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Wishful Thinking of Movies Rumors 11 - I'd Like 2 See

Welcome CHUD Folks to Danco_2000's Wishful Thinking of TV-Movies, Films, and Straight-To-Videos Rumors 11 I'd Like 2 See in 2011-12:

Warning: The following posts are solely the creation of a Demented Genius with a  Beautiful Mind and in no way, form, or fashion reflects the opinions or thoughts of this CHUD Website, or of any of it's members. (Unless the members decide to post a reply...)



Tag: X-Factor USA

Wishful Thinking of a TV Talent Show TitleTaking Some Of The Silent “Y’s” Out Of The X-Factor-Y

We at Danco_2000’s Casting Inc. watch the 2011 X-Factor USA with great passion. We were really excited to find out that we could actually pick out a song for the remaining X-Factor Singers. Imagine our surprise when each of us went to the X-Factor website to pick out a song for our favorite contestant, and realized that the choices we had to pick from were not the kind of songs we would have chosen for the remaining five.

Still, we decided to pick from the provided selection, and again to our surprise, the songs chosen by the public would not be sung due to website technical difficulties.

We still wonder “Y” it took so long to tell the singers about the viewer’s song selections?  In fact, we wonder “Y” Nicole got back at Simon by sending Rachel Crow home? “Y” L.A. Reed is not happy with the Host’s off beat humor? (Must be the comic’s timing.) And “Y” the X-factor Host grimaces while introducing the contestants and afterwards places a griping hand on all the contestant’s shoulder for such a long time? (We find it very distracting) … Hmmm! …

Anyway, we hope the X-Factor Judges give the two Lowest-Voted-For contestants a Save this week. We think it would not be fair to the singers or to the X-Factor Fans, if one of the singers were sent home. Yet since lots of things in life not fair, one should be ready to handle the unexpected, especially in the music industry.

Of course we would have had the singers go through with the show’s regular routine of elimination, all the way down to lowest two singers. Then as soon after they sing their Save Song, we would tell them they both get a pass, because we wanted the viewers to believe that this show is truly fair and balanced. Then for next week, after having three contestants sing a Save Song, there would be two instead of one sent home.

We now realize that picking songs for someone else to sing is not an easy thing to do, especially for such a talented group.  So instead of one song, we collectively picked three (3) songs.

Here’s Wishful Thinking of an X-Factor Episode where the singers select a song submitted to them by the viewer:

The following would have been our song choices for the week of the website fiasco:

Round One
Josh Krajcik
= Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Further

Rachel Crow = With You - Chris Brown -                            

Chris Rene = One Heartbeat - Smokey Robinson

Marcus Canty = You Make Me Wanna – Usher

Melanie Armaro = No Air - Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown

Round Two

Chris Rene = Hollywood Swinging - Jamiroqai

Rachel Crow = Party In The USA - Miley Cyrus

Marcus Canty = Get On Up - Jodeci                                   

Josh Krajcik = Dancing In The Street - Human Nature

Melanie Armaro = We Belong Together - Mariah Carey

Round Three – The Save Song:

Rachel Crow = Let Me Be Your Angel - Stacy Lattisaw

Chris Rene = Here I Am Baby – UB40

Marcus Canty = Let Me Love You - Mario                            

Josh Krajcik = Beauty’s Only Skin Deep - The Temptations

Melanie Armaro = Take Me As I Am - Mary J. Blige 

Our Supercomputer predicted the winner based on the actual Song Selections for this year’s TV show. According to its results, contestant CHRIS RENE would be the X-Factor USA 2011 Winner. MELANIE ARMARO would have been the winner if only she was not so stiff, moved around the stage some, …and you know, …had some fun.     

X-Factor Winning Judge L.A. Reed was very happy. 

As for Josh Krajcik, he just might be signed to do a special music project with Rare Earth-Get Ready. ...





Tag: Justice League Of America

Wishful Thinking Of A 12-Hour TV Mini-Series CalledJLA Begins

Rumor has it that Danco_2000 Productions has been given the Green Light to produce an epic 12-Hour Mini-Series called, Justice League Of America Begins (JLAB).  Spanning over 6-weeks, the series’ weekly 2-hour segments is said to have so much action that each segment could be shown in Movie Theaters, bringing in more of a profit than whatever the TV Commercials could.

As of yet, there’s no word on the JLAB plot, but as soon as it’s possible, info will be leaked out. Don’t bother to ask any of the chosen actors of JLAB because they don’t know what the plot entails. The story is so secret the actors chosen only know the names of their characters.

With a partnership with Movie-Makers, filming will begin early in 2013.  Danco_2000 Productions feels the prediction of an 8.5 earthquake in California happening anytime within 11-11-11 to 12-12-12, might interrupt with the production of JLAB.

Until then, the following is a secret casting call confirmation of chosen stars:

Superman                 Batman                            Hawkman         Wonder Woman     Doctor Fate                Super Woman

– Clark Kent               – Bruce Wayne             – Carter Hall        – Princess Diana      – Inza Cramer               – Kara Kent

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSyHSfS8DjCiS7rhZFYS9Z80CwJzBJ25LchY1tkxvKnLn986YXm     images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSZFWhC3ts7JMthKlYpCrYWWKiF_g-dlZRBxDbchanM7yK2ATAKww          images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-gbXKpFU1N_2YvT3G6TVtRqGq8DZqDsTEW0Q2H0EbGp-TaV3q    xxsdw7zhzo0pxpsz.jpg    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQNtL1PfAHtKEuDFsWwntsIcDps70_SrTD2FMpMW_mrvCWsPIw3Xw   images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSdldFAFHr-izbr4g3aHQF_4o5QW9pua_c3XQDrX41Tz-PhBJ4AoA

 Brandon Routh       Michael Weatherly    Adam Baldwin              Ninel Conde              Anna Torv           Laura Vandervoort

(Chuck)                     (NCSI)                      (Chuck)                  (Desmadrugados)              (Fringe)              (V - The Series)

Martian Manhunter          Zatanna                  Green Lantern              Red Tornado           Hawk Woman

– Jonn Jonzz                  – Zalanna Zatara      – John Stewart               – John Smith            – Shayera Hol

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQM6_xYxIeUA2uiGL3C6S40trVSxrg93JWosMNDhK2K_Pw-4KBH7w       images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSwoNl8Tfk_VXHfW0ZInOykiKDkOZlhgmTfrOoSKdvnMQFc7WCANA         images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSxaAR2JkzQLT1uz_rvpeCMr_7qnhDkz9GFpy0NDxS-vaJGeYE52g     images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSIlAHU9TBfmkee2IcyEHBjraM12-7Qb6yMybkgKHQ6eNIt96Pgnw         images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSKsk4IpQ3GcPG-HJ1PAh_OsD8JCxH4tWammHFzH5ekIhpDvfsHIw

Aldis Hodge                   Taylor Cole        Anthony Montgomery   Adam Rodriguez          Eve La Rue

(Leverage)                       (The Event)              (Enterprise)                 (CSI Miami)                   (CSI Miami)


Flash                           Green Arrow                     Black Canary                  Aquaman                      Gypsy

– Wally West               – Oliver Queen             – Dinah L. Lance             – Arthur Curry                  - Cynthia Reynolds

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-ERjNDOYJkyegXdANEWGmTosH9ZhHg_iowDP65tDCQ4p7N54z   images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTfNdTd0R806ZwGKL3d3O-rcHTxqhRd8yKFQytLouMXZz5shvTPSg       images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRaXuZCLHVLVNzxvSiBI3RoORuu_KaWnadvQuTA4eA7giKpXutijg     images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSctIfexe5x2BL7gbErnv5kLmfsB2-1MrhVpA4wSDfFKkMttd1BmA    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRvgBDKR6gf7NSiZUtRyja4oFyMLF4yZhvSx0pnSofZlrUmURlCdw

Jensen Ackles               Justin Hartley            Beth Riesgraf                  Alan Ritchson               Cote de Pablo

(Supernatural)                  (Smallville)                   (Leverage)                  (Smallville)                   (NCSI)





Wishful Thinking Of A 12-Hour TV Mini-Series CalledJLA Begins  (Part 2)

We at Danco_2000 Productions were very happy to hear find that three more of our favorite TV actors have signed on for roles in JLA Begins.

Wentworth Miller   (Prison Break)  Wentworth Miller      David Conrad (Ghost Whisperer) David Conrad       Chris Pine (CSI: Miami) Chris Pine

If you can’t imagine what roles they play in JLA Begins, then take a sneak peek at the following online trailer that some say has inspired the creation of the TV mini-series:

<Possible JLA Begins Movie Trailer>


And If you still haven’t figured out the 3 actors roles, take a look here:

Lex Luthor            = Wentworth Miller   (Prison Break)

The Joker             = David Conrad        (Ghost Whisperer)

Dark Adam           = Chris Pine            (CSI: Miami)



Tags: Will Smith, Lost, Space


Wishful Thinking Of A Movie Called:                             Lost In Deep Space

Genre: Adventure, Sci-fi


A family with two well-known Earth scientists, along with their children, live in a Deep Space Research Facility. Everything is well until they receive a distress signal coming from a moon in orbit around the planet where they're stationed. ...


