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About the Heist Flick

So, after Ocean's 11, Thomas Crown Affair, and a number of others, heist films are back in style. And as the newest thing to hit hollywood, the studios have come to you and said "Make us a heist movie." The twist is, they want it, like Ocean's 11 to be a ensemble piece with no less than five stars but no more than fifteen. r11 taylormadeWho do you cast in which roles (the rookie, the mastermind, et al), and what do they steal? Me, I'd do a high school heist movie. set at a lush private school outside New York city in Greenwich or another similar rich community. Every year, the school holds an opulent fund raiser which comes in at around 10 million every year. Bored with the priveliges of high school life, six high school kids decide to heist the fund raiser. During their planning, a teacher discovers what they're up to and they bring him in. He, in turn, brings in his somewhat shady brother.There are the obligitory twists and turns. It's ACES AND EIGHTS. Starring: Seth Rogan:TaylorMade R11 Irons The Hacker Frankie Muniz: The Freshman Mandy Moore: The Distraction Elijah Wood: The Brains Jena Malone: The Good Girl Hayden Christensen: The New Senior Billy Crystal: The Brother Billy Bob Thornton: The History Teacher The target: John Malkovich and 10 million. What about you?


I was fond of the original idea for "Tower Heist," which involved an all-star lineup of black actors shaking down a Trump-like media personality, seemed like a loaded concept. Glad that Brett Ratner stuck to his guns on that one, turning the millionaire into a generic bad guy and leading his cast with Ben Stiller, Matthew Broderick and Casey Affleck bailing a black man out of prison to help them rob someone. Fuck you, Brett Ratner.


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