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Gravity Falls on Disney
Originally Posted by Andy Bain View Post

Fantastic on every level.

The kids and I are hoping that "see you next summer" leaves the door open for some more down the track.

I would not be averse to that in the least. I saw the message as more of a way of communicating that the characters' lives and stories continue even if we don't see them, but it's hard not to consider the possibility. Who knows?

Well, anyway, what we have now is damn near perfect. Two seasons of funny, strange, highly imaginative television telling a complete story.


So Alex Hirsch actually hid a statue of Bill in the Oregon woods a la his fate at the end of the finale, and executed a massive scavenger hunt on Twitter to find it. Tonight, it was finally found by a few different groups. Check out his Twitter feed for some pretty great pics of the groups finding Bill:

This made me genuinely happy today.


Found this via Hulu suggestion based on something else I watched. Not much into animated shows, but I gave it a shot because the premise sounded interesting and I really like Kristen Schaal. Fairly quickly, probably around episode 3 where they did a mini homage to Anthony Hickox's Waxwork, I realized that I had fallen head over heels in love with it and ended up mainlining both seasons over two days.

What an amazing, endlessly charming show. Somehow the imagination at work and the humour on display here makes me completely forget I'm watching something made primarily for kids. Can't help comparing it to the brilliant Rick and Morty, and not just because there are times in season 1 where it seriously feels like proto R&M. Like R&M, Gravity Falls is hysterically funny (Mabel's reaction to the pic of Mermando marrying the Queen of the Manatees, or smart Waddles in his Waddlesmobile firing nerf darts at Gompers), and it can go wonderfully dark sometimes (the Shapeshifter, Bill rearranging Preston Northwest's face, and holy shit Paper Jam Dipper). But R&M is rooted in the same pessimism and existential malaise that affects everything Harmon touches, and as a somewhat depressed person myself there is only so much of that I can handle. Gravity Falls on the other hand, feels like a tonic. Sweet and hopeful, with a real sense of mystery and wonder. And I honestly can't remember the last time I got this attached to characters from a TV show. Thinking about Mabel and Dipper's relationship, how they learned to sacrifice for each other, and how it brought them closer together, just gives me a warm glow. It is downright embarassing how many times the finale brought on the waterworks.

I really didn't want this to end. I know Hirsch wrapped things up exactly how/when he wanted to, and I get the whole ending on a high note before the quality starts to wane thing, but 2 seasons seems so fleeting. Guess it might not feel so short lived if I had to wait as long for the episodes as others here, instead of streaming them all in one go. Anyway, I absolutely adore Gravity Falls, and will follow Hirsch (and Schaal!) anywhere after this.

PS Tyler the Cute Biker is one of the best Forte characters EVER


You might have seen this already, but there's a cute Easter Egg shared between the two shows:


Was not aware of it. That is very cool.

Another cool thing I just found out today (I'm sure it is common knowledge to the hardcore fans here) is that Mabel is based on Hirsch's real life twin sister, who always wanted a pet pig. The whole thing is just ridiculously adorable.

ASo the final episodes finally became available through iTunes in Australia. The kids and I blasted through the last 10 episodes in just a few days.

Great ending. So many callbacks. The first Weirdmaggeddon was crazy intense and disturbed.

Also, we grabbed the hard cover Journal 3 book. It's really worthwhile for fans of the show. And it's appearance in our world is even canon (it gets here via the Bottomless Pit)
AHoly crap. Didn't even know that existed. Enquired over Christmas for GF stuff at the local comic shop and they said there was nothing.

Ordered online! Arrives Tuesday. Very excited. The girls will lose their shit Smile

Sweet Mother of Pearl that book is A-MAZING!

Easily the best tie in book I've ever seen.  The girls and I flipped out big style.  Can't wait to delve through it in detail.

A[quote name="Andy Bain" url="/community/t/144127/gravity-falls-on-disney/100#post_4205777"]Sweet Mother of Pearl that book is A-MAZING!

Easily the best tie in book I've ever seen.  The girls and I flipped out big style.  Can't wait to delve through it in detail.

Yeah it's pretty good. I have to allocate time between the three kids in who gets to read it at bed time.

I love the little fleshed out things like Clone Dippers 3 & 4 have survived and have names and plans etc.
Random reminder. This is clearly the best television show ever produced.
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The recent DVD set is really terrific. Hirsch and the crew do commentary on every episode and you can tell how painstaking their process was putting this show together, even if Hirsch and Michael Rianda admit up front they really didn't know what they were doing and without Rob Renzetti keeping them roughly on schedule they'd probably just be finishing Season 1 now.

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