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Introducing 'REMNANT', a locally produced sci-fi steampunk web-saga!

Hey guys, I am excited to share with you a web saga which I was lucky to be involved in as co-director and head of post-production.  It's called Remnant.  We've just released our third episode, below.

Here's the copy:

"The Turn was black, bloody, chaotic, then quiet. Mankind has spent the last 500 years clinging to a pathetic existence, but from the rubble of time's decay rises a relentless power. Remnant will stop at nothing to unify the realm and restore order, but order comes at a price some won't pay. Which side will you choose, Order or Freedom?"

Remnant is the latest project from Penny Dreadful Productions. Starting out as a conceptual fashion line set in a post apocalyptic/steampunk genre, it has now moved on to the big screen with the help of Brothers Young Productions, Dim Horizon Studios, Amy Houser Illustrations, and other contributors to create five short vignettes to bring the characters to life."

Thanks for viewing and sharing, and I welcome all comments, questions, anecdotes, etc!  All the costumes were done by Penny Dreadful Productions, a local shop in Gwinnett.  Like us on Facebook at


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