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CHUD Stories Alum sweeps competition

The guy responsible for me knowing about CHUD (yes, blame him) recently swept a short story contest at a major convention, wining both first and third place. Mike Resnick was one of the judges....if you don't know who Resnick is, check around.

2005 Short Story Contest Winners: Congratulations to the winners of our 2005 contest! Our readers and judges sorted through the overwhelming number of entries and after much deliberation struggled to pick just three favorites. They are:

1st: "Winds of Limbo Roar" by Michael Ashleigh Finn
2nd: "The Perils of Pet Ownership" by Aaron F. Johnson
3rd: "The Damned Kerchief" by Michael Ashleigh Finn

As I understand it, he was a writer for CHUD Stories and one of the editors for a while. The two winning stories can be found in the archives.


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