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Marvel Cinematic Universe Discussion
I'm excited to see what they do in the next one!
As good as the whole bargaining scene is, I also think that the final 'fight' in Hong Kong is pretty clever. Having the time flowing in reverse provides for some interesting visuals. I particularly like seeing the bad guys getting caught up in rebuilt walls and such.

Also, seeing the film in 3D was really quite something. The kaleidoscopic effects came off really, really well in 3D, and the whole 'open your mind' sequence was simply fantastic.

I'm not too enthusiastic about the future of the MCU in general but I'm there opening night for the DS sequel.
All the fights in Strange are great, and all very different. The Inception times ten Mirror World stuff, the magical items fight against Mads in the the Sanctuary, astral form fistfight with Scott Atkins, and that time reversal sequence, all leading to the Dormamu scene.
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For me i am looking forward to SHANG CHI and THE ETERNALS.
BLACK WIDOW Teaser Trailer

Looks fine.
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I have kind of held off on commenting on the MCU because I was so far behind on the ones I hadn't scene, but I finally got caught up with the Marvel films all the way through Endgame and...


While I don't think I actively disliked any of the movies(well, maybe one or two), I don't love any of them. They each have some fun moments, an action or scene or two that is competently made, and they are pretty slick overall. That being said, I kind of feel like each movie is exactly the same and I found it to be a chore getting through the last few films.

I will give Marvel props for keeping such a large group of actors together for so many films, and having all the stories tie together over so many films, but...I just don't care about any of it. There is little "depth" to any of the movies and it all feels so surface level, to me at least. I have watched each movie a single time and have no desire to ever revisit any of them again. In that, each movie is just something that happened, and I don't feel there is much to explore in the world of each film after having seen them once.

I will say, however, that fucking awful. It's two hours of boring and then it turns into Ready Player One - Marvel Edition. Seriously, the first 40 minutes are excruciatingly slow and silly. One slow boring scene after another. Emo Hawkeye, Fat Thor(did he have to be fat the whole movie?), Ant-Man being "saved" by a rat stepping on a button(lame), Banner/Hulk canceling out what made the character mildly interesting, the lazy way they introduce time is all so bad. Stark died, I yawned, Captain America becomes an old man, I laughed.

I have no idea why Endgame is the biggest film of all time. Avatar seems like an absolute masterpiece compared to this movie.

I suppose I will watch the new movies that come out at some point, mainly because I am a completionist, but my interest level is absolutely nil to see more of this "universe". I really wish Marvel would just go away for a little while, I've had enough.

I totally get why some people like these movies, and that's cool, there's nothing wrong with that, this just isn't for me. Sometimes, less is more.
With the exception of Winter Soldier, Infinity War and Dr Strange, i don't have an urgent need to revisit the rest of the MCU. They're generally well made enjoyable films but once is enough.

In short, what you said RCA.

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