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massacre mafia style
a few years ago i went to a midnight showing of the beyond. before the movie was a few trailers for some older gore flicks, one of wich was called "massacre mafia style". it showed 2 guys walk into an office building and kill everyone. it looked hilarious, one guy actually fell face first into a urinal! i tried to find this film, but all i could come with was an "alternately titled" movie called Almost Human. the guy that sold it to me assured me it was the same film. when i watched it however, there was no such scene. does anyone know anything about this? P.S. Almost Human was very entertaining, it just wasn't the movie iwas looking for
Maybe that's because the title was Duke Mitchell's Mafia Massacre for The Beyond release. I guess it's gone by a couple of titles, but everything that was trailered with The Beyond never made it to the screen. Nor did Tarantino's Rolling Thunder release of Fist of Legend. Such is life. If it makes you feel any better that tracking shot following the guys is easily the best thing in the film.

double post.


It's been 10 years, but this thread is back! (and I think it's in the wrong forum, but anyway . . .)

What would happen if morons remade The Godfather? You'd get Massacre Mafia Style.

TCM Underground showed this last weekend, and it's remarkable.This is one of those movies where the guy produces, directs, writes, scores and casts himself as the badass stud who gets all the chicks, even though he appears to be in his 60s. Duke MItchell, you are a delight. (In real life, Mitchell was a successful lounge singer. Yes, his songs are featured.)

I thought this film was right there with Miami Connection on the so-bad-its-good scale. Throw in Mitchell's periodic rants about "these kids today" and how his mom's fingers smell like oregano, along with a scene where he says the N-word something like 20 times before it cuts to a pimp being crucified (and we're supposed to be cheering him on), and you have some top-notch terrible entertainment.

Here's the trailer. Note: All of the action in this trailer takes place in the first 3 minutes or so:


I take it Mitchell is the thin gentleman with the receding hairline? That Trailer should have played during Grindhouse.

Lets keep this thread going! I love both Massacre Mafia Style (1974) and Gone With the Pope (2010)! 

It's hilarious to hear how Duke Mitchell conned his way through making Massacre Mafia Style, which I enjoyed more than I did Gone With the Pope. Loved all the anti-Godfather stuff, I truly believe Mitichell was making his character as terrible/racist as possible because he hated how The Godfather romanticized gangsters.

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