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Rene's Blog: Take A Look
Last week I was laying on my bed watching a movie, and I heard something slap the Fight Club poster on my wall next to my bed. There was a flying roach that was on it. I grabbed one of my sandals and slapped it off of the poster. Didn't want to get white roach blood all over Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. It flew across the room and fell to the ground where I smacked the shit out of it till it was flat.
Don't sweat it Rene.

I turn 32 this year. I still play video games and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

"Growing Up" is a relative thing.

And it's overrated. Stay young, you'll live longer.

Ask my dad. He's 56 and still acts like a teenager.
I have every intention of staying young at heart. Don't want to make myself all stressed out as I get older. Everyone grows up in their own way, and most retain that little bit of childishness that should never go away.
iPod Time!
Welcome to the world of the pod, Rene. It is a wonderful place indeed.
Thanks, Dranbon. I'm sure it is fabulous place. I'll do a Post iPod Time! blog once I get it and start fiddling around with it.
Bravo to your purchase, and your taste in music as well. What A Fool Believes sets my soul on fire. I myself bought an ipod shuffle a month or two ago and it was money well spent. It makes yardwork much easier, and its inspired me to start going on daily walks while listening to podcasts.
Thanks, Hans! It was actually you who put a name to the Doobie for me when I was trying to figure out the name of that spectacular song. So thanks for that too.
Good purchase!! I have a 5th generation 30gb Ipod and I irrationally love it. I can't leave the house without it. I always keep movies, tv shows, and all my music; it saves me from chronic boredome.

On a less important note, you can convert ebooks to Ipod notes and read on your Ipod. However, the font ends up really small and it's kind of anoying to read on the tiny screen. Still, it's a nice feature.
Wow, it's really starting to sound like I'm getting more than what I paid for. That's awesome.

I only paid $159 for it. The guy had a "make an offer" set up, so I offered him $149, and plus the $10 shipping it came to $159. He originally wanted the $159 plus the shipping. That's a little too much for a used one, that is in decent condition at least. I couldn't fathom dropping the $249 they want at the stores.
I have an iPod Nano... 2GB.

It does the job.

I'll upgrade eventually... Probably just go straight to an iPhone.

...And then have it stolen and be really pissed off and angry and furious.
Having your iPhone stolen must be really shitty, also considering that $30 extra bucks alone is only for the data plan. I've had AT&T for a long time, but I think that's ridiculous.

My friend has an 8GB Nano. He loves it.
I (Heart) KFC.
There's a chicken joint here... Pollos Copacabana. Not as good as KFC, but I think you would enjoy it. Their burgers are also pretty good.

Also... A couple of Chinese chicken places (Chifa Hong Kong or the superior Pollos Ja Ja Ja) that give you the choice of deep fried or rotisserie chicken, it comes accompanied with rice, lo mein noodles and fries. And they also give you this awesome spicy peanut sauce.

That's some good eatin'

Particularly after a night of drinking.
That sounds Chinese combo sounds DELICIOUS, Erix. Especially since Lo Mein noodles are one of my favorite foods.
Spoiler Sport
To each his own Rene... But what about cool, unexpected plot twists and surprise endings? Don't you think it ruins the experience somewhat if you go into, say, The Sixth Sense knowing how it ends?
I'll cop to wanting to be surprised every now and then. Like I said in the blog, sometimes I intentionally avoid spoilers because I actually want to be surprised. Like with Spider-Man 2.

One movie that I saw in the theater back in 2001 was Reindeer Games. That one had so many plot twists that I was genuinely surprised. That's one time that I'm glad I didn't know anything about the movie. I know it has a lot of detractors, but I love that movie for the sharp left turn plot twists alone. It was a decent final movie for Frankenheimer.
iPod Time! Update!

My first follow up blog. It's short, but I'm going to have another one on something else up soon.
From Razr To Eternity
3rd Times The Charm.

Certification tests are evil. I have one coming in a few months. Scary!
Thanks Natalia! Good luck on your certification test. I hope you pass it your first time around. As I said before, it's damn sad having to belt out the additional funds for each test. Especially at $120.
W For Wikipedia
Sounds Of Scores.
We talked about him recently: Basil Poledouris is really great!

-Steve Jablonsky killed it with the first TRANSFORMERS score. My fav(s) are Bumblebee and Arrival to Earth.

-Lisa Gerrard did nice work on ALI and LAYERCAKE.

-Michael Giacchino's end track for CLOVERFIELD, I like massively.

-James Newton Howard on I AM LEGEND, I found quite good.

-I'm always a fan of Harry Gregson-Williams. The Evacuating London piece from the first NARNIA is just fab.
I was going to mention Jablonsky for Transformers, Forsaken. His score is epic. He's done right by Zimmer.

Can't believe I neglected to mention Poledouris. Conan and Robocop are two scores that I've always had nearby when I'm driving. I especially love "Van Chase" from Robocop.
Jeff Rona's work on WHITE SQUALL is decent.

"Still Waters" the opening theme is very good.

EDIT: Link. Hope you like it...
That's a great track. It's seems like it's going to get intense, but it doesn't. I dig that about Still Waters. It reminded me of a cross between the scores from Black Rain, and Jacob's Ladder.
This one is AWESOME!

The Jablonsky Variation On A By HZ / Cameroon Border Post

I LOVE the man's voice, such a dark and powerful emotion added into the equation.
All You Can Eat
The Playstation Network
I wish I had a PS3, at least for the free online stuff. On Xbox you have to pay. I also like the avatar characters you can make better on PS3. But on my Xbox I have mine and I made him to look like my musical hero, Phil Collins. How much is it to "rent" movies on playstation? And how long do you get to keep them?
It varies on price. Older movies usually run $1.99-2.99, new releases are $3.99. HD rentals are $4.50. All of this is not including the tax, so just factor that in. The only shitty thing is that once you rent a movie, and you view it, you only have one day to see it. I hope that one day they can alter this to at least 3 days, because for the prices they charge, it's too much for only one day. You do have 2 weeks to view them before they expire, but once you hit play, you have about a day to see it.

What's the situation on the Xbox in regards to rentals?
Hmm. I wonder if the movie rental service works outside the US.

Because that would be nice.

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