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQTaabQltzZ0XcULVzNDPYqopUuxhWdAb5VV3qCYVpoxOFp4XSiBg   images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQz-Y2YMOqJRUf8bxMC428IIgnMUquqmZfzXBd9vgZ484NG2NX5   images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS_IQPBJEgaXzGbB9vPxcRptYJLrYbkHAvNukPfjcWFKHXfQjGMdw   images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSXfTyDywL2rj3eDiDXgDhK8LFzk1yS9sMw7F4nxiJNs6LFkbwz   images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRLmGwaIsw0bMfFKBlzAOdITwjqGzm0WoXcRVdN8UohTIoihqpR

Will Smith                    Jada Pinkett Smith             Jaden Smith                   Willow Smith                  Trey Smith



Giancarlo Esposito

(Once Upon A Time)

 as the Doctor



Wishful Thinking Of A Movie Called:                       "Bah Jammed"

Genre: Comedic Fantasy

Release Date: T.B.A.


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQoIKTVjguQUCshH3pc22WgGfGLiObXk6kpByBX_POvw6SHk3I3  Joshua Gomez               images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRKh0oMVfUMZCxfcZVEQKTrhlZkIMSeuKNz5i1dD0M7Ifwl2fbM  Lou Ferrigno


"Bah Jammed" Is a story about a young man who finds a pair of Magical Stones while hiking in the woods. He finds out later, that the stones will turn anyone who has it in their possession, into a Hulk-like being.

The lead will go to Joshua Gomez. Joshua plays the part of a wanna-be, ... life-of-the-party-kind-of-guy that only wants to be recognized as a human being. Lou Ferrigno will play the part of Joshua's Super-Altered-Ego as a result of Gomez's transformation. Only by stating the words "Bah Jammed", will Joshua be transformed into Lou. ...



Wishful Thinking Of A Movie Called:                "The Jetsons White Collar"

Genre: Comedic Fantasy, Live Action

Release Date: T.B.A.


With no leads, and after an exhausting job of chasing the thief who stole a Time Machine Replica from a Comic Con Convention, Tim DeKay as FBI Special Agent Peter Burke - prepares to return to the office. Unfortunately, the Thief backtracks his steps and catches Burke by surprise by knocking him out.

Peter wakes up in a bedroom. He thinks he's in the thief's lair. But as he moves around the room, he knows something isn't right. It's only when Peter looks out the window, does he realize that he has traveled 100 years into the future. But that's not all. In this reality, Peter is known to all as George Jetson, least that's what his half-Brother Elroy Jetson tells him.

Accepting the fact that he must still be dreaming, Peter (going by the name George) reluctantly teams up with Elroy to figure out who stole the company's Experimental Time Traveling Machine. Their one, and only starting clue is Spacely Space Sprockets' Referential Universal Digital Indexer (R.U.D.I.). It's the company's super computer that has a crush on George. Later, Peter thinks that maybe, … just maybe, by solving this crime, he just might be able to wake up from this nightmare. ...


Tim DeKay .............. as FBI Special Agent Peter Burke / George Jetson (Spacely Space Sprockets' Security Director)

Tiffani Thiessen ...... as Elizabeth Burke / Jane Jetson (Advertising CEO)

Matt Bomer ............. as Neal Caffrey / Elroy Jetson (George's Half-Brother, Security Consultant)

Willie Garson ........... as Cosmo G. Spacely- (George's boss and owner of Spacely Space Sprockets)

Sharif Atkins ............ as Special Agent Clinton Jones / Private Investigator Astro Dawg (George's Best Friend)

Marsha Thomason ... as Special Agent Diana Berrigan / Rosey Androidia (Jane Jetson's Personal Assistant)

Hilarie Burton .......... as Sara Ellis / Judy J-Sonet

Diahann Carroll ....... as June / Voice of R.U.D.I.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTNDP4pMoroT4bDdAL1eHNVcnoCQUIqrYB8EBs0bU9wyQumtLWNaw  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSwWfHvzXuf1AtlcFwYZG-2-FoyQ2bK9qTT-7ACQ-TVGFjbXPAA5w      images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRG74d9KJ8hCIcEV5qlZD5WG7V_smSWwWs9D_gg_nIzdXIxU4ozsQ images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQGXHOvLTz5vD1ARCdJszaEUxtQhy7Jd5Q5itYxVMlQgrU8LErkaw      images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTZqGZNHLrI54Q9nv1ci_ZYeveqCM3FtjCJILFPRKd7VQXCJhS5sQ  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT4AFfQXpGB98nP4q2UNSHeI726PUV94GGvS815WO7X6Lem5Sw4zA

Tim DeKay                                           Tiffani Thiessen                  Matt Bomer

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRfR2TvarFq2blxQN2VEqPKIGt_ID1IHjgNq1dYPMY1RbZyYXMmDA  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQNAucnoLB3Lx8A2u2d7jPOeagYI9tgRuPM8KODVMmM9j5si60u2A     images?q=tbn:ANd9GcStZwQCxMhNoJPdyJtaXTXWzwwUW3bHcKDMUHCSd0recDwJdoQd    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQDgGZ1P4Is1WgYHH77zcM8PkGOeHjYfODyKp8wwfafb4Am1itfyQ  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSrriP0I7uiL0ZQL8sASMIBJAKtzi-BagqJdQMjVykolyWnqnyG   images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVRRnm4jXIrrea7p0al7eajxIg04oLL8YInURICaa9QI-sTN468A

Willie Garson                                          Sharif Atkins       Marsha Thomason        Hilarie Burton        Diahann Carroll

Inspired by the TV Shows “The Jetsons” & “White Collar”, TV Mini-Series “The Tin Man”, and Film “Fat Albert”.




Wishful Thinking Of A 12-Hour TV Mini-Series:

Genre: Comic Book Fantasy, Live Action

Release Date: T.B.A.


It's being rumored that Danco_2000 Productions has been given the Green Light again, to produce an epic 12-Hour Mini-Series called AVENGERS: A CALL FOR HEROES.

AVENGERS: A CALL FOR HEROES will also span over 6-weeks. The series will also be showcased in weekly 2-hour segments. Unlike the soon to be released 2012 film “The Avengers”, the first four hours of the TV mini-series will be the back-story of Army Sargent Nick Fury. Sgt. Fury will be on the fast-track of rising through the military system to become head of the covert organization called S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division).

During his term as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fury's people bump heads with a small Alien Military Task Force and barely survives. The encounter forces Fury to realize that in order to have a fighting chance against the returning hostile aliens, Earth will need to defend itself. Fury also realize that in order to protect the Earth, Earth will need a special kind of soldier. Later, the body of Captain America is discovered. Hence, A CALL FOR HEROES. …

(Special Note:

The people at Ain't It Cool Productions was able cut a deal with the people at Danco_2000's and CHUD Movie-Makers' Production Companies to do the Nick Fury Back-story.) ...

The following is the casting call confirmation of chosen stars:

Captain America                    Iron Man                     THOR                                   Green HULK

– Steve Rogers                 – Tony Stark                – Thor Odinson                      – Bruce Banner

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQgurxsH3noeD7VLbc0fYvHoWd5-2l5D-raY1fkqpZwRmeJvQVm    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQPcviQZvbsGU-gc2PepVKEFHhD9fzvpzvYUXlIlF5yQ5pySH8Q      images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS6SwGFvbnO3GY1oTDeX4T_f6mrtnSZNg91azbSZaDJK-RxU2ke  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQCiuTYRNXUSiOTspJnKSkXd7n11DJgfKh41Wm7vjXCK_y5EXrZ

= John Cena              = Jacob Gyllenhaal                      = Jared Padalecki              = Michael C. Hall

(WWE)                      (Homicide: Life on the Street)       (Supernatural)                        (Dexter)

Hawkeye                   Giant/Ant Man                       Wasp                         Scarlet Witch

– Cliton Barton           – Dr. Hernry Pym               – Janet Van Dyne           – Wanda Maximoff

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQz0sbFI8TzIpgfc2hgCAU-pkTprGvEJsx1LfnLTuZrLrKef3s7  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRgWonxGWj3CTAHAACrsnEHntzFzbeE3YBb5OHtEFS8PXPT7YCksA      images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ7zeM6Ao4W-_dcsS1IB1V4vENQNbs_eibGdYrI1E9cf4X3sdC0    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS2iPf74J1OcbiH149M7B-52EK6dhz--W5X1OrKZG21isVMkMir

= Ryan McPartin          = Zackery Levi                = Yvonne Strahouski             = Vanessa Marcil

(Chuck)                        (Chuck)                            (Chuck)                        (Las Vegas)

Black Panther                         STORM                            Nick Fury                        Moon Knight

– Prince T’Challa                    – Ororo Iqadi T'Challa       – Nicholas Joseph Fury       – Marc Spector

 images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQRYdTrp7PkCTysj9O6C5dkHBXJNbL1G4qFAYnWo3iHmwFNxv3DjQ      images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRSNwmbZwBKza7p3fe8RLKoT5VI0EZW8oV_rN6627dh5C4EhFf5   images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQBruPjHEY465Hrtg_WVENZfzjC82GpU-QJXWa_aScuLBdOn0NP     images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRsSwY_EK0eESE3xH_rncsKKKW7Pi9dcoUl5juoKLRg6SITAohJ

= Djimon Hounsou                 = Megalyn Echikunwoke       = LaMonica Garrett         = Tim Kang

(ER)                                      (CSI: Miami)                         (NCSI)                        (The Mentalist)

Black Widow                             Luke Cage                 The Vision                         Iron Fist

 – Natasha Romanoff                  – Carl Lucas             – Victor Shade                  – Danny Rand

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQgbghcTO6BuNp_O8JqncTHukbfiHCMuIg9LkOHv4dvTJfh1VAS    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTRyy6-29lpS3nyBswTFQ7XOV1r2NQIzUY5-N0KwVIyipCmJC-gnA   images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRjciTH1XZ5INVo06hxLKYLG9oK9ZBWHrCTFRX3AiRFGqWP8yxpbg  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTPC1EZEvN98HPuF7bwpwfoYHMccn1RvUalWz8DzFFFwltCp4Uyhw

= Alicia Witt                        = Michael Jai White             = Ian Anthony Dale            = Ray Park

(Cybill)                                    (CSI: Miami)                     (The Event)                       (Heroes)



Short Reels of the Future

Wishful Thinking Of A Special TV Series Presentation:

Genre: Speculations, Predictions


We at the Danco2000 Think Tank wanted to share our thoughts on a few things happening in and around the US. We thought that putting our thoughts on film would be the best way to present it to you. Even though the short film is in production, we thought we would give you a few sneak peeks of the “Short Reels of the Future” quarterly TV Series.




