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Tips for a Fantastic Fest virgin
So I decided to treat myself this year with a pilgrimage to Fantastic Fest. I figure there might be some other chewers in the same boat, so I'm making this thread so virgins like myself can ask our questions and hear recommendations on the best of what Austin has to offer.

My big question is; how does admission work for each screening? Do all the non-vip badge holders wait in lines hoping for a free seat? Without a vip badge, how early should I plan to get in line if I want to catch this year's opening night movie (Let Me In)?
From what I understand, you should just plan on being at the Drafthouse every morning after you get up. I've never been but FF badgeholders get there early and when they release tickets they know what they want to see when they want to see it. Print a schedule - this will be your Bible for that week. But just plan on grabbing breakfast and then heading to the South Lamar Drafthouse for the rest of the day.
Depends on the badge you have.

VIP, you can get tickets to all the showings you want to see the day before they show. This is awesome because for every showtime you get first pick of whatever you want to see, you never have to worry about not seeing that awesome movie that is only playing one time for some reason. Also, you can sleep in.

Normal badge, you can only get your tickets for showings the day of them. So, like Nordling said, that basically means you go to bed late, and wake up early so you can get to the theater and get in line to get in to the movies that are #1 on your list. With a regular badge you may not get into the movies you want to see for every showtime, but you will get into some movie/event for every showtime.

Other general tips? I don't know...just have fun. This is the best eight days you will have lived in a long, long time. Do not miss the 100 best kills party, or the Fantastic Fest Debates and the Feud as well as the party after the feud. Those are all legend.

I'll think of more later. You will love it.

Sorry, missed some of your questions.

All of the big, big premieres...opening/closing nights and others in between, those starting last year have been at the Paramount. Which is a wonderful old theater in downtown Austin. It's huge, so you don't have to worry about not getting a seat at those.
Go to The Highball as often as your wallet will allow.

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