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From Dusk 'Til Don: The Blog of Don S.
This is it: my first blog entry for CHUD:

Go easy on me...
Good for you for helping out the site with a blog! I wish you luck
Great Blog Don! I totally agree with your reasons for liking those films, I have something similar with The Goonies. For me it was because my friends and I were The Goonies, kids who didn't fit anywhere else and who banded together.

You have hit the nail on the head as to why childhood films are important, they inspire us, dare us to be better. There can (in my opinion) be no better legacy for a movie than that.
Very nice, it's good to have some opposing viewpoints and diversity of voices on the site, and that was well articulated. I fall somewhere in the middle, cause I get that nostalgia isn't a great defense and that a lot of movies don't hold up, but I also think some people go too far out of their way to slam beloved nostalgia films to prove that point (not necessarily Devin or Nick, just a general observation). I recently rewatched NEVERENDING STORY for the first time in years. Liked it as a kid but didn't have a huge attachment to it, and upon rewatching found it neither great nor terrible. It's flawed for sure but has its merits too.
Many thanks, good sir! My first blog was originally going to be about something else, but Devin's pick for "Movie of the Day" and the ensuing discussion that followed just popped up right at the same time and really resonated with me.

Hopefully my first attempt wasn't lighting in a bottle and the rest of my entries end up being just plain awful.
That's am amazing piece. It's genuinely emotive and you really create an interesting counterpoint to the anti-nostalgia movement. Movies like Selma matter for obvious reasons, but those childhood wonders are equally as important and equally as special.
I know you've all been waiting for it in anticipation: My second blog post is up:
Happy belated birthday my demographically challenged friend.
Thank you, good sir!
Happy birhday mate another great blog
Many thanks! I have to admit, that was a complete fluff piece. But, I figured if I at least made it entertaining no one would notice.
And I continue on, despite my better judgement:
I got a lot of stuff going on this week, so I'm reprinting an article I wrote awhile back on my geek blog:

This was one of my favourite posts and a lot of fun to write, mainly because of how passionate I am about the subject matter.
Apologies for the lack of blog this week. I'm working on one, but with the week I've been having so far, I dunno if I'll get it up this week or not.

In the meantime, I invite everyone who hasn't yet to take a gander at my previous entries, after which you may all laugh and point fingers at me:
I appreciated the Mad Blood mention in the reprint article. My brother and I used to watch him together.
My first introduction to Madblood was after I was first stationed here at Langley AFB back in 96. It was late 97 or early 98 when I first saw him on TV, and the movie he was showing surprised the heck out of me. The Special Editions of the the Star Wars Trilogy had already been out in theaters the spring of 97, and no networks had the rights to air them yet. But one night, Madblood was on and he was showing Star Wars: A New Hope. I thought "Cool," so I sat and watched it. Imagine my surprise when the CG Jabba scene showed up. I couldn't believe Madblood aired the Special Edition of A New Hope before anyone else. I thought that was completely awesome.

I seem to recall hearing that he got in trouble for that.
And I'm back with a new blog installment this week! With all the buzz going on in the Doctor Who thread it got me wanting to talk about my favourite Doctor:
Great Idea for a blog Don.; I have said this in the Dr Who thread but It's worth repeating, Tennant is like the smart, popular kid at school you wanted to hate but secrectly liked. Smith is like your Granddad.

I am very like you in this respect, until the new series Baker was my favourite as well but somehow David Tennant managed to be just so awesome in the role he over took him. And I totally agree with you on the Cribbins front, he was the perfect final companion for DT as he was just so human.

BTW if you love some Cribbins action in Dr Who check out the Peter Cushion Dr Who Flick Darlek - Invasion Earth. He plays a character in that that could easily be described as a young Wilf.
Another week, another blog! This week's is probably the longest one I've written to date, and it's about me finally getting around to watching the entire Rocky series, and my personal thoughts on it:

And oops... the article should be labeled #6, not #5. Boo.
Great review. I think a lot of the ideas in 5 are. Explored again (and in a better way) in 6. Which makes the film even more redundant, it's a shame because if Stallone had tried a bit harder he could have restarted his career with 5 rather than have to air a few more years
I talk about my re-ignited love for board games:
Great blog man. Every month a bunch of my friends and I (plus the wife) have a games night. It's great fun and many a bord game is played with an insane amount of competiveness. We even have a cup that goes to the winner - yes I know that's ever so slightly sad.
Thanks, Ken! My favourite games are always ones that have kind of an adventure or otherwise dynamic design to them. My favourite games right now are Red Dragon Inn, Arkham Horror, and Last Night on Earth.
Another week, another blog!

This week I blank out and then cop out... but discuss my writing in the process.
Dispite being a "cop out" I thought it was pretty funny actually, keep up the good work!
Thanks, Ken. I've always thought that when you write, if you can't offer anything of substance, poignancy, or weight, you can at least make it funny to read.
It's CHUD Blog, It's CHUD Blog! It's better than bad, it's good!

This week I get a little personal and make fun of myself in the process.
I'm with you on the Kevin Smith front, he really is the geek that got it all and wasted it, I still think Mallrats is his best film however.
Packed with peanuts, my CHUD Blog really satisifies:

This week, I become mysteriously addicted to Texas Hold-em in Red Dead Redemption.
I'm feverishly attempting to keep my self from purchasing this game, but this entry might have just pushed me over the brink.

BTW...This one was textbook for how to do a great blog entry. Nice story in the beginning to tie things in, you took us to the present matter at hand, then had a smooth denouement. Really nice read.
My wife bought me this game as a suprise present (I vowed I wouldn't get it until i had another job) it has not arrvied yet and the wait is killing me.

Damn fine blog sir.
Wow, thanks guys!
Hey everyone! I'm still here!

Apologies for being MIA the past two weeks. I've been temporarily moved from my normal day shift to an overnight shift, the side effect being that it frells up my internal clock and makes it difficult to get any writing done.

But, not wanting to leave my spot vacant for yet another week, I offer an article I did for the geek blog I write for:

Glad to have you back man.

Love the D soundtrack but not overly sold on the film. My problem was I heard the soundtrack before seeing it and built up some amazing sequences in my head based on the music and was disappointed.

Some great points about the devil dude (thanks Bill and Ted) and to add to it, if the Big Guy himself created the devil why the hell didn't he just zap him out of existence and save himself a bunch of trouble? More to the point why did he blame the Humans who had no idea what deceit and trickery was rather than the prince of darkness who set them up?

Sorry I used to be a Jehovah's Witness, these were questions I never got answers to.
Great blog man, always a pleasure to read.

Oh and for future reference .....

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