First Quarter:

Short Reels of the Future:    Of Things To Come In 2012

This Summer of 2012, Dwight Howard will be signed as a Free Agent to the Chicago Bulls.

The Kansas City Thunder squared off with dah Chicago Bulls this year in the National Basketball Championship Game. The battle lasted for Seven Games. Both teams were already tired after beating the previous teams. The Thunder spanked the San Antonio Spurs, and Dah Chicago Bulls did a mercy beat down on the Miami Heat.

When the Championship game was over, both the Thunder and Bulls knew they would need one more player. Here enters Dwight Howard, who has been in talks with Chicago since March 3.

Howard has agreed to take a deep cut in salary for one year, placing him inside Dah Bulls team Salary Cap. Five of the top Bulls players also agreed to a two year cut in pay to help make Howard's transition to the team easier. When asked about the deal, he didn't deny that he really wants to win a National Basketball Championship before it's too late. Howard is a team player who understands that great rewards come with great sacrifices, and is willing to take a pay cut for the team he feels would let him help them in their quest for the Championship Ring. …



Gasoline Prices in the United States will start to decline Summer of 2012 when it's realized by the American Citizens that anything over $3.25 per gallon of gas is being used by the World Bank to stabilize the economy of Greece, and in the continuance of Economic Stability for Spain and Italy.

All of the Foreign Countries piggy-backing on the backs of the US Housing Institutions, were sucking the life source (American Money Reserves) bone dry. Two powerhouse financial institutions were being hit the hardest, Fannie May and Freddie Mac. Together, the two powerhouses made up almost two-thirds of the financial support of the American Housing Industry. Their failure meant millions of homes would go into foreclosure, thus leaving Foreign Investors the ability to claim hard earned American Land by default.

Fortunately for the US, Democratic President Barrack Obama recognized a bankruptcy involving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, along with the Republican's deregulation of US Banking Financial Code of Ethics, would place America into another 1930 Depression. President Obama prevented the hostile land takeover of the Foreign Countries by bailing out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Unfortunately, those Countries stabilized by the World Bank would experience big economic fluctuations. Because the World Bank has big investments in most of the Big American Industries, a deal was brokered with the Oil Companies in exchange for access to oil, that American Oil Companies presently do not have access to. ...



In 2012, the United States will pass a Bill stating:

  • If an Ally of the US is attacked first by any Ally Enemy, the US will come to the aid of that ally militarily.

  • If an Ally of the US is attacked first by any Enemy of the US, the US will come to the aid of that ally militarily.

  • But the US is making it clear, that if US Allies initiate the attack first, then the US will only wish them well in their endeavors.

The United States will continue to provide Humanitarian Aid to any Foreign Country, if that country is hit by a devastating Natural Disaster.



In 2012, of the Case of Same-Sex Marriages, the Supreme Courts have ruled that the Ninth Courts' decision that overturned Prop 8, is Unconstitutional.

There's no reason for another Constitutional Amendment for Same-Sex Marriages because it's clear, in creating another one, would be like getting the US Government involved in a Civil Case of Reverse Religious Discrimination”, stated the Lead Judge.

Here's are few argued statements that may have been taken into consideration for the verdict:

  • Benefits such as Health Benefits, Dental Benefits, Medical & Financial Decision Making Rights, and Tax Exemptions are not necessary to redefine marriage in order to obtain these benefits.”

  • Proponents for an Constitutional Amendment argued that marriage between a Man and a Woman should be guarded as it is established in the Bible by God, in the order of creation, and the procreation of children.

  • Marriage is an institution long recognized by the U.S. government under the right to pursue happiness, and denying that right to any couple, regardless of gender, is argued as unconstitutional.” But that was in reference to a 1967 Civil Issue concerning Interracial Marriages. (Between a Man & a Woman)

  • Demanding to make Same-Sex Marriages Legal, when there are other ways to unite Same-Sex Couples is an Tactical Encroachment on the Religious Civil Liberties of Bible-Based Churches.”



The Presidential Republican Nominee will give President Barrack Obama a good 2012 Presidential Race with his donated money from Corporations (the Other People). But at the end of the 2012 Presidential Election, the Republican Candidate will realize that the Corporation Control of the United Confederate States of America will not become be a reality until 2016. ...



Wow, stumbling in here has given me a raw headache. Good lord.


SeanCE, SeanCE, SeanCE, ... I've been called many things, but never "good lord".     Thanks!

As for your raw headache, you might want to take off that Bullwinkle's Derby Thinking Hat when reading posts on CHUD. The Derby has a tendency to Overheat and smoke up the place.





The World Musical Challenge

Wishful Thinking Of A TV Movie :

Genre: Musical /Drama


Somewhere in the USA, at a Music Hall a World Singing Contest is in progress. Bragging rights to claiming to be the World's Best Singing Group Champions is highly desired by many around the globe.  The contest has been going on for most of the day. By now there's only two groups left, to sing their Intro Song. The “All Girls Beat” had just finished singing. Now it's the “Girly Girls” turn.  …

Followed by the "International Singing Group". ...


All eyes were on these last two groups. Both groups were picked by everyone to make it to the Final Round. The local favorites to win it all are the "Girly Girls". They take the lead in the Second Round of singing. …

Again, the "International Singing Group" followed.

Both the “Girly Girls” and the “International Singing Group” made it to the Third Round, along with six other groups.  ...

(End of Part One)



The World Musical Challenge

Part Two Cont.

After the performances, it was time to announce the two semifinal winners, the “Girly Girls” and the “International Singing Group”. In their dressing room, the “Girly Girls” were celebrating so loud, their Manager had to remind them that they still had the final singing match left. Moments later, a backstage helper knocked on the open dressing room door to announce they're up next.

It's was the beginning of Round Three. As the Girly Girls were being called to the stage, their Manager tells one the ladies to not go. She remembered that there was a clause in the rules, that states one singer missing from the group for one song only would not disqualify that four-person group. The Manager wanted them to sound less Urban with this number so as to give her group a better winning chance.

The now three-person Girly Girls group starts to sing. ……

It was a good performance for the “Girly Girls”. They all walked over to were their manager was standing.

Girly Girls MANAGER – Here's hoping they're not as good as they were in the Round Two!

Girly Girls Wannabe Leader (confident) – We got this contest. The only way they're going to win is to be able to sing this song in American English!


Girly Girls Wannabe Leader ( Cont.) - ...Right?

It was time to announce the winner of the singing contest. The Girly Girls were very confident that they had the tittle in the bag.

When all the clamor subsided, the Host of the contest announces the winner of the Singing Contest. …

HOST: Will you all stand and give a great big round of applause to the first and new winners of the “World Singing Contest”. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, … The International Singing Group!

The Ladies of the group walk over to center stage. The Host gives them a Check and each a personal trophy.

HOST: Now before you leave the stage, everyone entering this contest had agreed to one last song as the winner.  Are you ladies ready to sing yours?

The International Singing Group  (unanimously) Yeah!!!

As the Host walks off the stage, …

HOST: OK,'s the The International Singing Group singing their victory song. ….

The End? Or is it.

(End of Part Two)



The World Musical Challenge

Part Three - Cont.

The Final Words:

The World Singing Contest Winners were eventually tracked down by a world renowned music producer, writer, and singer ( He wanted to help them become much more bigger than life outside of the country. Or maybe, ... he just wanted to get in on some of the money the International Singing Group is already making on sampled beats of his songs that made him famous. Mmmmm?…


The young lady that was let go from the Girly Girls group, went on with her life and eventually joined another group called “Urban Fantasies”. The Young Lady was accepted after her online interview ( with the manager of Urban Fantasies.

Her Three Album Contract is very interesting. According to the big print on the contract, profits from their First Album will go equally to each singer to pay for educational bills acquired from selected business courses.  Then Each singer must go back to school to get the required education needed to help make their life better. For the first Album, each member of the group will sing the lead in two songs. The remainder of the songs on that album, singing will  be a group effort. Thereafter, the singers have the option to stay with the group or branch out on their own before the start of Album Two and of Album Three.

Urban Fantasies” was created especially for entering the next season for the new TV Show “The X-Factor” as a singing group. Their singing style is similar to another singing group (, but with just a touch of Urban heart and soul. ...

