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LGBT Thread
(12-03-2020, 02:14 PM)Amos Wrote:
(12-03-2020, 01:39 PM)fraid uh noman Wrote: Is he in the beginning stages of taking hormones and the changes haven't become apparent yet or does it remain 100% a state of mind for some?


Trans people have been around for millennia, but we're just beginning to codify all this stuff. If a person decides they're trans, they're trans. Any actions they take to achieve physical alignment with how they perceive themselves is their business. Same for non-binary folks.

Ok...gotcha. Thank you. Physical alignment not being a prerequisite to being Trans is the part I was confused about. 

And non-binary means they choose to identify as both or neither?
More "neither" than "both", but yeah.
I have to confess I'm not at all clear at the difference, if any, between non-binary and gederqueer.
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****nevermind what I wrote is wrong.

The two terms appear to be synonyms.
(12-03-2020, 02:35 PM)Amos Wrote: ****nevermind what I wrote is wrong.

The two terms appear to be synonyms.

Not quite:

Quote:The term genderqueer is similar to nonbinary, but has a slightly different meaning. The dictionary defines genderqueer as the following: "denoting or relating to a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders."

Nonbinary and genderqueer are often used interchangeably by some, but not everyone considers them the same thing. Others consider the term genderqueer as an umbrella term to cover an identity that isn't cisgender. It's important to understand that gender identity is relative to each individual and how they identify.

Additionally, some people consider the term genderqueer to be a politically charged identity. "To me, 'genderqueer' represents a queering of gender, so to speak. It's a deliberate playing with gender in a very political sense, and being provocative around gender norms to highlight the gender stereotypes of our culture," said Laura A. Jacobs, an LGBTQ+ psychotherapist in an interview with VICE.

Entire article:

See also:
"Nooj's true feelings on any given subject are unknown and unknowable. He is the butterfly flapping its wings in Peking. He is chaos and destruction and you shall never see his true form." - Merriweather

My Steam ID: yizashigreyspear
Genderqueer's an older, in-house term that predates clinicians seriously talking about non-binary people. A lot of us still use it because it sounds more punk rock.

The separate evolution of underground, clinical, and modern democratized social media vocabularies has a lot to do with the enormous amount of language surrounding LGBT people.

(12-03-2020, 01:39 PM)fraid uh noman Wrote: I hope I worded all that in a way that wasn't insulting or disrespectful. I'm a rural, straight, male from the deep south. These societal changes don't have the same sort of osmosis effect in extremely rural areas the way they seem to do in large urban centers. Especially if you're not on social media..

You did totally fine, and I'm sorry for not seeing your post earlier.

I'll use myself as an example.  I've decided not to pursue surgery, which I can't afford, and after researching the side affects I'm not going to do hormone replacement therapy, even though my VA health care would cover that.  That still doesn't make me a cisgender man.

"Social transitioning" is an option, and a common one, where the individual still adopts methods of expressing their identity such as wardrobe, cosmetics, voice lessons, electrolysis, legal name changes, etc.  That's the road I appear to be on.  And there are compromises to be made there; I'll keep my bone density and avoid having added risks of depression to a mental health situation that I already have to manage, but since I'm not changing my body chemistry I'll still produce male pheromones instead of female and my sweat will smell like man sweat instead of girl sweat.  You play the hand you're dealt.

It might be worth noting that there's a distinction to be drawn between trans people who socially transition and cross dressers, who are straight people that have a fetish, and drag queens, who perform professionally and who may or may not even be any form of LGBT when they're off stage.

I'm making it all sound a bit clinical possibly, but it's because I like to make sure I'm communicating clearly to give a good faith answer.  Good faith questions are always welcome.

Trans Twitter can also be an interesting resource and I've sure learned a lot talking to others about their direct first person experiences, but to be honest we mostly talk about Star Trek there.
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Thanks Reasor. You've always been one of the great ones. I wsnt sure what processes you were undertaking but...the gist of it is, I should refer to you as she/her now? 

I could've sworn you were undergoing a physical transition. If that's what you feel is right for you, I hope you get to do it. Whatever you feel is right for you...good luck and future happiness in all of it..

(12-09-2020, 07:04 PM)fraid uh noman Wrote: Thanks Reasor. You've always been one of the great ones ...

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Reasor R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn ...

(12-09-2020, 07:04 PM)fraid uh noman Wrote: Thanks Reasor. You've always been one of the great ones. I wsnt sure what processes you were undertaking but...the gist of it is, I should refer to you as she/her now? 

