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CuteStreak Designs Art Show (Movie Related Pop Art Posters) - Sunday 10/27

Hoping anyone in LA can spread the word and maybe come to the event as well.  My girlfriend doesn't know a lot of people, so spreading the word is difficult.  If you come and buy a poster you'll be helping someone who really needs and deserves it.  As the below posters she made say, it's on Ginger Corner Market in Pasadena from 6-9pm, next Sunday.

<br />

*<br />


Yep, this is the kind of support I've come to expect from both Chud and Los Angeles.



It's just not a very visible part of the forum.


Well, to add insult to injury, she was told today that the owner of the place got a ticket for $300 for a couple of flyers she put up on a couple poles.  Apparently this isn't legal despite the fact that every inch of this city is covered in random fucking flyers.  $300 she really doesn't have.  So if anyone wants to buy a poster it would really help her out.


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