At this time, the following are members of the singing group. :

  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS4c_fZgO7IGKbkUTwBQV3ZWjGR9FEVk20mG3RMAe3Mn7lodhY3  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQg7PQlay8jI5DQieV2kYrjcbW4M4dfECvlRRGVyCIW-46Nxf-kNg  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT8ECP0Sy4QtUxr0ocFzXAna8nFHRZqc8FxIukj2zTmZCqqYFsm  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTAjbYuQ2UKO3pT8PliDieDS927C7iiiXJCnv4V7kDsjpZ9xU1-yA

          Tiffany Anderson                    Asia Nitollano                     Charlye Nichols                  O'so Krispie


Lastly, as for the Girly Girls singing group of three-persons, they struggled a lot with their new non-Urban image. So much so, that another person left the group temporally, leaving Girly Girls down to a two-person group. Their manager decided it was time to further improve this new team's image by entering them in a Two-person Singing Contest in Las Vegas, Nevada.  So the manager decided to look at a few Intro Videos on the website for that singing contest.

So far so good, she thought.  Not knowing the reason why, that second one made her feel a little uncomfortable. But then, ... she saw the one video that made her start to wonder.

The video scared her so much it caused her to screamed out loud, “Oh hell no!”

She quickly got her composure back, and decided to let go the two remaining singers. Thinking she would have to start from scratch, she quickly contacted the singer who left when Girly Girls was a three-person group. If she had known she would be down to just one singer by going less Urban, she would have never let the first signer of the four-person group go. She finally realized too late, that if it's not broke, ...don't try to fix it. …

Okay, … now it's the end!



Wishing Thinking Title: Congrats President Obama

Wishing Thinking of a Web Site Showcasing Presidential Congratulations And Gratitude

Genre: Political Opinions

We here at Danco_2000's Productions would just like to say, Congratulations to President Barack Obama on being re-elected to serve another four year term as President of the United States.

Not too long ago some people said that the Senator Barack H. Obama was a wanna-be Miracle Worker trying to preform God-like miracles to solve all of the U.S. Problems. We knew better, … we knew then that Presidential Candidate Obama was God's Miracle, working to make America a better place to live. It's now January 2013. Nothing has changed, Presidential Re-Elect Barack H. Obama is still God's Miracle, ... and he's still working to make America a better place to live for another four more years. We would like to say to you, … God Bless You.

We also dedicate the following video by “Mary Mary” to you Mr. President for a job well done. Okay, … with that said, ... it time for you to “Go Get Your Blessings”!



CHUDs TV Show Writing Challenge
Wishful Thinking of a TV-Movie Website That Help in Rescuing Troubled TV Shows:
Genre: Opinion, Wishful Thinking


The “CHUDs TV Show Writing Challenge” was created by one of Chud’s most humble Chud-folk, …Danco_2000. The many postings of the equally smart, witty, and creative Chud-folk Members inspired Danco_2000 to come up with this concept. Basically, Danco_2000 noticed that a lot of Chud-folks were highly disappointed with so many Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV Shows being cancelled before their time. Only a few TV Shows can just Premier and be a hit right from the start. Almost all need time to get the kinks out, some more than others.  

With that said, Danco_2000’s Media Research Team discovered 3 important things that must be taken into consideration when judging the potential of the next big TV Show hit.  

1) Time Slot Placement – To many new TV shows are placed in time slots that are being dominated by an established TV Show of another TV Station.

2) Commercial Breaks – Not only are new TV shows in the wrong time slot, they have too many commercials that are louder than the sound level of the struggling TV Show. Thus causing a Domino Effect because now the Makers of Products being endorsed on that program want to be compensated for the Lost of Viewers.

3) The Nelson Ratings – Is outdated and needs to be updated or replaced. After many tries to get into the Nelson Rating Program, we could not find a way to do so. Mainly because SkyNet, … oops! …I mean the Nelson Ratings, is really a Computer Program on the Intra / Inter-net.

Come to find out, anybody who has a Cable or Satellite TV Channel Box is automatically enrolled in the Nelson Rating System. All channel boxes have the ability to give information about what program you are watching at any given time, it all depends on how the information is sent back to the Programming Providers. Retrieving Cable Information is easier because all they would have to do is monitor the signal frequency of a cable channel.  Whereas retrieving Satellite Information depends on whether or not the On-Demand DVR Customer has a Telephone Land-Line.

One problem with this collected info is that, if a viewer watches an hour long TV show at 8 pm on channel 0, then leaves the unwatched TV on the same channel for two more hours before turning it off; the Nelson Rating Computerized Program will record the 8 pm, 9 pm, and 10 pm TV show as Favorite Viewer Shows. …

The Solutions:

Danco_2000 and his Imagination Crew came up with two doable solutions to help bring back cancelled TV Shows..  

First, he proposes to all the TV Broadcasting Networks, that they should go back to the days when Fridays Evenings showcased the Science Fiction / Action / Fantasy Genres. And Saturday Evenings showcased Horror / Thriller / Suspense Genres.

Friday Evenings had TV shows like Johnny Quest, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Outer Limits, Star Trek – The Original Series, The Invaders, etc …  

Saturday Evenings had TV shows like the Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond, Mystery Theater, etc …

And every now and then, a fun TV Series would air on Sunday or Wednesday Evenings like Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, Lost In Space, Land of the Giants, The Time Tunnel, etc …

Secondly, Danco_2000 knows that most of the TV shows cancelled, needed plenty of imagination. More imagination than he could come up with. Then it came to him, … that has plenty of Imagination. Plenty of CHUD-folks Imagination Brian Power!

Here’s where the “CHUD’s TV Challenge” comes into play.  Danco_2000 is challenging the TV Networks to let him create a Rescue Scenario for a TV Series that has been cancelled, or is an endangered series that will soon be cancelled. As soon as Danco_2000 creates this rescue scenario, he will have the option to pick up to 2 more CHUD-folk Members to help as TV Spec-Writing Tag-Team Members.
Their mission is to help write a total of three 3 consecutive episodes, that will help that particular show bounce back into the ratings.

Each Tag-Team Member will be responsible for writing only one episode.

A Different 2-Person Tag-Team is to be assigned to each TV Show to be rescued. Afterwards, the writing responsibility for that TV show would be passed back to the Original Writers.  

Let’s face the facts. Being a TV Scriptwriter can at times be a thank-less job.  If all you have to do is write what others want you to write, you start to lose that creative edge.  All Danco_2000 wants to do is help those neglected TV Writers by giving them a Booster Shot of Imagination. That’s why Danco_2000 and the members of each team will not expect any financial rewards. Almost all of the CHUD-folks in this challenge will be happy just knowing that others will know what they did, and the fact that they helped a show survive the normal TV life up to a possible 5 Years.  

Of course, Danco_2000 insists that one perk for the CHUD Writers is a Cameo Face Shot in their episode, and the placement of’s Logo somewhere in each of the special episodes they’ve written.

The following is a short list of some of the so-called troubled TV Shows and Danco_2000's Dream Team Member(s):

(Members selected at this time. More to follow later.)

Stargate: Universe
Tag-Team Member(s):      Micah Robinson      Fafhrd

No Ordinary Family
Tag-Team Member(s):     CocoaSugarbaker      Richard Dickson 

Terminators: The Sarah Connors Chronicles
Tag-Team Member(s):

Terra Nova
Tag-Team Member(s):
     MichaelM      Princess  Kate

The Event
Tag-Team Member(s):     Leto II        Farsight

Star Trek: Enterprise
Tag-Team Member(s):      Lee        Litmus Configuration

“V” – The Series
Tag-Team Member(s):

Flash Forward
Tag-Team Member(s):     dajuice7       Diva
Doll House
Tag-Team Member(s):     The Prankster       dynamotv

The Last Resort
Tag-Team Member(s):



Wishful Thinking Movie Title: I Will Be There

Genre: Musical, Humor

Movie by: Bigfoot Entertainment

Release Date: Spring 2014


Constant Military Budget Cuts was blocking the path of a Music Center being built near a Military Base in the Philippines. The Music Center was to be built in a neighborhood of military and civilian families.

So a group of Military Dependents, led by a young man named Jeremy (Rosado), decided to put on a concert in order to raise enough money to support the building of an After School Music Center.

After searching for donations from many of the local businesses, Jeremy and his group came up short. Having a reputation of creating fair construction deals, the owner of the biggest local construction company gives Jeremy a time limit to come up with the rest of the money. He has until the 15th of the month (roughly 2 weeks) to find the the cash.

Jeremy knew they had used up their welcome on the front door of too many companies in town. He was beginning to lose all hope, until his little sister, Rachel (Crow), informs him that his best friend Jessica (Sanchez) was returning to the Philippines to do a concert on the 14th of the month. Now all Jeremy and the group had to do is figure out how to get his best friend to come to his town. ...



Jeremy Rosado                            Jessica Sanchez                                Rachel Crow



Ivan Dorschner                Ryza Cenon                         Martin del Rosario            Colton Dixon



Wishful Thinking Movie Title:     Left 4 Dead

Genre: Horror / Action

Release Date: March 2014

Director:          Louis Leterrier

A Movie By:     Pacific Western Productions

Producer:        Gale Anne Hurd

Back in 2009 there was talk in the wind about the possibility of turning a few Video Games into Live-Action Movies.

Many years later, talks are still in the wind. But lately, the wind has died down to where one can hear rumors about Pacific Western Productions wanting to bring to the Big Screen a very popular video game called “Left 4 Dead”. Also, depending on the Box Office, there are plans to turn L4D into a Movie Franchise.


The Video Game Plot according to Wikipedia

[Pennsylvania suffers an outbreak of "Green Flu"; a highly contagious virus causing extreme aggression, mutation to the body cells, and loss of higher brain functions.

