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Quote: The Baltimore Sun

April 1st, 2011


By Scott Templeton, Baltimore Sun


Mayor Carcetti confirming Red Ribbon Killer Death.

Mayor Thomas Carcetti took the stage at City Hall to give a press conference alerting the public that news has been confirmed that notorious serial murderer "The Red Ribbon Killer" was killed during a police shoot out late last night. The press conference was two years and six months in the making for Carcetti, who started his career as Mayor as soon as the murders started happening, and along with a crime rate that was accelerating at a very rapid percentage.

During the press conference, Carcetti revealed the idea of the serial killer as Franklin Paul Cardero. An unemployed 46 year old West Baltimore citizen who's last job was doing maintenance at St. Luke's Sacred Heart, a homeless shelter in West Baltimore. It was an occupation he held for two years before having his employment terminated due to low quality of work, and was reportedly not afraid of expressing his resentment towards the homeless citizens he encountered everyday. The sudden rash of homeless murders esculated soon after his firing, which supports Detective James McNulty's profile that the suspect had a feeling of wrongful persecution.

Mayor Carcetti also revealed that Cardero wore dentures, and the ones found in his home match the dental work of the bitemarks left on the victims, leaving behavorial science experts agreeing that Detective McNulty's profile suggesting the suspect having sexual frustrations, and inadequacies, was an accurate assessment.


Franklin Paul Cardero aka "The Red Ribbon Killer

The significance of Cardero tying a red ribbon around the wrist of each victim has befuddled even the most trained  behavioral science experts trained to assist the FBI in these macabe serial killing cases.

Cardero started being a suspicious character when an anonoymous phone call by neighbors complaining that Cardero shouted at all hours of the night when home, and talked about "ridding Baltimore more of it's aimless, dirty homeless virus". What sparked the interest of Homicide Detective Lander Syndor, taking over the case from Detective McNulty, were multiple visual reports of Cardero carrying numerous bodies of people described to . Soon as Detective Syndor visited the suspect's home for questioning, he was immediately attacked by shots. Forcing the police officer to return deadly force for self defense. Detective Syndor is expecting to be awarded in a ceramony celebrating his bravery.

After the gunfire, police found a couple of key items that linked Cardero to the murders: multiple spools of red ribbon, a voice modifer that audio experts are "100% sure" Cardero used to taunt police and staff of the Baltimore Sun, and also pornography that depicted elderly people doing various crude acts. Detective Sergeant Jay Landsman stated that the material was "the lowest of the low".

Mayor Carcetti said in his press conference that he is "proud of all the hard work and diligent dedication the Baltimore Police Department have put in trying to catch this disturbed citizen, and find sadness that he wasn't apprehended to recieve the justice he truly deserves in a court of law. That said, the police have truly proved that the tax payers of Baltimore are not wasting their money. We all knew that this monster could not hide forever."

Carcetti also added: "As deplorable as Cardero's crimes were, there is a silver lining in that it has brought attention to a devestating problem in society: Baltimore having homeless citizens. From now on, I will go out of my way to do whatever it is in my power that these poor individuals get the help that they need".

The beginning of Carcetti's career as mayor started off on a rocky start, due to not finding a way to allievate the city's budget deficet. The newly elected mayor at the time drew critical fire for freezing the pay of Police Officers and teachers as a band-aid for the solution, and an unpopular one. The Mayor started recieving a fiscal windfall for the police department soon as Cardero's reign of terror started esculating. Because of that state support, Carcetti was able to authorize much needed overtime for struggling police officers.

The finiancial fortune ended up paying off in dividends as more Red Ribbon unrelated crimes started getting solved, like the many homicides that were found boarded up in condemned buildings located on west Baltimore. Carcetti's upset against incumbant Clarence Royce for Mayor shocked many due to Carcetti being a caucasian. As the numbers started to rise for his votes, the former city councilman was dubbed "The Great White Hope" that put emphasis on Baltimore needing to make necessary changes..


Political strategists predict that Carcetti's approval rating for his promise solve the Red Ribbon Killer cases, and his compassion for the homeless all but secures him a seat as Maryland governor in 2012.

When asked for comment, Detective James McNulty replied with a cryptic answer: "Daniels was right, this is bullshit, and I'm the one who fucking did it".

Detective McNulty, and former homicide detective Lester Freamon, were forced to resign from the police department for unknown reasons during investigation of the Red Ribbon Murders.

More about the Red Ribbon Homeless Murders case can be found here and here.


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