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The Republican Party Going Forward v 2.0
Do we need some kind of remedial crime school in this country, or what?
This could easily go in the Trump thread, but Republicans have been ballooning the deficit since the Bush 43 days, so I'll throw it here.  Republicans are now responsible for over 100% of our deficit:

Quote:In 2000, the federal government ran a surplus of $236 billion. The next year, the Congressional Budget Office projected that over the following ten years, the accumulated surplus would add up to $5.6 trillion – $889 billion in 2011 alone.
For the recently-completed fiscal year, 2018, the federal government ran a deficit of $779 billion.
What contributed to the $779 billion deficit in 2018?
• Bush Tax Cuts: $488 billion
• Trump Tax Cuts: $164 billion
• Direct costs of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: $127 billion
• Base defense increases: $156 billion 
I have a really hard time imagining people getting excited voting for Ted Cruz.  His race against Beto shouldn't be as close as it is.
If I lived in Texas, I'd legally change my name to Not Ted Cruz and run as a Republican without doing any ads or appearances.
Gamertag: Tweakee
Hunter, Sr. and Hunter, Jr. are real jerks:

Quote:Former Congressman Duncan Hunter Sr. called his son’s opponent in the November election a threat to national security to his face on Tuesday.

Hunter Sr., the father of Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, held what he called a “security briefing” on Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar across from the U.S.S Midway Museum. 

Campa-Najjar is running against Duncan D. Hunter for his seat in the 50th Congressional District. Congressman Hunter and his wife Margaret are currently facing 60 federal charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. Both have pleaded not guilty. 

Meanwhile, Congressman Hunter’s campaign has centered around attacking Campa-Najjar’s family history. The attacks calling Campa-Najjar's allegiance to the U.S. in question have been derided by some as racist and unAmerican. Hunter Sr. addressed that question Tuesday.

"Very simple, this has nothing to do with race, it has to do with terrorism," he said. "This is terrorism."
As governor of Florida, Rick Scott set up a fictitious blind trust:

Quote:Rick Scott had been governor of Florida for barely three months when questions first mounted about conflicts of interest. Fabulously wealthy but a newcomer to politics, Mr. Scott mandated random drug testing for state workers in March 2011, and was pushing the legislature to require it for welfare recipients. The Republican governor, who had made his fortune as a health care executive and investor, also proposed reorienting the state’s Medicaid system toward managed care.

As it happened, those moves would have created vast potential markets for the chain of 32 urgent-care clinics that Mr. Scott had co-founded a decade earlier, after his forced resignation as chief executive of the hospital company Columbia/HCA. News reports about the governor’s personal stake in the Solantic clinics, which he transferred to his wife shortly before taking office, stifled the momentum of his first months in office.

To shield himself from future conflict charges, Mr. Scott, who is now running to unseat the incumbent senator Bill Nelson, created a $73.8 million investment account that he called a blind trust. But an examination of Mr. Scott’s finances shows that his trust has been blind in name only. There have been numerous ways for him to have knowledge about his holdings: Among other things, he transferred many assets to his wife and neither “blinded” nor disclosed them. And their investments have included corporations, partnerships and funds that stood to benefit from his administration’s actions.

Only in late July, when compelled by ethics rules for Senate candidates, did Mr. Scott disclose his wife’s holdings. That report revealed that his wife, Ann Scott, an interior decorator by trade, controlled accounts that might exceed the value of her husband’s. Their equity investments largely mirrored each other, meaning that Mr. Scott could, if he wanted, track his own holdings by following his wife’s.

The filing revealed that the Scotts together were worth between $254.3 million and $510 million. (The Senate requires that assets be valued only in ranges.) They own a beachfront mansion in Naples, Fla., valued at $14.1 million (along with a $147,000 boathouse) and a Montana residence on 61 acres worth $1.5 million. The governor, who has banked more than $200 million in investment income while in office, forgoes his $130,000 state salary and jets across Florida in his own plane.

If he wins a tight race for the Florida seat, which is central to control of the Senate, Mr. Scott could well become the richest member of the next Congress. His broad menu of investments might regularly present conflicts that require recusal. He has declined to say whether he would use a blind trust in the Senate, where the rules controlling them are far more stringent.

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