Two weeks after the infection four immune survivors—Bill, a Vietnam veteran; Zoey, a college student; Louis, an IT analyst, and Francis, an outlaw biker—make their way through the city of Fairfield, only to discover that the virus is creating more dangerous mutations.] ...

No word as to if the Powers-That-Be will decide on using the same video game plot for the movie. But rest assured, it's known that they will not stray much from what made the video game popular. …

The Cast at this time:


Kris Kristofferson                     Autumn Reeser                     Romany Malco                    Steve Austin                         Sam Elliott                                                              

as William                                  as Zoey                                      as Louis                          as Francis                               as Bill                                                                              

< Possible “Left 4 Dead” Trailer>



Wishful Thinking Movie Title: Left 4 Dead 2

Genre: Horror / Action

Release Date: Fall 2014

Director:         Jonathan Mostow

A Movie By:    Pacific Western Productions

Producer:       Gale Anne Hurd

It's rumored that Left 4 Dead 2 will be released the same year as L4D, October 2014. Talks are in play within Pacific Western Productions for an L4D3 Sequel in 2015, unless Hurd decides to give the green-light for the Untitled Re-imaginedTerminator Mini-series” written by Danco_2000. ...


The Video Game Plot according to Wikipedia

[Left 4 Dead 2 opens with Dead Center (in Savannah, Georgia), where the four Survivors find themselves abandoned on a hotel roof by rescue helicopters. They decide to head for the local mall, where a second CEDA evacuation point is located.

After a brief encounter with a gun store owner, Whitaker (voiced by Dayton Callie),the Survivors discover that the mall is overrun, with all CEDA agents having become either dead or infected as well. Ellis helps the group use a stock car to bust out of the mall and travel towards New Orleans, rumored to be the last standing city in America. Later, at the start of the Dark Carnival campaign, the four Survivors find the highway ahead completely blocked by ditched vehicles, and are forced to travel on foot through an abandoned (but still-operating) amusement park. There, Coach devises a plan to use a large-scale light show used by a rock band, The Midnight Riders, in order to signal a helicopter pilot for rescue.] ...

The Cast:


Idris Elba                        Sofia Vergara           Simon Baker             Joseph Gordon-Levitt            DEVON AOKI              Annette Ngosi Ilonzeh               

< Possible “Left 4 Dead 2” Trailer One >   

< Possible “Left 4 Dead 2” Trailer Two >



Wishful Thinking Movie Title: Red Dead Redemption

Genre: Western / Action
Release Date: 

Director: Clint Eastwood

Movie byWarner Bros. Entertainment, Inc

In Association withMalpaso Productions and Rockstar Games

Producer: Clint Eastwood

Co-Producer: David Valdes


<According to Red Dead Wiki Online:>
John Marston is a former outlaw looking for an all new life in America, 1911. When corrupt government agents threaten his and his family's freedom and well being, Marston is sent across the American West to help uphold the law and to achieve redemption. His job is to kill or capture his former gang members, including his old friends and gang partners such as  Bill Williamson and Dutch Van Der Linde, or his family will pay the ultimate price.


                                             With:                       <br />

    Blake Shelton                       Trace Adkins                    Quentin Tarantino                                   Miranda Lambert                Chandler Riggs

   as John Marston             as Marshal Leigh Johnson            as Dutch van der Linde                             as Wife Abigail Marston         as Son Jack Marston

Oh, … and one last note. There's talk stirring on the dusty trails at various camp sites about an late 2014 release date.  So I reckon I'll be seeing yah at the premiere, ...Partner! ...

<Possible Red Dead Redemption Movie Trailer>




Wishful Thinking of New TV Spin-Off:

Premieres: Spring 2014


In the finale season of Spartacus:

Spartacus (Liam McIntyre) wanting to end the cat and mouse game with Crassus (Simon Merrells) , plans a surprise attack on the Roman Camp where Crassus is resting. Spartacus, with a few hand-picked Rebels, sneak onto the Roman camp with the help of Caesar. Unbeknown to Spartacus, Crassus had the same thought's to secretly attack the Rebels camp, and was not in his guarded tent. Once inside, Kore (Jenna Lind), Crassus's returned slave, informs Spartacus of Crassus' intent. As soon as Spartacus and crew reach the Roman's horses, they are attacked by Caesar's men. Spartacus escapes, but only after he is wounded when Caesar's sword goes through Kore's body into his. Spartacus manages to wound Caesar at the same time.

Meanwhile, Crassus out maneuvers the remaining rebels that where protecting the women and children of their group. After the attack Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Colm Feore) arrives on the scene to help, but instead manages to take credit for Crassus's Victory over the Rebel slaves. Rome gives Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (a.k.a. Pompey) authority over Crassus. Pompey orders Crassus to over see the crucifixion of Spartacus and the surviving rebels. Even though Spartacus is not among the rebellious slaves that where captured, a dejected Crassus and Caesar reports to Pompey otherwise. (A decision that will haunt the both of them in the spin-off series.)

As for Spartacus, he is rescued by Roman Citizen, now free slave, Laeta (Anna Hutchison) with the help of a few others surviving Crassus' surprise attack. Later, Laeta meets up with Castus (Blessing Mokgohloa) who makes arraignments with his friend, a former Cilician Pirate, to sail them far away from Rome. ...

Plot for CAESAR:

As a Spartacus TV spin-off, CAESAR (The Series) will explore the rise and fall of Gaius Julius Caesar. Caesar (Todd Lasance) first appeared in the third season of Spartacus.

Other Characters to be introduced:

Marcus Licinius Crassus (Simon Merrells)

Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Colm Feore)

Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger (T.b.d.)



The New LA Clippers

Wishful Thinking of an Internet Ego Pod-Cast Talk Show:


In a brightly lit room located so far away, that not even the ones attending know how they got there, is a meeting on present-day issues happening around the world. They are discussing a topic concerning one of Danco_2000's favorite sports, NBA Basketball. …


I hope everyone had a nice vacation from the Danco_2000's Institute of Advance Thinking?

“ Too Short, Yeah Right, Maybe” were some of the replies from around the table. (Explicit replies edited)

The HOST: Okay, now that I got your attention, I want to talk about the LA Clippers' Dilemma.

A.I. DNC2k (In Johnny Five Robotic Voice): Correction. A discussion about the new Zombie Movie to be released 2016 was scheduled for this time frame!

The HOST: Sorry,, but Danco_2000 wants to to compare our thoughts with the current NBA opinions.

M.R. R.: I don't mind going last. So I'll start this discussion off by saying the present owner of the LA Clippers will still be the owner after the upcoming trial. Simply because he said those statements inside the confines of his home. It would be a different story if he made those statements in public, but he didn't.

Da CON: Well I wouldn't pay 2 Billion for the team. I would have offered 1.5 Billion. Then if I had the power, I would fine the present Clippers Franchise owner, 500 Million Dollars to be taken from the 2 Billion before purchased. But what do I know?

DAN Co Bizman : I agree with the Movie Rumor Reporter. The NBA can Legally ban the Clippers' Owner from the league, but they can not legally force him to sell his NBA Franchise over some words spoken in his home. That would be like an Internet Commissioner banning the owner of from the Internet, with the CHUD Staff also being banned from working for anyone else on the Internet because they're still under contract to the CHUD Owner. And all he said in the privacy of his home in front of a person who was illegally recording his statements on how CHUD was more of a favorite than the Cool website.

M.R. R.: Hey, ...I like the Cool website too!

DAN Co Bizman: What? ...I'm just saying!!!

Host: So does anyone have a solution to the this problem? ...Is there anything that could be done, to at least help the LA Players?

A.I. DNC2k: I believe I can offer a solution...

The android knew he had their attention when he saw that most of them were looking at him. Da NCO and Da CON were quietly staring at him without blinking.

A.I. DNC2k (Cont.): The LA Clippers Owners, like any of the other NBA Franchise Owner(s) only own the name of their basketball team, they do not own the Basketball Players, nor the Coaching Staff. But the Owner does own the contracts binding the Clipper Players and Coaching Staff. In short, they are also legally banned, which means the Clippers' Players will not get paid for not playing.

The HOST (Impatiently): ...And the solution is?

A.I. DNC2k: Okay.

First, ...a new NBA Team should be created for Los Angeles, and since the LA Clippers is a NBA Franchise Team Name, there would not be a need for a name change. It would be just another NBA team called the LA Clippers, under new ownership.

Secondly, the NBA Commissioner should grant each 2014 LA Clippers Team Members (including Staff) a Special One-Time Free Agency Clause. Wherein it states that each member of the team has a One-Time-Only Chance to transfer to the newly formed NBA team with the same Franchise Name.

The new team owner(s) would then pick up the contract of each transferring player and coaching staff. If any of the chosen old Clippers players decide they don't want to transfer to the new Clippers team, they will be blocked from going to any other team until their contract expires with the previous owner. Also the new owner(s) of the New LA NBA Team is not obligated to buy any of the blocked player's contract. Blocked player contracts would still be the responsibility of the seller until their contract expires.

The NBA Draft will not be affected by the creation of the new LA Team, and the new team will continue to get their draft choices based on the previous season. Since this is a unique situation, all transactions previously mentioned will not be used as the foundation for any other NBA Teams created for a future NBA Expansion.

Thank-you all for your time. ...That is all! ...

The android looked around the round. Now everyone's looking at him for a long time, ...without blinking. Then it occurred to him that everyone  was asleep with their eyes open. All except the Host. He was smiling.

