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The 6th Annual Music Box Massacre
The line-up for The Music Box's 24-Hour Film Festival was finally announced, and brother I am PUMPED. I'd probably pay 27 bucks to see Psycho on the big screen, let alone Phantom of the Opera, Raven, The Wolf-Man, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Pet Semetary, Rabid, The Funhouse, Theater of Blood, The House By the Cemetary, and Fright Night, not to mention all the vintage trailers and local short films that are shown.

The special guests are a little weak this year (with special effects team the Chiodo Brothers being the sole ones) but to be frank, the guests were usually the weakest part of the other Massacres (with a few notable exceptions, like Stuart Gordon last year and Joseph Zito the year before).

As I have the past two years, I IMPLORE any Chicago Chewers to come to what is always the most fun event I attend all year.
Ugh, I already know that I have to work early mornings that weekend, hopefully I get fired.

Is that that link the order they are going to run these films in? Because I might be able to make it for RABID and KILLER KLOWNS. Also,I've never been to one of these, how do they usually run them? Is there a break during the marathon, or just straight through?
That's the order, most likely. They've always started with the oldest movies every other time.

There's a 15 to 30 minute break in between films, which is good for trips to CVS for energy drinks and what have you. You get a bracelet so you can come and go as you please.

I'm asking for the dates off tomorrow. I think I'm going to say that I'm going to a wedding.
I have two weddings in September that I HAVE to go to, or else I would do the same thing, but I have this weird thing where I feel guilty about lying. I hate it. But take it from someone who knows, the wedding thing always works.

Is this usually a full house? Or can you get tickets at the door during the event?(Nevermind, just read the whole page. I will pay 33 dollars for KILLER KLOWNS)
I got my tickets at the door last time. It's never a full house. I'd say, maybe, 70% full?

The full schedule (with times of each film) isn't usually available until the day of, but if you wanted, I could post the times once I get there to help you (and anyone else) plan.
That sounds great, but I'm definitely going at some point during the marathon(still post the schedule please). Don't mean to hijack the thread, but how many other Chicago Chewers are there? I'd like to actually meet some (and technically I guess I've met you Patrick, but that wasn't my finest moment)
I met Schwartz, that was also not my finest moment, and it was also at the Music Box. He came up to me and said hi and I was so taken aback that I got real quiet and nervous. I'm kind of retarded when it comes to small talk with strangers.

I always assumed Schwartz thought I was an ass after that.
I thought Ripoll was an ass long before that day.

Unfortunately, I have an actual wedding I'm supposed to go to that weekend. Irony!
Okay, I'm not gonna be around for the Massacre, Wednesday (the 8th), the Music Box is playing Louis CK's new stand-up film, Hilarious. I have to work 11 hour days all next week, but since when is that a reason not to get hammered and laugh at some child rape jokes on a Wednesday?

Any interest?
So, anyone else beside me going?
The schedule has been posted (with a changed line-up!):

Noon: The Phantom of the Opera
1:30 PM: The Raven
2:45 PM: The Wolf Man
4:15 PM: Hungry Wives (followed by a Q&A with Jan White)
6:15 PM: Killer Klowns from Outer Space (followed by a Q&A with the Chiodo Brothers)
8:00 PM: Rabid
10:15 PM: Basket Case (followed by Q&A with Kevin Van Hentenryck)
12:30 AM: Pet Semetary
4:15 AM: House By the Cemetery
5:45 AM: Theatre of Blood
7:45 AM: Psycho
10:00 AM: Fright Night

Wish Psycho was playing earlier, so I wouldn't have to watch it all crazed and bleary-eyed, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Basket Case. That should be great.
I might possibly make some of this. The line-up is very intriguing.
I'd go but I'm getting married at the Music Box the day before and don't think I can subject my will-be-then wife to this as a honeymoon present.
Congrats to Tom Fuchs for getting married today, I guess.

As for the Massacre, let me know if you're gonna show up. I'll be somewhere in the middle aisle, wearing my Carrie shirt.

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