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Australian Horror Films

I'm the writer for a new Australian horror film in production. It's all about vampires, but before you roll your eyes, these vampires dont sparkle or want to marry you. One of the guys from Arrow In The Head said it was a cross between I Am Legend and 30 Days of Night. I'd love to open this up for any questions anyone might have about the film or writing in general. We have a cool Facebook page which I will leave a link for on here, so if you want to see some cool concept art and script snippets then feel free to go have a look.


What did you guys think of Daybreakers? For a second film its pretty impressive...


Not keen on Daybreakers. But really liked Wolf Creek, and Rogue from your country. Too excellent films. Oo Undead was an interesting one combining two sub genres. I think Cut was an Australian film, a decent attempt at the slasher film.


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