A.I. DNC2k (sadly): Ahhh, …Come-on mann!!! ...



Death of a Sports Salesman – -

Wishful Thinking of a TV Sports Movie:

Release Date: Summer 2014


A prominent Sports Anchorman gets punished by the company he works for saying something the wrong way on a DROM TV Sports Channel. ...

The movie was inspired by a real life situation.

The following is an excerpt from a script-segment of what was said in private concerning the Sports Anchorman in trouble. ...

Start Of Excerpt:



SPORTS ANCHORMAN (Ranting) - … All I know is it takes two to be in a fight.

SPORTS HOST (at the camera) – Welcome everyone to another edition of SECOND OPINION. Now, the case with the Professional Soccer Player fighting with his Girlfriend in an elevator located in a famous Las Vegas Hotel-Casino. It's been reported that the couple entered the elevator together. Yet when the elevator reached the main floor, the elevator doors open to reveal the Soccer Player dragging the Girlfriend out into the hall. Apparently the Soccer Player had knocked her out.

The Sports Host turns to look at the Other Sports Anchorman.

SPORTS HOST (cont.) - So what's your opinion Other Sports Anchorman?

OTHER SPORTS ANCHORMAN (at the Sports Anchorman) – My opinion is based, …without knowing all the details, ...and on the info leaked from one of the paid-under-the-table-hotel-employees. I was told the fiancee rushed the fiance as he walked into the elevator. Then during the elevator descent a heated argument occurred leading up to Soccer Player dragging his unconscious girlfriend out into the main lobby. So based on that alone, the Soccer Player should be banned from more soccer games than what was given to him as punishment for hitting a woman. …

SPORTS ANCHORMAN (sadly) - I agree with your opinion. The number of game suspensions was not enough. … I don't care who started the fight, but I do care when a man hits a woman, no matter what the reason. It's just wrong. I do know it takes two to be in a fight. I was raised by all the men in my family, and I was taught that a true man knows when to avoid hitting a woman if at all possible. That it is wrong, and totally not acceptable to be physical with a woman. And if you do hit a woman, you have to pay a heavy price for that mistake. Yet at the same time one must realize that preventing violence in a relationship is the responsibility of both the man and woman. In this case, a woman may not have the physical strength of a man, yet they do have the capability to mentally abuse a man's ego very well.

The Other Sports Anchorman could see his co-worker going into another ranting phase, so he tries to stop it from happening. …

OTHER SPORTS ANCHORMAN (interjects) – So you would agree, that the number of suspended games is not enough?

SPORTS ANCHORMAN (ranting) – Yes I do, with that said, when it comes to abusive relationships, men should should not hit a woman, ever! And it's rightfully so, that women should not do anything to provoke the man into getting physical with them. Both of them should walk away. I don't care if the woman was a Professional Boxer who just won a Champion Fight. The man better learn to block punches and do the rope-a-dope. No Man should believe he can hit a woman, and expect to get away with it without any repercussions. I don't care if the woman had razor sharp fingernails with glowing red eyes, speaking in a Demonic Tone of Voice, while all the while trying to scratch his eyes out. If a man can't walk away ...grab her arms, ...gently push her away, pull out a bible, and recite an Exorcizing Passage, ...if possible call the police. Just don't hit her! …..



The Sports Anchorman's Boss, looking at a large wall monitor, uses his TV Remote to turn off the recorded video of the Sports Anchorman's scripted apology on Second Opinion. He looks up to see Another DROM Sports Anchorperson entering.


Well what do you think? Was he sincere enough for you?

SPORTS ANCHORWOMAN –No, not really. His opinion insulted me, like all our female employees, and female viewers by implying it's the victims responsibility to do everything that's possible to not “provoke” the abuser into physically attacking.

SPORTS ANCHORMAN'S BOSS -I understand how you feel, but you have put me in a very awkward situation.

SPORTS ANCHORWOMAN –What do you mean?

SPORTS ANCHORMAN'S BOSS -While it's true we have received many calls from females and males complaining about the Sports Anchorman's statement, we have to be fair and just in all company punitive actions. We believe that a majority of the complaints were received after you got on the Text-ting Social Media Website, and “incited” or “inflamed” or “roused” or “goaded” or “”provoked”” the negative actions toward another DROM Employee. We are a family orientated sports network. What if the Sports Anchorman decides to sue you for Harassment? Or better yet, ...sue DROM. If you remember, we had to suspend another anchorman for doing the same as you when he attacked one of the Second Opinion cast members. Also it was the first time, another DROM Employee, went on the air, not to defend Sports Anchorman, but to acknowledge, she knew what the Sports Anchorman was trying to say. Believe or not, her speaking out like that on TV was a first. We at DROM want to make sure that action is the last. ...

SPORTS ANCHORWOMAN –I still don't understand, is that harassment? I wasn't the only one to call in a complaint.

SPORTS ANCHORMAN'S BOSS -True, but you are the only DROM Employee to attack him repeatedly in the face of today's Social Media, instead of keeping it in-house. Granted, he does go into a “rant” now and then, or use the word “Damn” a little too much, but over all, he's a very good sportscaster. He's being punished for his mistake. I think it's time that you too, ...must, take responsibility for your so-called “hackery” actions in this subject. Your repeated public attacks on another fellow DROM employee, a violation of company policy, has forced me to also suspend you for seven days. And besides, Second Opinion TV Ratings are way above your show. ...I'm just saying...

End of Excerpt...




Wishful Thinking of a Political TV Talk Show:


In a far, far place unknown to anybody who cares, a special meeting is taking place. All the usual Danco_2000 Think Tank Identities were in attendance except DaNCO. DaNCO, a Genius Military Strategist, has been invited to talk about the ISIS Crisis in Europe. The following is a small transcript of that meeting. …


Da NCO: I would have been here earlier, but when you're traveling from one reality to another, your bound to run into traffic.

Laughter fills the air.

Da NCO: Normally I would give a small lecture leading up to the issue on topic, but since this Earth is very similar to the other Earth that's 7 years ahead, I feel we can just jump to the questions you have on this earth's American involvement in the overseas crisis. Yes, ...M.R. R?

M.R. R.: According to many polls in America, the US President is not showing signs of being a strong president. Will this perception of the US President hinder any actions the president might take in dealing with the terrorist group overseas?

Da NCO: It all depends who's promoting the perception. If the Republican Congresspeople want to taint the US President with not being able to make important decisions concerning the interests of the US Citizens, then yes. It's because of this constant Republican Witch-Hunt Attitude towards the US President, that has the Russian's President talking and acting, the way he does, towards America today.

Now on the Earth I just left, many of the US Congress Republicans are being sponsored by US Corporations. Whom in turn get large donations from Foreign Countries who have a special interest in seeing the US President being Publicly Harassed by is people. These US Corporations fund the congresspeople by putting large donations for them in Off Shore Banking Accounts. The Host? …

The HOST: In your opinion, is asking the US Congresspeople to decide if the President should put troops on the ground or not in areas where the terrorist's are claiming to be, a wise thing?

Da NCO: Yes! It's one thing to claim the US President is a weak decision maker, but for the US Congresspeople too scared to make political decisions, after being voted into office by the American People, is out right blasphemy.

On the other Earth, that was why the American People voted for a Democrat Controlled House and Senate. Even with the distraction of Russia invading a neighboring country and the threats made by the Terrorist Groups, the US President kept his word, and pulled out the remainder of US Troops in Afghanistan. He relocated the returning Soldiers, still with Time-In-Service, on the Mexico-American Border.

A.I. DNC2k: (In Forbidden Planet's Robbie Robotic Voice) (Smiling)

I was able to read your report on this matter before you arrived. And I agree with your assumptions. So basically whatever happens on the other Earth has a 98% chance of happening on this planet.

DAN Co: Right, … So DNC2k, should the US deal with the Terrorist's with troops on the ground? Or what?

A.I. DNC2k: US will continue to only lend Air Support to those in need of assistance. It's not in the interest of the America to put their Soldiers in harms way when the concerns are for a civil dispute in a foreign land. America is not an International Babysitting Agency in Afghanistan all because Russia and China do not want to help in cleaning up their portion of the Opium Mess. They all had a hand in creating the war. It's America's Moral Conventions that has kept US Soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan .

By pulling all of America's Troops from the region, the terrorist's will be able to take over the Dope Fields. Thus, they will be able to fund their war campaign. Russia and China, more Russia than China, will have to stop their personal invasion plans, and deal with the terrorist in Afghanistan. To deal with terrorists, there must be a joint effort by All Countries Directly Affected by the terrorist's actions. America can't take out Europe's Terrorist Organization alone. The effort in trying to do so is too exhausting on America's Military Resources, especially with our Soldiers.

Da NCO: You are right DNC2K, Russia will be able to prove their claim that they will quickly hunt down all terrorists threatening their country, ...that they will do it without the help of others.

So to answer the question, should the US deal with the Terrorist's with troops on the ground? No is the answer. America is going let Russia pick up the slack. As for the unfortunate beheading, because of not being able to clearly identify the people who did the acts, the process of tracking them down will not be easy. But like tracking any War Criminals justice will prevail, it just may take longer than normal, but it will be done. ...




"The Incredibles, ...Too"  

.Wishful Thinking Of  A Netflix Live Action Mini-Series:

Production Start Date:         Spring   2015

The Premise:

After having four meetings with the Geniuses at Netflix, Pixar, and Disney's Executives next month, Danco_2000's Movie-Idea Company Agent was able to get their considerations in making a Live Action Mini-Series called “The Incredibles, ...Too”. The mini-series will be an exclusive series for Netflix.

