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Cinematic Happening Around Atlanta
Just a heads up, Splatter Cinema is showing 2000 Maniacs next Tuesday.
Two more chances to see ROLLING THUNDER tomorrow (Friday) night at the Plaza. DO IT.
This Sunday night the 14th at 7pm, THE COLOR PURPLE at the Rialto with some of the actors in attendance.
Danny Glover or GTFO.
ROBOGEISHA (as seen on recent ad banners here on CHUD) screens Saturday night at 8pm at The Plaza as part of this Buried Alive Film Fest that's going on.

Uhhh, if you haven't seen the trailer yet, it looks pretty AWESOME.

Full schedule for the festival is here:
ENTER THE VOID continues for another week at The Plaza, and FOUR LIONS starts on Friday!

The Karloff FRANKENSTEIN plays at the Plaza tomorrow at 1pm and 10pm as part of the SpookShow.  Should be a good time.  I'll probably be there in the evening, as I've never seen the film before.


Salman Rushdie is back to introduce another brace of films based on great works of fiction.  Monday nights, 7:30, FREE!

Anyone have any recommendations among these four films?  LOLITA's the only one I'm familiar with.

Schedule of films:
February 21: "Pather Panchali"
February 28: "The Dead"
March 14: "Contempt"
March 21: "Lolita"

Emory University's White Hall
480 Kilgo Circle NE
Atlanta, GA 30322
Phone: 404-727-6123


NEAR DARK at the Plaza, Tuesday night at 9:30pm.  Be there or don't be awesome.


SHOWGIRLS at the Plaza tonight.  9:30, with some burlesque shenanigans beforehand.

WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER showing at The Loft as part of Michael Showalter's book-signing/standup appearance there.  Not sure when that starts, exactly.


Holy cow, I'm catching up with this thread and noticed "Pather Panchali" on the list.  A co-worker a few years ago was dying to have me watch that movie, but I never saw it.  He even brought me a DVD of it and I ended up returning it to him unwatched.


And now you've missed your chance to hear Salman Rushdie talk about it, Tom.

This Saturday night, DEATH RACE 2000 at The Plaza.  9:30 for the pre-show, 10pm for the film.


In addition to the ATL Film Fest this weekend, which includes some good stuff, they're also showing THE SEVEN VOYAGES OF SINBAD for the Spook Show at the Plaza.  Saturday 1pm or 10pm.

Who's going to see FAST FIVE?


Caught some of the comedic shorts on Friday night and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Hope to catch some more good films in the upcoming week.


NETWORK tomorrow night at the Plaza.  I plan to be there.  Anyone else?

Do it for Sidney.


I considered it but opted for The Sound of Noise over at Landmark playing at the same time.  I've seen Network, albeit not on the big screen, and Noise has me interested.  I may be making a mistake by skipping it.


My friend Sam Carter's short SHADOW PUPPETS is playing at the Landmark tonight at 9:30. Chewer/nerd Andrew Sweeney was part of the crew.


There's a 35mm screening of TAXI DRIVER at the Plaza tonight at 8.  $10.  I may be there, but I'm not sure yet.

Anyone else considering it?


Originally Posted by El Gray View Post

There's a 35mm screening of TAXI DRIVER at the Plaza tonight at 8.  $10.  I may be there, but I'm not sure yet.

Anyone else considering it?



I think Renn would like to go, but he has a conflict.


Originally Posted by Misfit View Post

I think Renn would like to go, but he has a conflict.



I'm not making this one, either.  Workin' late.  Awesome.

I hear there will be PRIEST passes and COWBOYS & ALIENS posters for freebies at Criminal this Saturday (Free Comic Book Day), if you need some of that action.


Return of midnight movies at the Landmark in Midtown!  Some great stuff coming up:

Jun 24 & 25: An epic of epic epicness! Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Jul 1 & 2: New midnight cult sensation The Room
Jul 8 & 9: Franka Potente in Tom Tykwer's Run Lola Run
Jul 15 & 16: Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park
Jul 22 & 23: James Stewart in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window
Jul 29 & 30: All hail The Dude! Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski
Aug 5 & 6: David Bowie & Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth
Aug 12 & 13: We're gonna need a bigger boat! Steven Spielberg's Jaws


A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS at The Plaza this Saturday!  Be there!

3pm or 7:30pm

Also, THE DARK CRYSTAL plays again at midnight on Friday (upstairs) or 3pm on Sunday (downstairs).

Also, also, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN starts there on Friday!


SCOTT PILGRIM at the Landmark Midtown Arts tonight and tomorrey night at midnight!


Senna starts at the Landmark Midtown Arts on Friday.  My wife decided that was what she wanted to do for her birthday.  I'm pretty excited to see the film as I remember watching him race in F-1 when I was a kid.  The 1988 season where he and Prost won all but one of the races in the season was amazing.


It's a fucking great doc, you'll love it.


CITIZEN KANE at The Fox this Saturday at 7:30.

So, I'll see every damn one of you there, right?



EVIL DEAD II in 35mm at The Plaza.  Tuesday night, 9:30.  Get there a little early for a cool photo op in the lobby.

Buy some popcorn. Save The Plaza.



PUMPKINHEAD at the Plaza tomorrow night, folks.  Uhhh... is it any good?


fuck yea its good! Its definitely one of our favorite films we've always wanted to show for Splatter Cinema. In my opinion the most bad ass horror movie monster ever.



Tonight!  THE FRIGHTENERS!  Studio Movie Grill on Holcomb Bridge Rd at 10pm.  Only $1.  Come on out.


THE SHINING plays tomorrow night (Tuesday) at The Plaza at 9:30.  Film prints are being reportedly being retired.  This could be your LAST CHANCE to ever see this on film.


Tuesday night's showing of THE SHINING sold the HELL out, but you've got two more chances on Saturday.  2:30pm and 9:30pm.  They'll start selling tickets for both around 2pm.

I believe I'm going to the 9:30 show.



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