For me, it would have to be those little noise at night. What makes it worse is I live alone and were glasses so at night when I hear those little noises and look in that direction, I still can't see shit except for blurred images which could be anything. I also cannot fall asleep with my head turned away from my bedroom door. I always get that....heavy feeling, i guess, like someone is watching you and in my mind if I am facing the door, I can at least crack my eyes open for a peek, but if I'm facing the other way to get a peek would mean turning my head and that is a very noticeable thing for anyboogey man staring.
My girlfriend freaks out and starts crying when she sees spiders. After she sees one she MUST brush her hair, because she thinks that it is now full of spiders.

It really sucks sometimes, because a lot of horror movies like to throw unexpected spiders into the picture for creepiness.

She's a trooper about it though.
Im terrified of deep water and things in deep water, too much jaws as a kid I guess. Besides the fact that I cant go within 20 feet of the ocean I get a sinking feeling whenever I see something like jaws, 20,000 leagues under the sea, crocodile, deep blue sea, even a few scenes in blue crush freaked me out. (Sad, I know...)
The slow drag of a razor or a blade again skin, that tiny drop that wells up and starts to run, think Hellraiser's get 'em OFF me!. And bugs, ESPECIALLY that last segment from Creepshow.

Otherwise I have a pretty strong stomach.

Here's a little horror story for ya.

When Johnny and I got our first apartment, it was in a rush and thusly a shithole. That was the longest 6 months of our lives. Anyway, because we had a SLUMlord instead of a landlord, the place had a leaky ceiling and the windows screens were temps and didn't fit. This was from June through Oct. so we also dies every night from the heat. On top of all these crappy living conditions, the place was also INFESTED with spiders.

I generally do not like bugs, but I DESPISE spiders. Every fucking night when the sun went down, they'd make their way through the crappy windows and set up camp on the ceilings in groups of 5-8, and these were HUGE brown spiders. They'd fuckin dangle down in front of us while we were at the computer or sitting on the couch and generally turn me into a basket case. When we called the landlord he said to buy some bug spray, I wanted to rip out his throat with a fork.

We had mass spider murders every night. One day, that landlord will die a horrible death and in Hell his body will a nest for spiders (in a perfect universe this would happen).

Also, aks Johnny what he thinks of maggot therapy wink

Deer God! Maggots are the end all for me. Can't stand to see em in a movie, and I really can't stand the little fuckers in real life.

Someone once threw cooked rice at me claiming it to be maggots... I was reduced to a quivering girlthing. I stood on a chair to get away from the bastards. I was.. and still am... convinced that the fuckers can jump and borrow through my skull at any given moment.
Driving. It terrifies me. I have to do it, but every day I'm behind the steering wheel, and especially when I'm on the freeway having to drive in to Dallas, it just gets me unnerved. I'm a terrible driver and when I was young and had just gotten my license I was in an accident and I've never been the same afterwards. To this day I still have nightmares about being killed in another smash up.
Cruikshank -- have you ever seen Audrey Rose? There's a movie that replays a car accident over and over again... a little girl's recurring nightmare. You'd probably hate it.
AMy wife is the same so together we created There are a lot of thing phobias can stop you from doing. Watching movies shouldn't be one of them. Just come to our site, enter the movie and get the information you need to relax and watch the movie.
ACheck out It will tell you exactly where spiders are in each movie you watch.
ACheck out It will show exactly where any snake is in any movie you watch.
AShameless thread necromancy, but I figured that creating a new one would be ruder.

[IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

Cinematic depictions of grey aliens give me the heebie jeebies, every time. The combination of something the size of an adult human being walking around, but with fetal, undeveloped features, is just the right mix to occupy the very bottom of the Uncanny Valley for me.

I was reminded of this the other day, by Nick Peron's hilarious article on Stan Romanek, over at Trouble City. As God as my witness, I know that the fake grey alien in that home video footage is going to look corny as fuck, but I can't bring myself to watch the video up to the point where the thing appears. I've been able to get halfway through before chickening out, knowing that seeing it moving around is going to give me nightmares.

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