The mini-series will differ slightly from the original animation film. “Baby Incredible” is not born at this time. But will be added in the next Netflix mini-series, should the first one do better than expected.

Also, the live action mini-series story-line will be independent of the original animated film. So even though “The Incredibles, ...Too” will have similar characters with similar powers as in “The Incredibles” animated film, everything else may be slightly altered. …

The Cast:


Kevin James                                Reese Witherspoon                          Ksenia Solo                     Pierce Gagnon

Bob “Mr. Incredible” Parr               Helen “Elastic-Woman” Parr              Violet Parr                       Dashiell “Dash” Parr


Paul Wesley                             Dichen Lachman                                        Will Smith

Buddy “Syndrome” Pine             “Mirage”                                                     Lucius “Frozone” Best



“Football Rumors Has It”

.Wishful Thinking Of Another Rumor Newspaper:


Here's just a few Rumor Clippings from MR.R.'s Sports Rumor Newspaper:


When the Dallas Cowboys won their NFL Divisional Title, the players were asked what was their motivation. They replied by saying that most of the credit of their success is due to all the Negative-Positive Hype spoken on sports show “First Take”! …


The Head Coach for the Chicago Bears was told by Upper Management that they have noticed that their Quarterback starts to mentally and physically run-down during the middle of the third quarter to the end of each football game played so far in this 2014 season. It's not known if the QB has an Iron Deficiency, or if it's just something psychological.

Either way, when it's determined that the QB in question, has made too many on-the-playing-field QB errors, the 2nd QB in line will take over. It was suggested that maybe another QB recruitment is in order before the 2014 season is over, because basically, ... the Bears Football Fans won't tolerate the Bears not going to the Superbowl, unlike the Chicago Cubs Baseball Fans that tolerate the Chicago Cubs when the Cubs don't go to the World Series. ...


A certain New York Football Quarterback is playing hurt. No one was aware that he's suffering from Depression. It's something that was caused by an unchecked Concussion in one of the preseason games. He should be benched for further observation. But for now, he's still active on the roster. …


Three Drama movies are being written influenced by all of the off-the-playing-playing-field violence. Following the success of all the movies containing domestic violence, a movie called “Daddy Dearest”, much like the movie “Mommy Dearest”, will be made first.

Daddy Dearest will be a story about a football player unaware that his child is afflicted with a Hyperactivity Disorder. (It was not known that a Red-Dye in certain Foods /High-Fructose-Sweetened Drinks, makes a child with the disorder Super-Hyperactive, unable to stay still for more than three minutes at a time.)

The “DD” film will be followed by “Bi-polar Love”, a story where a couple in an on-going Love/Hate Relationship (Old Italian Movie Style), goes too far and gets their constant fighting filmed in a hotel. Plus, the film will show how they try to deal with all the repercussions developed by the Medias. …

Lastly, “Sibling Darlings” is about how the Parental Pressures taken on by a sibling of three. It showcases a deeper look in how the undertaking of those Responsibilities affects the Sibling's Sports Performance and Professional Sports Career. And how Anger Management Training can be very helpful in Public Relations and Personal Relationships. …


The Oakland Raiders Management say they did the right thing by benching their Head Coach. The benched Head Coach says they did the right thing too. By pulling the coach off the team, his record will not become more tarnished by the poor actions of the Raiders' Defensive Linemen. It's predicted that this 2014 season is a “no show” for the Raiders in the Play-Offs.

It's rumored that the present Head Coach for the San Francisco 49ers may join the Raiders for the 2015 Season, should the Raiders be lucky enough to get a wild card spot. But if the Raiders can make it to the Superbowl, then the Interim Head Coach for the Raiders will become a guaranteed Head Coach for four more years.

Why, ...because...the Raiders Football Fans won't tolerate the Raiders not going to the Superbowl, unlike the Chicago Cubs Baseball Fans that tolerate the Chicago Cubs, when the Cubs don't go to the World Series. ...



 "Justice League Of America Begins"

.Wishful Thinking Movie Update:


Hulu, a website, and over-the-top subscription service, had finally come to an agreement with Time Warner concerning the DC Comics Superheroes. Hulu will now  be able to showcase the web series, Justice League Of America Begins (JLAB) starting next Summer 2015.

All previously chosen cast members are on board. Even though some executives thought the actor chosen to play Batman in this series might not be taken seriously by the viewers, simply due to constantly getting slapped on the backside of his head by his TV series Commanding Officer for saying something sarcastic. The Movie-Makers Writers say the actor for Batman is perfect because of his Spy-Killer Attitude. ...

Each JLA Member's Back-story will be introduced using three episodes which will air on Monday-Wednesday-Friday of each week, starting the first week of summer. ...



"Costly Predictions"

Wishful Thinking of an Internet Sci-Fi Series:

While taking a shortcut through a nearby alley, a young woman finds a discarded white hard cover notebook. At first she didn’t want to look inside because she thought it was someone’s personal diary. She convinced herself that she could at least look for a name and an address so that she could return the book to its rightful owner.

But to her surprise she found the book was magical and would answer questions of the future. She noticed with closer examination that all the previous owner had to do was to write on the book’s pages, a question. The answer would appear on the same page, seconds after the question is written.

She read some of the questions and answers:

What team will get to the NFL Conference Playoffs in 2016?


Washington Indians will beat the Green Bay Packers

Carolina Panthers will beat the Washington Indians

Seattle Seahawks will beat the Minnesota Vikings

Seattle Seahawks will beat the Arizona Cardinals


Kansas City Chiefs will beat the Houston Texans

Cincinnati Bengals will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers

Kansas City Chiefs will beat the Denver Broncos

Cincinnati Bengals will beat the New England Patriots

Who will win the Oscars in 2016?

Academy Award for Best Picture - “The Revenant”

Academy Award for Best Actress - Noomi Rapace - “Child 44”

Academy Award for Best Actor - Will Smith - “Concussion”

Academy Award for Best Director - Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu - “The Revenant”

Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Alicia Amanda Vikander – The Danish Girl

Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Joel Kinnaman - “Child 44”

Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film - Memories of the Sword

Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay - “Inside Out”

Best Documentary Feature - “AMY”

Academy Award for Best Animation Flim - “Inside Out”

There were a few more pages with writing on it, but the young woman only had time to see the answer to a political question before realizing she was being approached by a small team of Men in Black. The answer read, “One will hear in the Fall of Obama-Putin in the White House for the last time, while Sanders & Cruz square off for the first time in the 2016 Presidential Debate.”

She quickly wrote, “Am I in trouble?” The book answered,”Yep!”

YOUNG WOMAN (Surprised): You can talk?

BOOK: Right again!


BOOK: It doesn't matter how, the why is more important. And right now it's important that whatever you do, deny having read anything on my pages because your life will depend on it.

You were not supposed to write in this book!

The leader of the approaching men held his hand out toward the young woman …

LEADER: We'll take that book off your hands.

The young woman slowly hands him the book.

LEADER: Thank you. Now I have one more question to ask. Did you read anything that was written in the book?

The young woman thought long and carefully about what she was going to say next.

YOUNG WOMAN: Yes, ...yes I did.

LEADER: Are you sure?

YOUNG WOMAN: Yes, ...I'm sure.

LEADER (Relieved): Thank you for being honest. We need more people on our team and we would want to know if you will join us in protecting Earth from evil forces not from Earth?

YOUNG WOMAN (Relieved too): No I don't think so. I like my life the way it is now. Non complicated.

LEADER (Sadden): Oh I see. Well, ...I'm sorry, ...we really can't afford to let you go with the knowledge you obtained from the Alien Book.

YOUNG WOMAN: But I told you the truth. Why won't you let me go?

LEADER: It's because this little white book, will feed your curiosities with answers, yet in return for the knowledge it gives, it implants an idea in your subconscious. Ideas only it knows. The implanted ideas are always destructive.

YOUNG WOMAN: But I don't feel any different!

LEADER: And that's the way it works. You would never know, and there is no way to reverse the implant once the idea is planted.

The leader motions another agent to collect the young woman and take her back to the holding cells. Before the young woman gets into the van, she looks at the book one last time. She was surprised to see a smiling face on the cover of the white alien book, smiling back at her. ….


"And The Beat Goes On"

Wishful Thinking Of A Special Appreciation:

In a well lit room, a memorial-celebration is just ending. Just a little over five thousand entities are in attendance. Just a little of five thousand entities are in attendance.  Danco_2000's Crew arrive late, but they're just in time for the last moments of the ceremony.  

The gathering was in reference to, Nick's Baby. It was the little website known by many, which has grown with maturity to become it's own independent entity.

The  Host, like the rest of his group, was surprised to hear that the's Genius Creator Nick, was moving on.   From the words being spoken at the podium, it seemed the intelligent website was ready to venture out into the "Wild World of the Internet" without it 's creator. The website creator moves away from the podium to mingle with the entities in attendance. As some took this time to give their condolences, the song "Goodbye by the Spice Girls" played in the background.

After the music subsided, a look around the room revealed many teary eyed Chud-folks.   Not for sorrow, but for happiness. Happiness for Nick wanting to jump-start his jouney into the Arts of Hollywood.

Nick is standing by the exit saying goodbye to all whom attended. The Danco_2000's entities were among the last members to exit the room.

HOST: Hi Nick!  

NICK:  Hi guys, ...where's Danco_2000?

