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Never been, taking my brother's bachelor party there this year.  To those who've been, anything I should be sure to check out?  Is it hard to get into the good shows?  Does it get crazy expensive?  Is it impossible to get a cab?


Get your badges now. Book your hotels NOW. The music portion's pretty easy to get in and out of, as long as it's a venue and not one the thousands of tiny bars that charade as "venues". The big name screenings, even with a badge, you have to queue up for.

Getting around Austin is fairly easy. Cabs turn out in huge number for this week, so getting one shouldn't be too hard. There's also the metro and, of course, your feet. You can easily drink enough to make you think you can walk anywhere.

Don't keep more than a half an ounce of pot on you at any time. Humiliate the hipsters at every chance. If a old man wearing nothing but a leather g-string asks you what time it is, don't freak out, that's just Leslie.


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