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Rights issues?
I can't seem to find an actual CHUD Stories page that might have the answer to this, so I'll post it here:

If I had stories posted on CHUD Stories, does CHUD hold any kind of rights to those stories or am I free to use/post them elsewhere?
I vaguely recall this being asked before, and the answer being "no." Even if I'm wrong on that, if you didn't sign anything and there's no page saying as much, I imagine all rights revert to you outside of CHUD's use of it.

If you're looking to have something published elsewhere, though, be aware that many publications don't want previously published work and usually state this somewhere in their submission details. And yes, they consider any kind of internet publication to constitute "previously published work."
It's not a publication, it's a sci-fi/fantasy fiction website, and they have no problem with previously posted/published material as long as the author still holds the rights. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't stepping on any CHUD toes before posting my story there. It was a Lumiere story, but I'm removing all references to that name so that at least stays here.
I'm new here, and an author, horror author, and could someone explain this CHUD ficton site? I'd like to post some tales, where can I do that? Here? Elsewhere?

this is going to be a great post or story when you will submit here.

But, i think, you would want to submit it in your website first, to patent your work and then submit here. that is to avoid plagiarsm if there are any.


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