The Host answers in a "James Bond" fashion,

HOST: VA Medication.

NICK: VA Medication?

HOST: It's a Long Story. ...  Anyway, Danco_2000's back at the Think Tank. He's working on a TV idea. He wants to share it with George Lucas.

NICK: I see... Well please tell him I said thanks for his contributions, and I hope he'll continue to post on CHUD!

HOST: I will, but I think he knew you were going to say that. That's why he wanted me to say, Thank-you for giving him such a wonderful platform on which to hone his writing skills.

Nick's smile was returned by the Host. The Host exits the room to catch up with his companions before they left the building. One of Nick's Band Members approaches. He hands Nick his mini-tablet.

NICK: What's this?

BAND MEMBER: It's from Danco_2000. He said he's expecting nothing less than the best out of your endeavors into Arts of Hollywood. He also says it's one of his

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft Bruno Mars

. ...


I Still Remember”

A Memory For Memorial Day 2016

( Based on a True Story)


A white van pulls up in front of a rundown apartment building located right next to the borderline between two warring neighborhood gangs. A man and woman exit the van and enters the building as soon as the person they came to see buzzed them access to the building. With no elevator in sight the couple had to climb two flights of stairs. The man quickly locates the apartment, the woman knocks on the door marked 302. The door slowly opens …

THE WOMAN: Hello Sir. I'm the one who called you earlier.

THE TENANT (Surprised): Who are you?

THE WOMAN: I'm Ameri Rica, a Reporter of the WORLD UNSPOKEN NEWS CORE, and this my Partner / Cameraman Markus Wright. We spoke earlier, and you agreed to tell us your version of what took place that time of the incident.

THE TENANT: Oh, ...I wasn't expecting you to show up here so soon, considering where I live.

Both Ameri and Markus smiled at the same time.

THE WOMAN: Sir, you'd be surprised of the places we have traveled to complete our objectives. We just want to get the word out.

THE TENANT: Well in that case, come on in. But let me warn you, the place is a little worn for wear. I was waiting for you to send me an address of another place for us to meet.

Ameri and Markus enter the apartment. Looking around, Ameri thought the apartment interior was a whole lot better than what the tenant was admitting. The tenant guides them into the living room area, where Markus removes his Cam-Recorder from its carrying case.

THE TENANT (Smiling): Would anyone like some Green Tea?

They both politely declined.

THE TENANT: Okay. So what you want to know?

THE WOMAN: We have most of the story, but there was a mysterious service man that appeared for a few seconds talking with the ones involved in the incident. We were able to track him down by the information given to us by a person that was there. But when we had a chance to talk to the person described, we discovered you, ...were the missing piece of our story.

THE TENANT: I see. Well, … I'll try to tell you as much as I can remember. …



THE TENANT(Narrative Voice Over): We were on a joint military exercise with Sweden's Military another US Military Service Branch. We had no time to relax after the trip, because the plane trip was the beginning of the exercise. That work was rough. But the military groups worked so well together that we were given the following week off. My unit was broken into two groups that weekend. I and my friend were luckier, or so we thought, because we didn't have anything to do.

When I discovered that I could rent a vehicle, I did. My friend and I went sight-seeing in the cities northwest of our location. Since I had the vehicle for the whole week-end, I thought it would be nice to invite some of the others on a trip to visit a few night-life spots. Unfortunately, later that evening, we were informed that the other part of out unit was staying over in Germany. So we decided to use the buddy system and venture out. We headed south this time on the nearest hwy closest to our location. We had no idea where we were going, but that was part of the excitement. The excitement didn't last long because we had been driving for forty-minutes when we realized we should have invited one of the local military personnel to join us. I told my friend that I was going to let my intuition lead us to the night-life. So I exited the Hwy at the next town we came upon and drove down the main street. We were in luck. There were a few Dance Halls with people entering and exiting. I parked the car and we entered the first place we came up on. All we wanted to do was mingle with the locals and experience this different life-style.

It was ladies night at this place. My friend said this might be

interesting. Smiling, I agreed. And it definitely became interesting. As we walked into the place a few women were starring at us with a look of uncertainty. It became clear to us why, after we walked around the wall separating the dance floor from the entrance way. Simply put, we didn't understand the Swedish words on the Ladies-night sign. “Featuring Male Stripper from Paris” Of course the slightest possibility of just having a nice conversation with the locals would not be easy afterwards. Especially after they watched the Afro Stripper beating his chest with his manhood. It was still early that evening, so we left in search of another place to socialize.

Shortly after getting back into the car, we found another place of festivities. This place had two dance floors. I parked my vehicle in the rear parking lot. The large lot had only one entrance, a 10 foot wall of thick vines wrapped around the parking lot from one corner of the dance place to the other corner. Since the entrance to the building was located in the front, we had to park the car and walk around. Realizing that it was just the two of us, I backed up the vehicle into a stall, located in the middle of the last row, and next to the back wall. I made sure I had a direct line of sight to the only rear exit of the building. It was really easy to see the exit because it was located on the second level.

We could tell people were having fun because of all the dancing and singing on both levels. The lower level was more of a large eating place converted into a giant drinking lounge. We then went up stairs to the other smaller dance room that was actually the main drinking lounge. We unwisely decided to split-up when found out other military members from our group was there in the lower level. I stayed in the smaller one. Thinking we were going to be here for a while, I slowly made my way to the bar and ordered a small draft beer. I was making my way to the seating area, when halfway there, a person slightly bumped into my arm holding the beer. Then I was slightly bumped into on my left side. Then a third time by someone else. The bumping was highly suspicious because I was standing in an area with plenty of room for someone so anyone could avoid bumping me. I quickly determined that the bumps were intentional. So with out panic I slowly put my back actually on the nearest wall. Now I had a view of the whole area. No more bumps.

I took intentional small sips from a mug of beer I now had no desire to finish, as I started trying to determine if this is a bad situation developing. Suddenly a twenty-something young women, from across the room, caught my attention as she slowly approached. She was a little tipsy, or a good actor. Because she was acting like she didn't want anyone to figure out why she was talking to me. In a very sly way she told me that she didn't like what some people she knew were planning to do tonight. After a little more of her play acting drunk, I suggested we have a seat in the area I was going to before getting bumped. We sat down on the love seat-like couch.

When she realized that we were not in earshot of anyone, she told me that the people she knew of was going to beat up all the Afros in the place. She continued on to say that they were going to get those who associate with them too. But only after getting every one on their radar drunk. All this time my focus was on her. She saw them before I did. She don't look directly at them, but I felt the ones that wanted to do the harm was close by.

She became quieter, as she went back to acting drunk. She didn't ask me to, but I quickly rolled-played too. I acted slight hurt by being rejected by the woman. I turned away with my head hanging down. Then I slowly raised it to see who presence it was that intimidated her like this. As I lifted my eyes to look over at the nearby long couch, six Neo-Nazi members in biker outfits, were sitting there looking at me with hatred in their eyes. One girl, roughly eight-teen in age, was slowly knocking over beer bottles that were left on the coffee table.

Because of my martial arts training in my younger years, I was able to hold my emotions in check. I slowly stood up, and calmly walked towards the main hallway. I needed to inform my friend of this situation. Fortunately he met me in the hallway. I quickly explained the situation. Then I asked him just how many other Afro military personnel did he see. He said two or three. I had room for three more in the car, so I told him to tell the others the problem and that I have room to take them if they wanted to leave. I was going to watch the only parking lot exit. None of the hate group members that I saw previously tried to leave the the small lounge. My friend returned, stating he told all those concerned, and they all turned down the offer. Stating their military co-workers had their back. Not knowing how many of their non-Afro military co-workers where here, I decided we should leave.

I told my friend I believed the Swedish woman was telling the truth. I truly believed her. So let's quickly rush to the car. Following my lead, my friend and I practically ran to the car. A soon as we had fasten our seat belts, …the oldest hate group member, that was sitting on the couch, stuck his head out the exit door. My friend watched in amazement.

I waited to drive off because I had no idea of how many of them were on the streets. I did not want to give them a description of the car we were in. Two minutes later he went back inside. ...I started the car, and slowly drove out of the parking lot. Three days later, the exercise was canceled due to missing personnel. ...



Silence hung in the room like steam in a steam room. It was Markus who broke the silence.

CAMERAMAN: Sir, you might not think this, but in a different way, you are a hero.


CAMERAMAN: Well, actually saved your friend's life.

THE TENANT: I was happy to do that. I'm just sad that the others turned down my offer.

CAMERAMAN: I believe that God works in ways unknowingly to us. You might have actually saved their life with just a warning. And the ones missing were probably never with that bunch.

THE WOMAN: According to the information we have, it could have happened with or without your being there. The good news is that eight-teen something girl, you spoke of was caught. She was offered a special deal in 2012, in return for helping to catch the others in her hate group.

As Markus puts away the cam-recorder, Ameri asks the tenant one last question.

THE WOMAN: Sir have you talked to your friend lately?

THE TENANT: It's been years.

THE WOMAN (Smiling): He said thanks for saving his life. But he's keeping that Swedish Tea Cup Souvenir you forgot when you left the unit.

All packed and ready to go, Ameri and Markus prepare to leave, but not before saying good-bye to the Military Veteran,


The Military Veteran replied by nodding his head in acknowledgment as he closed the apartment door. The phone rings. He goes to answer, but it stops ringing at his touch. Somewhere from behind him, words were softly spoken,

Thank-You For Remembering”




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