I could've sworn you were undergoing a physical transition. If that's what you feel is right for you, I hope you get to do it. Whatever you feel is right for you...good luck and future happiness in all of it..

Aww, thanks!

Physical transition was part of the early draft of the plan, but I've done a bit of homework on it since before deciding that HRT would be more risky than I want.

I'm non-binary enough to have taken a hard left toward not worrying about pronouns. I'm not out at work and it's nice to minimize the amount of navigating between different worlds.  When I was in boy mode, folks always saw the femininity in me, and when I'm all dolled up folks see the masculinity.  Any pronouns are fine in my case.

I appreciate you asking.  For a lot of trans people, feelings of dysphoria are something they get really hurt over.  Some people put much more concern on passing for their identified gender than others.  Being verbally misgendered by others can trigger some pretty severe episodes of depression and self-doubt.  If someone offers the pronouns they go by, it's more than polite to use them.  I'm embarrassingly bad at remembering, so I've adapted by just referring to people by name more often.
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Here's the story of Luna Guzmán, a Guatemalan asylum seeker and transgender woman who escaped violence and trafficking only to be detained, abused, assaulted, deported, detained again, and left in Mexico by the Trump administration's grievous policies:
Rachel Levine is Joe Biden's assistant secretary of health:

Quote:President-elect Joe Biden has tapped Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine to be his assistant secretary of health, leaving her poised to become the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

A pediatrician and former Pennsylvania physician general, Levine was appointed to her current post by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf in 2017, making her one of the few transgender people serving in elected or appointed positions nationwide. She won past confirmation by the Republican-majority Pennsylvania Senate and has emerged as the public face of the state's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Dr. Rachel Levine will bring the steady leadership and essential expertise we need to get people through this pandemic — no matter their zip code, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability — and meet the public health needs of our country in this critical moment and beyond," Biden said in a statement. "She is a historic and deeply qualified choice to help lead our administration’s health efforts.”
Blanket apologies are the norm:

Quote:A Pennsylvania legislator shared on Facebook an image mocking the appearance of the state’s recently departed health secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender woman who has been nominated to serve in the Biden administration, and then offered a general apology Saturday.

State Rep. Jeff Pyle, a Republican from Armstrong and Indiana counties in western Pennsylvania, said on Facebook that he “had no idea" the post mocking Levine “would be ... received as poorly as it was" but that “tens of thousands of heated emails assured me it was."

“I owe an apology and I offer it humbly," Pyle said, not specifically apologizing to Levine or other transgender people, but later repeating an apology “to all affected."

Levine has not commented. The state health department did not immediately respond to an email seeking a reaction to Pyle's initial post or his apology.
This week is going to be brutal in terms of votes on trans lives in state legislatures.  There are a lot of attacks at once:
Montana update:

Quote:The Montana House has passed two bills, impacting the rights of transgender youth in the state. As The Daily Beast has previously reported, if ultimately passed into law HB 112 would prevent interscholastic athletes from participating in athletic activities consistent with their gender identity, while HB 113 would enshrine an effective ban on physical and mental health care for trans youth, including banning the use of puberty blockers, while punishing and fining doctors who treat young trans people. HB 112 and HB 113 face a third vote in the House before moving to the state Senate, and are mirrored in content and tone by a raft of anti-trans bills in other states, which are being tracked by the ACLU.

In a statement, Sam Brinton, VP of Advocacy and Government Affairs at The Trevor Project, said, “On the same day that President Biden has moved our country forward by reversing the transgender military ban, Montana lawmakers are trying to take us a step back. Implementing these policies would be incredibly harmful to the mental health and well-being of transgender and nonbinary youth in Montana, who deserve to live their lives with dignity and respect.”
They hire some real winners over at Newsmax:

[Image: EszLImiXYAMFskV?format=jpg&name=900x900]
The only sex change guys like that care about is if the hooker he's with can't break a $20..

Interesting read on the LGBTQ community of the U.S. South, and how connections are found through social media:
Georgia considering “a panel of three physicians” to evaluate girls’ genitals for school sports:

Quote:A new bill being considered in Georgia’s legislature would create “a panel of three physicians” to examine the “reproductive organs” and “genetic makeup” of girls  in an effort to ban transgender girls from participating in school sports.

A proposed bill introduced in the Georgia House of Representatives earlier this month called for banning transgender girls from participating in sports. Critics and legal experts believed the proposal would be found as illegal if introduced into law, just like a similarly-written law in Idaho from last year, which is currently blocked by a federal injunction.

