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Chicago: Ricky Jay's "A Rogue's Gallery"
Just found out some cool infomation from reading Ricky Jay's "Random Roles" interview.

From reading the interview with Ricky Jay this will be his first one man show in many years. Pretty much, he goes into great detail about the art of deception through various unconventional approaches(and pretty much a lot of it will be Jay winging it).

Oh, the show is directed by David Mamet himself.

Sadly, I don't know if I'm going to be able to catch this due to a lot of factors(truck might not be able to handle the drive, having to put in for some inpromptu leave that will aggreviate my NCO's, cost of travel, etc.). However, I figured there might be some Chicago based chewers that might be interested in this.

Ticketmaster link. Ticket's are $75.

I hope that anyone who manages to catch this ends up having a great time.
This is also playing L.A. at the end of December, and will probably be part of the spring season on Broadway:
There was an HBO special of Rickey Jay's one man show that Mamet directed years ago. Conveniently on Youtube, trust me, it's awesome:
Mamet's been the director for all of Jay's one man shows.

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