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Sydney, Australia

Okay, I'm doing it Down Under next week in Sydney.  What do I need to see besides the obvious?

There's the art gallery of NSW (if you're into that). There's usually something going in Darling Harbour at the weekend. Centrepoint Tower gives you a fantastic view of Sydney. You can always take a ferry over to Manly and visit the beach.
There's a place called The Rocks which is mostly full of pubs and bars but it also has historical tours you can take.

The Royal Botanic Gardens are very nice if you feel like wandering around a park for a while(find the bats/flying foxes at dusk! Aussies... is there a difference?). The Sydney Aquarium is pretty great. I'm still kicking myself for taking photos of the fountain from the Matrix("freeze it!") and not realizing it was the same fountain until I got home. Would have had some cooler framed shots of it otherwise(I can't remember if it was in Strand Arcade or not). Walking under the Harbour Bridge is pretty great too due to it's sheer size.

Avoid the rum(tastes may vary).

And take one of the touristy boat rides.

The fountain is in the middle of Martin Place.
AIf you have time then visit the blue mountains. Beautiful scenery, just a couple of hours outside the city. You may remember them from MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME, although they were covered in sand. (When they arrive at the kids hideout)

Originally Posted by NathanW View Post

The fountain is in the middle of Martin Place.

Thanks for the correction. Had to look at a map, but at least my memory wasn't far off. Cheers!

I should know, I walk past it almost everyday on the way to work.

I dream about going to Sydney) I like its pics and almost sure that I will like the city itself)


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