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Gravity Falls on Disney

Gravity Falls on the Disney Channel just started in July and worth taking the time to watch an episode or two. You just might get hooked.

By like a creepy one hooked fisherman or something.

Gravity Falls is part Twin Peaks, part X-Files, part Mystery Machine Scooby Doo and a little bit of Family Guy. Yes it's a comedy cartoon, but with unexplained phenomenon, monsters and backwood hillbillies.

And you can't escape Kristen Schaal's voice of one of the twins Mabel Pines. Jason Ritter voices the other twin Dipper Pines.

Definitely a highlight of summer TV.


Agreed. It's a lot of fun and the theme song/intro is so great.


Only four episodes have aired and I'm already hooked on Falls. It has humor that works for kids and adults, the stories actually go to some dark places from time to time, and the voice acting is strong across the board. (I could listen to Kevin Michael Richardson's Sheriff Blubs voice for hours.) The most recent episode that had the psychic boy, voiced by Flapjack creator Thurop Van Orman, and his weak father, played by Stephen Root, was firing on all cylinders.

"I can buy and sell you, old man!"

"Fair enough."


whenever Disney shows a commercial and it has Uncle Stan say "Who wants to put on blindfolds and get into my car?" I crack up everytime.


This and Phineas and Ferb are the kind of programming that I'd like to see more of over at Disney.  Their animated programming for children has been much better than their live-action shows lately.


The Dusk 2 Dawn episode last night has been the best one so far in terms of spookiness. Kids turning into hotdogs, caught in video games and surveillance tvs, it had a bit of a nightmare on elm street vibe. Plus Mabel getting possessed was kind of intense. Loved it.

My son and I watch this--yeah, fun episode last time. When they started disappearing in the store, he got all excited and was like, "Whoa! What's going on? Are they dead now?"

It's Disney Channel's best animated series since Kim Possible ended. Phineas & Ferb is all right, but I'd honestly much rather watch an entire show about Doofenshmirtz and Perry. The main adventures, while well-executed on technical levels, bore me to tears.

Gravity Falls also just has a much more interesting style, sense of humor and storytelling possibilities than P&F. I'm particularly intrigued by how Grunkle Stan fits into the larger picture; as the end of episode 1 indicates, he's definitely hiding something.

The voice cast is indeed great, especially series creator Alex Hirsch as Grunkle Stan (his Soos is all right, but less interesting from an acting perspective), Kristin Schaal's Mabel, and Linda Cardellini's Wendy. And the guest stars are great too: the aforementioned Thurop Van Orman and Stephen Root (who's just delightful, especially in the voiceover arena), Ken Jenkins as the old man ghost, John Oliver as Wax Sherlock Holmes, Coolio and Larry King as wax versions of themselves, and Alfred freaking Molina as Multi-Bear.



Multibear might be one of the coolest magical creatures of all time.


Man, this show continues to fire on all cylinders. Can't wait to see more of Waddles.

Oh, and the Oregon Trail reference during the episode was pretty sweet.


The AV Club is now picking it up for review.

Took them all summer to realize this show is amazing?


one more tidbit, looks like Gravity Falls has been a top 20 cable show in the Nielsen ratings too for the last couple of weeks.


Cool new interview with Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch over at the AV Club.,85801/


thanks for posting this!


Blitzed through the first twelve episodes. My god this show is greatness. It's like if Eerie Indiana was in animated form but better. Multi-bear, Evil Time Baby, etc better show up again. The world building, callbacks, and mythology build are pretty top notch.


Grunkle Stan's visit to the gameshow was pretty hilarious. Cash Shower!


Aww yeah, an anthology episode. I'm always a sucker for the format, and Gravity Falls did not disappoint. Stan's brief football tale was fantastic.


No way does Stan not know everything that goes on in that town.


I'm not that big into boy bands, but damn I'd love to go to a Sev'ral Timez concert.

To think if the band could adapt to the wilderness, they could pop up in future episodes, although they probably won't last a week.


The Jurassic episode last night was aces. Grunkel Stan and Waddles together is always a treat.

But what had me in stitches was Soos almost running over his own head with the car.


The season finale crammed a lot in a 30 minute episode. Loved the giant Gideon robot, the animation during the bus sequence was badass.

Most importantly, after a rather tidy happy ending, we get to learn more of the secrets of Grunkel Stan and the mysterious books.  I'm pretty sure there are more than 3 books, but what do I know?

Cant wait for season 2, which I bet wont come out until summer or later next year.

Originally Posted by neaux View Post

The season finale crammed a lot in a 30 minute episode. Loved the giant Gideon robot, the animation during the bus sequence was badass.

Most importantly, after a rather tidy happy ending, we get to learn more of the secrets of Grunkel Stan and the mysterious books.  I'm pretty sure there are more than 3 books, but what do I know?

Cant wait for season 2, which I bet wont come out until summer or later next year.

Yeah,  the way Disney has been airing this show has been kind of bizarre. I had Stan pegged as the books' author but that is obviously not the case now.


Hope everyone has their DVRs set for Friday night. Season 2 of Gravity Falls begins.

Disney ran a Gravity Falls weekend just yesterday and I was able to catch a few things this time around I never noticed before. The biggest thing I want to know about is who lived in the spare bedroom. Stan picks up some old glasses and hides them from Mabel and Dipper. He's also shown in a later scene looking at the glasses again.

Theories on the internet range from that they are his glasses from when he was younger, to that he had a twin brother. Hope this is addressed this season.

AWow. Two episodes in and pure brilliance. Loved the Shaun of the dead similarities of ep 1 and the shapeshifter monster of ep 2 is completely nightmarish.

This show just did one of the best Thing inspired monsters I have seen in awhile. Kuddos. The mythology and world building is shaping up to be pretty top notch as long as it doesn't collapse under its own weight. For some reason or another when they keep throwing out new clues and pieces to what appears to be an expansive story, all I could think was "don't screw it up like Lost."


Wow, that shapeshifting monster really went out like an a-hole.

"good luck sleeping tonight, dude" indeed.

AIt was cool gettingPatton oswalt as a guest voice.

Yeah, they're killing it with the guest voices this season. Oswalt, Nick Offerman, Mark Hamill as the absolutely horrifying shapeshifter...


"Why can't you all just get along?"

"Because we hate each other!"

What's with the scheduling for this show? When is episode 4?

R.I.P Big Henry


supposedly Nathan Fillion was the voice of Pacifica's Dad.


I don't know why it's taken me so long to finally watch this show, but good god is it brilliant.


as someone who mini golfed a lot as a kid, that episode was awesome.

Fuck windmill holes!!!

Also, the FORE!!! joke and Mabel's goading insult towards Pacifica were brilliant.


I just about died at the whole Ballad of Big John bit. AVClub thought it was a bit mean spirited, but I was just too amazed that they actually went there on a Disney kids' show.

ATotally didn't know they aired an episode on Monday. I watched on Demand.

Wow are they getting creepy. That whole screaming head that Bill produced was terrifying.

This is the show I tell people most often that they should be watching.  It's basically Twin Peaks meets The Simpsons.  The humor, the characterization, the scares, the serialization, the plotting, the animation, the voice acting are all top-notch (and it's kind of amazing how much leeway they're getting on the scares and the humor - they go further than even nominally "adult-oriented" animation sometimes).  The second season has been off to a glorious start - two damn good episodes (Scaryoke and Golf War) and two out-of-the-ballpark smashes (Into the Bunker and Sock Opera).  They keep up their hit rate and they're going to have one of the best animated seasons ever.


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