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CINEMAYHEM Film Fest 2014

March 28th-30th.  I'm not involved with the fest or anything, but I guess along with some short horror films they are also showing three "classic" horror films with special guests.  Vamp along with one of the stars, Hellraiser with Clive Barker, and The Fog with the man himself John Carpenter.  The festival is free, and in sort of an intimate venue (the Jumpcut Cafe in Studio CIty).  I think some of these screenings are "sold out" but check the site.

Also, and the reason why I'm plugging it, the festival runner commissioned my girlfriend to do posters for each of those movies, which prints of (I'm not sure of the size.  I think 11x17) will be for sale to the festival goers.  Since the festival itself is free, I guess this is how they'll be recouping costs.

Anyway, if you're a horror fan, come check it out.


If only to get the spam thread above it (that somehow has more views.  Fuck you guys) out of the main page, here's a link:

The girl that runs it doesn't actually say the prints will be for sale.  She could be gauging interest.  Of course it's sometimes difficult to get people to show interest of things on the internet that don't involve cat videos, so who knows what will happen.


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