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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Thread Of Fate
I think it was Andy Warhol that said all of our names will be offensive to someone for 15 minutes. Or something like that.

Rifftrax was not bad--I would say maybe the weakest of the 3, but that doesn't mean it was bad. I loved the perpetual call back that Alan Hale pretty much never leaves his office or the bar. And there must have been a shortage of buttons in the 70s because oh my lord at the old guys with their shirts unbuttoned half way down their chest. The short was probably one of the weirdest shorts I've ever seen them do.

Tickets are on sale at the Fox in Atlanta for the live show in Feb 2020, and I didn't think $50 was bad for better seats, and then when I finish my order, there's an extra $38 in fees added to it. $19 extra "fee" for each ticket. Geez. I saw them here last time, so maybe I'll pass this time.
As with the previous Rifftrax Live, the best part was the short. Handy and his puppet brethren were terrifying.

It was pretty cool seeing my name as well as my brother's name in the end credits.
Mangy Wrote:TCM 2 is like sentient cocaine.
The fan group "MST3K vs Gamera Round 2" is releasing another episode on YouTube next month. Here's a clip:

Mangy Wrote:TCM 2 is like sentient cocaine.

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