So another proposal was introduced this week by other state legislators that went even further. House Bill 372 would redefine gender as “a person’s biological sex at birth” in state law, require state-funded schools and associations to ban participants they deem not “biologically” male or female from sports, and calls for a panel to examine information about the genitalia or chromosomes of any participant who petitions otherwise.

State Rep. Philip Singleton ® introduced House Bill 276 on February 3. It would have made the state the seventeenth in the nation to consider a bill that would ban transgender girls and women from competing in school sports as their gender.

Singleton’s proposal is still in committee, but it was lampooned by LGBTQ advocates and legal experts weren’t sure it would withstand in court. The Georgia School Boards Association’s director of policy Angela Palm wrote in an email to committee members that it would go against Title IX federal discrimination law, in addition to President Joe Biden’s executive order against LGBTQ discrimination.
Arkansas too:

Quote:Arkansas: Republicans want to amend the STATE CONSTITUTION to ban trans people from sports AND require that any girl in sports who is questioned on her gender be subjected to an internal & external examination of their reproductive anatomy, hormone & chromosome tests.
That's rough:

Quote:Robert Castillo fought for years to get an LGBTQ-friendly affordable housing complex built in Logan Square, the neighborhood where he grew up and built a life with his late husband, John Pennycuff.

Castillo wanted to create a place where LGTBQ people could prosper and avoid the adversities he and Pennycuff faced as young activists in the city.

Castillo said he was so proud when the project was greenlit and named the John Pennycuff Memorial Apartments at Robert Castillo Plaza. But now Castillo, whose name graces banners and marketing materials for the complex, is being denied an apartment in the building.

The developer said Castillo doesn’t meet the building’s employment requirement, a move that has left Castillo “disappointed and disheartened.”

“I’m not saying I should be automatically given an apartment or a preference, but the irony isn’t lost on me that I’m not living in a place named after my husband and a plaza named after me,” he said.


Castillo said moving into the building wasn’t always his plan, but it’s something that’s always been in the “back of [his] mind” as he advocated for its construction.

“I didn’t want to give the appearance that I’m pushing for a building only because I want to live in it,” he said.

But being in between jobs is why Castillo has not been approved for an apartment in the building. The developer requires all of its tenants to show proof of income because the complex was built with federal tax credits. Castillo said he has some money saved up and is looking for a job, but that’s not enough for the developer.
This was touched upon in the Trump thread, but here's a different article:

Quote:Jessica Watkins, an Oath Keeper charged with conspiring to storm the US Capitol, has asked to be released from jail pending trial, alleging that she has been “treated harshly” and is at “particular risk in custody” because she is transgender. She also argues she is no threat to the public and went to the Capitol only because “she believed that the president of the United States was calling upon her.”

Watkins, 38, a former Army ranger who served in Afghanistan, was “forced out of the military after her sexual orientation was discovered,” her attorney wrote in a motion for home detention filed late Saturday. In the petition, Watkins alleged that while in a county jail in Ohio, she was stripped naked and left “in a cell with lights on 24 hours a day for 4 days in full view of everyone.” According to the attorney, that was a response to a hunger strike Watkins went on in a failed attempt to get medical attention for an injury to her arm.

Watkins has been held in at least two facilities since her arrest, including the Montgomery County Jail in Dayton, Ohio. A spokesperson for the county Sheriff’s Office, which administers the jail, said she could not provide immediate comment. It was not clear Saturday night where Watkins was currently being held.

Watkins, who operates a bar called the Jolly Roger in Woodstock, Ohio, turned herself in and was arrested Jan. 17. She is facing some of the most serious charges to come out of the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Heard about that case last year and I'm glad that Biden's DOJ has withdrawn from it. Oh and she's being represented by a hardline anti-trans evangelical group because of course she is.
Originally Posted by ImmortanNick 

Saw Batman v Superman.
Now I know what it's like to see Nickelback in concert.

That's my review.
I wonder how scholarships are being handled on this issue.

Is the current state of affairs that you can check the box of your new gender (probably under penalty of perjury) and qualify?

**I legitimately have no idea.

Yeah I imagine this is going to be conservatives new “gay marriage” position. Of course the issue here is that they’re purposely mixing transgendered with cross dressing and conveniently forgetting that to go in transition is to change the makeup of your body.
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So how is it working with scholarships? I'm sure someone out here already knows. I am legitimately curious.

I honestly know nothing about college scholarships, or whether any states are moving to block scholarships at state colleges, or what.

Notably missing from coverage of the Equality Act fight in nearly every out I've checked is quotes from any actual transgender people. The conservatives fighting against passage of the act with a lot of slander sure are getting all the ink they could possibly want, though. I'm very tired.
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