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The Home Theatre Thread
Costco has a 65” LG OLED under 2K which is pretty good.
A My Blu-Ray Movies | er u tang is?
Aimed low with my spending and got a Hisense H8G 50 inch for $430 at Best Buy. It was down to either that or a Samsung 50 inch on sale for $500. User feedback on that one indicated the motion resolution had big problems, though.

I'm happy with the Hisense for the most part. This is my first chance to get into the nitty gritty of HDR settings. I'm running everything through an Xbox One X (streaming apps and 4K blurays) for now.

After updating the firmware, I took the TV offline and disabled as many of the built in apps as possible. The permissions were all set by default to collect and transmit user data of course, lol. Plus it seems like a bad idea to keep Android apps running in the background when the processing power is that of a $40 Android burner phone. Users online reported problems when the 4 gigs of onboard memory filled up with apps and updates.

I have no frame of reference with expensive TVs, but the HDR picture quality on this thing seems to punch above it's weight. Most of the 4K discs I watched (I had 15 saved up) looked amazing. The box says something like 800 nits, the real world peak is probably under that, but it seems pretty fuckin bright to me? (in a dark room with curtains drawn)

It's taken a week for my retinas to start getting used to the intensity. The candles in the emperor's tent at the beginning of Gladiator looked as bright as a solar eclipse, haha.

I agonized over some of the settings of course, endlessly AB testing with different media. It seems like ultimately it's best to leave 8 bit color selected on the Xbox, since it's supposed to automatically switch to 10 bit on it's own for HDR signals. Ycc 4:2:2 I left unchecked. Nobody online can figure out that one definitively. The Xbox says to check it only if "your TV has problems displaying 4K", yeah ok lol.

The games I tested were impressive as well. This surprised me, since everyone online says cheap HDR sets look dim and shitty with games. On default, yeah, but just play with the in game sliders and you can usually fix it by following the instructions. Black Ops: Cold War looks much better than the SDR version.
To people who know more than me about HDTV Tech (which is everyone): If I wanted to get rid of my HDTV televisions (one Sony, one Element) and instead get an affordable projector, is there one that will run digital movies from a flash drive, as well as ones purchased from Amazon, from iTunes, from Vimeo, from Movies Anywhere and such? My Sony bluray player used to play my purchases from my Amazon account but that hasn't been an option for a while.

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