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"Let's Get Married and Have Some Fat Ugly Kids Together!"

The Orgy of Pigs & Elephants & Asses at Uncle Sam's Whorehouse

part six of the musical by Wolf Larsen

Then a bunch of space aliens jump on stage and announce: "You goddamn humans have fucked up the planet big time! But we have come here to save you with a new line of personal toiletries like super-schmooper toothpaste to make your teeth shiny-shiny white!! We have come here to trade with you and sell you floor wax that will make the floors in your house extremely bright! Shiny white! Shiny bright! Shiny extraterrestrial-pharmaceutical-psychedeliciko-WOW WOW WOW! Elect us space aliens to office and we promise you all the hamburgers & french fries that you could possibly stick up your nose!"

All the horns blurt out: "snoooRt it uP yOur noSe!"

A greasy Christian-evangelist-preacher comes on stage and sings: "Snort some God up your nose! Snort some Jesus-Christ-hallelujah-10%-immaculate conception up your nose right now! RIGHT NOW! The gay agenda will cause a comet to smash into the Earth as God's punishment for endless sodomy! God's punishment! Endless sodomy! We have come here to save you from yourselves! Hallelujah oh lordy-loopity-loop! We have come here to put different brands of God all over the supermarket shelves in your brains! Now get on your knees before our invisible friend in the sky! All of you! Now! Do as I say! DO AS WE SAY!"

All the horns screech out: "Do as we sayyyyyy! Do as we sayyyyyy!"

That's when Bob the terrorist gets in the middle of the stage and sings: "We demand more doorknobs! Everyone must get on their hands & knees before the doorknobs and worship goats! If our demands are not met we will punish you with our gigantic flying tickling machines! Then we’ll take command of all the radio & television stations and we’ll blast political speeches from the conventions of the both political parties until you're all absolutely dying of boredom! You have been warned of the drastic measures we're ready to take! Fear the wrath of Bob!"

Everyone on stage screeches-sings with fright: "The wrath of Bob! The wrath of Bob!"

That's when the bunny rabbit terrorists sing: "Fear the wrath of Bob! Fear transvestite Popes in high-heels riding tricycles down your street!"

The entire symphony plays: "FeAr tricYcleees! Fear hiGh heeeeLs! Fear the gReat tranSvestiTe Poooope!"

That's when Samantha the Queen of the transvestites walks up to Bob the terrorist and sings: "I love you with all the smell of garbage in the hot summer air! I love you the way that flies love portable outhouses filled overflowing with shit & piss! I love you like endless tree stumps where the forests used to be!"

So Bob the terrorist and Samantha the Queen transvestite sing together as the violins accompany them: "This is a romance of empty chairs piled all the way to the Republican God of schizophrenia! Love is like a banana peel waiting for you on a long endless white floor! Love as gigantic as a mountain of babies screaming at 3 a.m. for their diapers to be changed!"

The trumpet & saxophone & clarinet all laugh together: "LoOOove! LoOOove! LoOOove!"

Then all the whores & transvestites pair up together and everybody dances around the stage together as the transvestites & whores sing together: "When you get married and you kiss each other's feet it's as romantic & sexy as Jesus bleeding on the cross in agony over your bed as you make love! When you get married and you smell each other's armpits it's as romantic & sexy as suburban architecture! Let's get married and make fat ugly kids!"

Everybody else on stage sings: "Let's get married and have fat ugly kids!"

Copyright 2012 by Wolf Larsen


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