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The L Train: Peter's Blog

Or even SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD which really captures being a clueless guy in his twenties looking for love while being a douche/Canadian.

This made me laugh!

You saw a lot of films this year. Lots of good picks. I haven't seen Winter's Bone. My picks for best film would be between Shutter Island, Inception, and Green Zone. The funnest were Machete and the Expendables for sure.

I saw probably 3 or 4 in theaters. This year, my life was ruled by TV.

Originally Posted by Mike's Pants
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That's a fine list. I was starting to worry I was the only one who liked The Expendables.
Though, I would recommend you watch The Town as soon as you can. That's my film of the year.

Plans never gelled for me to see THE TOWN in theaters, but it's on video now, so I'm sure I'll get to it fairly soon.

natalia, I liked SHUTTER ISLAND quite a bit, but I'm still heavily conflicted on the ending, or rather the twist before the ending. INCEPTION was great, and I really liked GREEN ZONE. It sucks that GREEN ZONE did so poorly.

That's a solid amount of new release you took in this year Neo. I still haven't seen Centurion or How To Train Your Dragon either, but I can whole-heartedly recommend Exit Through The Gift Shop.

If you find yourself at a loose end over the holiday period and want to watch a smart, original film that'll crack you up a whole lot and maybe even bring you to ponder a few things about the nature of art, then Exit is a real beauty.
I just saw THE FIGHTER, which was pretty awesome. It's a by the numbers sports underdog story to be sure, though it's elevated by the performances and how hilariously hideous Micky's family is.

I wouldn't get to Exit till 2011, but I'd say that other than a couple of films, I'm fairly happy with the crop of 2010 films I saw this year.



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