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Fox News - this is not satire
Just this guy, you know?
“The anger out there in these red states is so deep and palpable that GOP legislators may have a difficult time seating Biden electors”

Video at the link.
GOP legislators don't "seat" Biden electors.

This is Facebook News.
Gamertag: Tweakee
No longer useful, I guess:

Quote:After a tumultuous year at Fox News that included the network’s own “Brain Room” warning hosts and anchors not to trust his “disinformation,” pro-Trump columnist John Solomon is no longer a paid contributor with the network.

A Fox News spokesperson confirmed to The Daily Beast that Solomon is no longer affiliated with the conservative cable outlet. Solomon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

While Solomon’s hits on Fox News have dried up in recent months—he has not appeared since July—he has remained a regular presence on the Fox Business Network’s stridently pro-Trump shows hosted by Lou Dobbs and Maria Bartiromo. In his recent appearances, he has been identified solely as the editor-in-chief of his right-wing digital outlet Just The News or the author of Fallout, his latest book heartily endorsed by President Donald Trump.

The last time he was identified as a Fox contributor on its airwaves was during an Oct. 14 appearance on Bartiromo’s morning FBN show. Solomon’s Twitter account does not list Fox News in his bio.
Good stuff from Turnbull, who is himself a conservative.

(11-10-2020, 06:04 PM)Iron Maiden Wrote: I like this:

Quote:Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently had an intense clash with the editor of a conservative-leaning newspaper who he accused of carrying out Rupert Murdoch’s anti-climate change agenda.

Turnbull and The Australian editor-at-large Paul Kelly appeared together on the talk show Q+A, during which the two clashed over the media’s role in covering climate science.

Kelly took issue with what he considers to be news outlets serving as “propagandist” for “radical action on climate change.”

The Australian is owned by News Corp, and Turnbull locked onto that fact as he blasted the Murdoch media empire for the negative editorial approach it often takes on global warming and climate change.

“The company you work for and its friends in politics like [President Donald] Trump and others have turned this issue of physics into an issue of values or identity,” Turnbull said. “Saying you believe or disbelieve in global warming is like saying you believe or disbelieve in gravity. You’ve turned something that should be a question of engineering and economics into undiluted ideology and idiocy, and we are paying the price in delayed action.”

Turnbull went on by saying Murdoch and News Corp deserve much of the blame for climate change denialism, and they have done “enormous damage to western democracy.” He also recalled how Murdoch-owned news outlets were accused of pushing climate disinformation earlier in the year while Australia was being ravaged by wildfires.

We had 12 million of hectares of our country burnt last summer and your newspapers were saying it was all the consequence of some arsonists, and James Murdoch was so disgusted, he disassociated himself from the family business. What does that tell you? How offensive, how biased, how destructive does it have to be, Paul, before you will say ‘it’s enough, I’m out of it?’

Kelly shot back by telling Turnbull “how dare you [lecture me],” to which Turnbull said “it’s about time” for people in Murdoch’s world to speak up and stand against this.
"Everyone accepts."

Quote:Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum claimed “everyone accepts skepticism” of the 2020 election results in an interview with White House Press Secretary/Trump campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany.

Speaking with McEnany on her Thursday evening show, MacCallum began the conversation by reviewing the state of Donald Trump’s many — so far, mostly rejected or fruitless — legal challenges to vote counting in a number of swing states. The Fox anchor mentioned a rare victory in Pennsylvania from earlier that day, in which a small number of ballots were invalidated over a procedural dispute about the timing of voter identification.

“Do you believe that that would nudge the [U.S.] Supreme Court to get involved?” MacCallum asked of the Pennsylvania decision.

“Yeah, I think it certainly could,” McEnany agreed. “The case you’re referring to today was a Pennsylvania state court decision and it was significant. The secretary of state, who has put out anti-Trump tweets, was basically rebuked and they said no, Article One Section Four of the constitution matters and in fact the legislature gets to say this, not a politically motivated secretary of state and Martha, this has applications for elections to come. We have to fight the dispensable’s because when we have a number of allegations, people deserve to be heard, President Trump will fight for them in the constitution should work as the founders intended it to.”

"Yeah, I think you’re right,” MacCallum responded, and then appeared to endorse the Trump campaign’s narrative that widespread voting irregularities have cast widespread doubt on the election results. “I think that people, everyone accepts skepticism about what this looks like. There is something like 70% of Republicans think that there’s not a free and fair election and that’s a very disturbing number, I think, for any American to look at and when you look at some of these instances, we need to get this right.”

MacCallum was alluding to a recent Morning Consult poll that found Republicans’ trust in the election plummeted immediately after Trump lost and began spreading false claims about election fraud. As a result, the survey found seven in 10 in the president’s party now say the 2020 election was “definitely” or “probably” not “free and fair.” However, it is totally inaccurate to claim “everyone” is suspicious about the election outcome or buys into the Trump campaign’s sweeping claims of fraud and error. That same poll found fully 90 percent of Democrats, a majority of Independents, and a quarter of Republicans were satisfied that the election was conducted appropriately.
Shitting all over Tucker Carlson will never get old.  Great video at the link:
Very nice of her to not offer a false reality:

Quote:Laura Ingraham begins her show tonight by admitting it's over for Trump:

"If I offered you a false reality, if I told you there was an excellent phenomenal chance of the Supreme Court was gonna step in and deliver a victory to President Trump, I would be lying to you."

Video at the link.

It's pretty funny how worried Ingraham is about viewers being mad at her for trying to tell a semblance of truth.  The safe space is slightly less safe.
It is gonna be so fun to watch these cretins try to backpedal/pivot back to enough of a vague semblance of reality to continue peddling their bullshit to a broader audience, while their core audience has pushed so far out into the wackosphere that they're already trying to cut Fox loose for not being insane/hateful enough.
There's required reading for this:

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