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Mr B's Basement of

Being a friendless loser, I collect many toys, and so should you!

Use the CHUD Amazon affiliate link to buy some of these, and help out the boards, wont you? Thank you!

6" Batman '66 Frank Gorshin Riddler, only $5!

6" Batman '66 Caesar Romero Joker, also $5!

Pretend Man of Steel Faora is your tiny girlfriend for only $6!

And much, much more!


Thanks for the heads up. I didn't partake in those but I did nab Surf's Up Batman for only $5. Merry Christmas Aunt Linda!


Sweet!  Forgot to mention that one, it's nifty.

Since everyone needs a Russel Crowe figure, why not Jor-el? 

The Iron Man Legends line appears to be cancelled.  Sadly,that means we will not be getting Sir Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery as The Mandarin:

He should have come with several Budweisers, instead of swords.


You all need to buy Transformers too, lots of them.

Soundblaster and Sundor are only $6!

Blaster and Steeljaw are $10.

Ratbat and Frenzy are $4!

Those are all over 50% discounts, and will entertain your face off.

AYou know some gamer who deserves a baller 2014 Edition Razer Naga Gaming Mouse. Yes, you do. The older model I use has made an explosive quality-of-life improvement on my recreation.

[IMG ALT=""][/IMG]


The Swag Brag thread covers this area too, but I was wondering if I'm the lone toy collector here?

I never mentioned it because I didn't want to stink up my defacto internet home with toy talk, I have specific toy boards for that.


Buy this fun remake of one of the original Autobots:

Includes mildly amusing comic book, and is only $5!


I'm impressed that Amazon affiliates have an extensive collection of Bandai Godzilla and Ultraman toys.

Who needs King Joe?  We all do:

Check out Bandai's SH Monsterarts figures as well:

Expensive, but the detail and articulation on each is fantastic.


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