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by Renn Brown: link

Sandler, James, Buscemi, Spade, Cee-Lo, Drescher all part of TV animators first feature.

I never was able to get into the Clone Wars much but liked Dexter's Lab and Samurai Jack a lot.

And as the one Chewer who still loves the kinds of shtick dealt out by your Jack Blacks, your Will Ferrells and your Adam Sandlers of the world I'm happy to have Sandler in the lead role. Apart from Little Nicky I've always liked the dumb voices he comes up with and I'm sure I'll be up for him doing dopey Transylvanian.

Spade, James and Dresher I'm less stoked about.


Interesting. I'll get behind anything Tartakovsky does. You really need to check out Sym-Bionic Titan if you get the chance. It's great even though cancellation came premature (again)..


Yeah, this'll be awesome with the sound off.


slightly dissapointed this is not a live action remake of Groovie Ghoulies but, the creater of Dexter's Lab making a movie is good news to me.


I let some kids borrow my copies of the Clone Wars DVDs and I've regretted it ever since.  Never saw them again (of course.)  And now they're out of print.

Anyway, I'm a big fan of Genndy's stuff.  He did some work on Powerpuff Girls, too, which I enjoyed as a younger man.  I have to admit I'm intrigued, but yeah, the voices are a little worrisome.  I, too, have at least a measure of confidence in Sandler to be funny from time to time (Happy Gilmore is still one of my favorite comedies.)  But Fran Drescher?  Yikes.  I guess it's pretty obvious the direction they're taking the Bride in.  Primary character trait:  Annoying.


I'll watch anything Tartakovsky produces frankly. Samurai Jack alone buys the guy a lifetimes worth of good will from me.

As far as the premise of this film goes, am I the only one getting a Mad Monster Party vibe from it all?


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