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Who wants a Louis CK ticket?

Okay, so back when they went on sale, I bought a ticket to the Louis CK show in Athens, GA on November 30.  Sadly, I am now going to have to work that night.  Plus, I live in Alabama and don't want to make that drive (don't really know what I was thinking).  If anybody wants it, PM me and I can send you the link to download it and print it out.  It's only 1 ticket though.  Please only respond if you are a CK fan and actually want to go, I'm offering this for free and want to give it to someone who will enjoy it.


Thumbs up for giving it away for free. Wish I could take you up on it.

And you might get more interest if you'd included FREE in the post title. Bound to be some broke college kids in Athens who read CHUD, right?


The ticket is gone!  The ticket is gone from here! /DonaldPleasence


Thanks again for the ticket.


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