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Looking for a decent Los Angeles apartment

For the past 3 1/2 years I've lived in the same apartment.  There has been a change in ownership and an influx of epically shit neighbors in the past few months.  I've reached the end of my rope.

The thing is, my girlfriend and I need to find something by March 3rd that is either:

within 5 miles of Hollywood or a reasonable biking distance of the metro.  Los Feliz would be between her and my work.

We'd also like for the place to be cute (as the current place is a poorly constructed cube)

She needs to not feel creeped out by the locale

There would hopefully be one covered parking spot

Laundry on site would be aces

And the place would have to accept cats.

All of this on a budget of about $1500 a month.

We've found two places in just the past week that were great, but both times we weren't the first to get the application in.  Do the angeleno chewers have any suggestions or know of some places for rent NOT on craigslist?

#2 is a pay service but back in my apartment days it was the only way I was ever able to find places that met all my requirements (usually involving being cheap and allowing dogs).  Since it's a pay service it's also not as supercompetitive as Craigslist.  Good luck.


Thanks.  It is good to hear of a good Westside rentals experience.  I've got a friend who had an awful experience with them as well.   In the grand scheme of things, I guess it isn't a bad way to go- I just figured that there have to be some old school landlords who just put a sign up outside and wait for people to call.


It couldn't hurt to drive around the area where you want to live.  You never know.

AI live in East Hollywood (right near Fountain and Vermont, bordering Los Feliz and Silverlake) in a building that has a view of the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory (and also downtown if you have my corner unit). It's an older NY style building. It has it's own parking lot but its not covered. It's getting super gentrified, but ive lived there nearly a year and its quiet and I've never had an issue with anything. The unit next to mind has just been redone. It looks nice, but guessing you'll want something bigger as this is a studio (though I know there are one bedrooms in the building. Not sure if they're available though). I think it's around $950 with parking (and on the top floor so don't have to worry about anyone walking on top of you). If you, or anyone, is interested let me know.

As far as your girlfriend being creeped, again it's a quiet building, but it is pretty close to the giant Scientology building, which some might find creepy. But if you're going to have crazy around I'd say Scientologists are on the low side of harmful.

There is laundry on site, that's open 24/7, and they do allow cats.
I've really been enjoying the Noho Arts District for the past couple years.  I know a lot of people think of it as being out of the way, but it's a quick drive to Hollywood, and we've got the metro station, a small jogging park, bars, restaurants, a movie theater and a weekend farmer's market within a 5-10 minute walk.

The only thing stopping me from recommending my own building is that we've got construction next door and likely will for another year.  But it's a 2 bed/2 bath with covered parking, onsite laundry and pets allowed for about $1350.  And I've got a few friends in the area paying around the same for similar places.  Plus, it's nice enough that my paranoid roommate feels fine walking around at night.


Mike and Grace, thanks for the replies.

A studio would be a little tight for two people and two cats.  A large-ish one bedroom would be cool, but a two bedroom would give us the luxury of having an office.

Would you guys be willing to PM me the phone numbers of your apartment managers?


Found a super cute place in a good neighborhood yesterday on craigslist.  We move in next weekend!  Thanks for the responses.


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