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Lightcycle toy from Tron legaxy is a must own.

What's the crown jewel of the Tron Legacy toy blitz? This RC light cycle, which uses vacuum-powered suction to scale walls. Also, if another light cycle toy blocks its rear light stream, it'll plummet to earth. Watch it in action!

Its remote controlled and it can run on walls...i repeat, it can run on walls.
Is it powered by a Vuvuzuela? That sound is unbearable.
What can you do? It's vacuum-powered, that's the cost of having the Spidey-mobile in your house. Too bad it doesn't appear to be able to take corners.
Allow me to let my 6 year old inner self control my brain for a few seconds:


Thats about it.
One of my friends recently had foot surgery and I got him one of these types of things to horse around with from the couch. The only disappointing part is that the wall in use can't have much texture to it. Great for amusing cats, though!
I foresee this destroying a lot of walls... awesome.

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