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The RoboCop Thread (Sponsored by OCP)
AWatch this image...

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You're welcome.

Figured it's time to just start a whole thread that will cover everything RoboCop, aside from the new flick which has its own thread (until it dies like it's box office life). Three films by Orion Pictures from 1987-1993. Two animated TV series, THE ANIMATED SERIES from 1988 and ALPHA COMMANDO from 1998. One live action TV series from 1994, then a live action mini-series titled PRIME DIRECTIVES. Then there's the remake by Sony, but this is about the grand scheme of things. I have to say, this is probably the perfect example of a studio trying to build a franchise, no matter how many times they have failed, they keep going back to that well. Why do they keep trying? Because that's how good that first film is, and that the whole concept of RoboCop is perfect for selling toys. It's been 27 years and the studios to this very day do not understand why the first one is so revered, and only the makers of the second film actually tried to replicate it even though their sensibilities did not sync with Verhoeven's.

For a long time I've only seen the first two films, as I couldn't bring myself to finish the third film after twenty minutes in. I finally did watch it just to get that over with, and I've already posted my thoughts on the ROBOCOP 2 thread so I'm not going to get over that. The reason why I create this thread is so that I can get into the PRIME DIRECTIVES mini-series. Never seriously bothered to get into these until now, and one by one I'll post my thoughts onto this odd production. I don't expect the franchise to return to it's glory, but I at least hope it's at least watchable compared to what I just went with on 3. But before I start, I'll just rank the films. Wait, scratch that, I don't really have to. I think it's pretty universal that the rankings would be in chronological order, unless there are some that actually put one of the sequels above the first? I'd love to hear what's behind that.

Joe Walsh - "A Future To This Life"

AWatched the first episode of PRIME DIRECTIVES, "Dark Justice"

To get on the positives (how few there are), I liked the story, or at least what it was trying to go for with Murphy facing his former partner, his son making his way in the offices of OCP and such. If I heard this pitch, I'd compliment it as very promising. Too bad that's all squandered by this Canadian production. Boy, if they had the budget and talent pool of another SyFy show like CAPRICA, this would have really been a great way to bring back the franchise. Instead we get this low budget production with no name actors who have as much talent as what you'd get from those late 90s softcore porn like RED SHOE DIARIES. At times I actually expected Mrs. Cable to take her clothes off for a late night meeting staff. I like Page Fletcher, but not as RoboCop. The performance is all wrong. Too jerky in his movements, too robotic in his line delivery, none of that nuance that Weller would bring. As Murphy in the flashbacks, he's okay, but nothing you'd gravitate to. The filmmakers also do a serious poor job when it comes to showing RoboCop. Scenes would have the camera set up too high that makes him come off short, even worse is that they'll have actors that are a foot taller than him, making him look more like RoboMidget.

[IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

All that said, I found it mildly entertaining. There's a certain cheesiness to it that's good for laughs. The villain Bone Machine is like a character straight out of a Joel Schumacher Batflick, only the costume was something bought at Spencer's. I actually chuckled at the suicide bombers who call themselves "Da Bomz" with names like Joe Napalm, Malcolm X-Splosion, ect, announcing "we do not negotiate, we detonate!". With three more episodes to go, I don't have much hope, but at least I should get a good laugh. It helps I can find humor in the absurdity of all this.



I have a feeling 3 is just gonna stay down at the bottom. PRIME DIRECTIVES at least actually tries to go for the tone of the original film, whereas 3 is just too geared for kiddies for me.
AEpisode 2: "Meltdown"

Well, I guess this is a marginal improvement. It's nice to see RoboCop do a lot more here after having such little presence in the first episode. Of course, that doesn't really make up for the fact that they use him in ways that are bad. Ten minutes in and he gets defeated by a taser type weapon. Yeah, just shock him up a bit and he'll be offline for awhile. It's also revisiting the ROBOCOP 2 idea but instead of a monstrosity like RoboCain, we get RoboCable who is looks exactly like RoboCop, only he's painted black and has TWO side arms. I only call this whole episode a marginal improvement because it has more Robo action (or should I say "action") and less of the awful flashbacks and board meetings that plagued the first episode. The most interesting part of the episode is probably the most wasted one. This is the episode where Murphy's son finds out that his father became RoboCop, but the whole episode consist of him just browsing/hacking on a computer and NOTHING ELSE. One scene he's on a computer, minutes later he's still on a computer, and at the end of the episode he's still on a computer. Compelling.

I wonder if using the budget they had and only doing two episodes would have helped much so that we got better production values and maybe better actors, but I'm not a studio executive so I don't know how that all works with production costs. Whatever.



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