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Holy Shit, There is a Kickstarter for Cinefamily!
AWhy haven't I heard about this before?

I was surfing Kickstarter checking up on the status on some past projects that I pledged money to and saw that the Cinefamily on Fairfax put up a Kickstarter page to fund some renovations and get themselves a digital projector.

Had I known this earlier I would have certainly pledged earlier. As it is I signed up for the Black Card membership and sent my money their way.

They've reached their goal, but shit they could do with more. I look forward to see what is coming this next year at the place.

Be quick there is only three days left.

Joshua Miller posted about it weeks ago Tim, but it may have slipped your gaze due to the word "Orgy" in the thread title.
AYep, definitely missed that thread. I was wondering why it wasn't posted on here.

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