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Welcome To Twin Peaks
Showtime Looking To Bring Twin Peaks Back For Another Season

[Image: tumblr_oxkbqqWnK71qfirg5o4_r2_1280.gif?w=605]
Mangy Wrote:TCM 2 is like sentient cocaine.
This time we'll have complete closure and everything will make sense!
I hope the whole season is told from Josie Packard's perspective as a doorknob.
Mangy Wrote:TCM 2 is like sentient cocaine.
I'll eat up whatever Lynch and Frost serve, but, as far as Twin Peaks goes, that *did* seem conclusive, at least in terms of how it felt. I've been chewing it over in the back of my mind for 2 years now, and all I'm sort of certain about as regards the ending is that Cooper and Diane semi-knowingly sacrificed themselves to (maybe) stop Judy, and Laura... couldn't escape her? Whatever happens, I can't imagine Cooper as we knew him coming back from that.

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