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I assume it can only mean that in addition to the game, Michael J Fox has also allowed his likeness to finally be used for BttF toys, as it was announced that Universal has made a dead with Mattel to produce action figures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown!!! Just when I thought I was finally too old to care about toys. This is heavy.

It seems like they should have timed this to happen a long time ago so they would actually come on during the 25th anniversary year, along with the Blu-Ray and game, but I guess them finally happening is better that no happening at all. Mattel did some good looking Ghostbusters figures, so I've got high hopes for these.

It's great that Fox has finally realized he can help himself and his cause by doing just a little whoring for something worthwhile.
Nice! I picked up all 4 12" Ghostbusters and they look GREAT on the shelf. Can't wait to see what they do with this license. I could only hope for a 12" scale Ectomobile and Delorian to go with them!
I heard the Marty had a vibrate function when you didn't play with it, but the face being always motionless was just foreshadowing.

Why it comes with an amantadine bottle I don't know.

Honestly MJF was a mental picture for a lot of board exams.

Oh yeah cool toys.
I don't usually go for things like this but if I had money I'd pick up a Marty or Doc. The shelves at my moms house are filled with little scenes we've created using cool nick nacks we've picked up over the years and a Marty figure would fit in nicely next to Horus, William Howard Taft and their gargoyle minions

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