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Fist of the North Star (1986 anime).
One of my favorite animes of all time! very violent, gory and well animated with spectacular action sequences and a true cult classic all the way that i adored since i was 14 in the mid 90's when i rented it on video.
CyrusGrissom, First of all, I commend your taste in anime. 2nd, I might have put my thread in the wrong place, But I have a thread on...Fist Of The North Star aka Hokuto No Ken, the anime, and the new video game...Ken's Rage.

Did you ever see the entire series? So far, I have watched both Discotek Box Sets (72 Episodes), and they are fantastic. The next 2 sets are the last...37 episodes of FOTNS, and Fist Of The North Star 2. Have you played...Fist Of The North Star: Ken's Rage? It is on...Xbox 360 and PS3. The game is...Glorious, M Rated, and my...2nd Favorite game of 2010!

Yes i own them all.


CyrusGrissom, That is a...FISTful of Coolness!  Vol 3 arrives July 26th!


Did you know Uncle Phil/Shredder was the voice of Fang in this movie?

A[Image: 400]
[Image: 400]
Vampire hunter d made a cameo appearance as a villager

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