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James Franco shenanigans watch
A[quote name="mr smythe" url="/community/t/150483/james-franco-shenanigans-watch/50#post_4101416"]How about Leto?[/quote]
Not enough choking involved.
ANow I'm on this other site. And someone is claiming they know who it is and giving clues or saying who it definitely is not. One clue was oscar winner and short. Great actor but fucked up personal life. Your honor, the people vs. Sean penn
AIs Sean Penn considered "hot" anymore?
AOh for some reason I missed the detail that the guy was an Oscar winner.
A7 years ago perhaps. And a star struck 20 yr old would

Originally Posted by User_32 View Post

Is Sean Penn considered "hot" anymore?

If you're into Mediterranean grandmothers, sure.


Mark Rylance?

AI think it's penn. Or Hamm. But my first instinct was saying Dustin "shitting on em'" Diamond
AShe's got some acquired taste there if it's Dustin Diamond:
ALate to the party, but I'm going with Joaquin Phoenix. She doesn't say a thing about him being an Oscar winner and I have a hard time buying that Penn would get a band comprised of twenty-somethings to play at a friend's party. Phoenix is old enough (at the time of the story) to feel guilty about fucking a twenty-year-old, but not so old that he wouldn't be listening to music made by one. It's Phoenix.
AYou got me sold johnny. Such a weird story. Yeah think about that for a moment. Some 30 Yr old hanging with teeny bopper punk band.
AWait. Was phoenix going through his Kaufman phase 7 years ago? Would explain alot
ASounds fairly tame by Hollywood standards.

There's Sly Stallone filming Dolphin porn and having women piss and shit in his presence (unsubstantiated rumors).  The famous actress who forced a blowjob onto the limo driver taking her to the Oscars.

I've personally been to some weird ones.  

This one is pretty good:

Listen to the entire story Toback tells...
AWho is the acctress? Was it Camryn Manheim??

Originally Posted by mr smythe View Post

Who is the acctress? Was it Camryn Manheim??

Amazing pull.


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