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Interactive Digital Horror

I'm presently writing a multi-part horror story on Reddit (I used Reddit because I utilized the unique format of the site in a specific way to enact a performative aspect of online storytelling. The link is below, if you're interested, but since my user profile on that site is as much a part of the narrative as the story itself, I'd prefer to discuss it here, if it generates a response in the reader. It is somewhat graphic, and it is also psychologically unsettling, but if your are a fan at all of Lovecraft, Chambers, or enjoy macabre art, then you might enjoy this.

For those unfamiliar with the format of those multi-part stories on Reddit, you'll find links from each part to the rest at the top of each section. Hope you enjoy it! If not, and you think it's a giant pile of shit, feel free to let me know that as well Smile

[To Spite Its Face--part one of the story cycle](


BarbaGramm, I deliberately read the story before reading you post because I wanted to go in blind and I wasn't disappointed.  Not knowing what to expect, I was pretty blown away when the story moves from narrowly focused first person impressions to a larger "natural" horror story and then into the meta-narrative.  The first mention of Reddit sort of took me out of it since I wasn't expecting it, but as the lens widened, I really loved seeing how you layered the weird, abstract nature of the internet into full on cosmic horror.  A great ending too, beautifully done!

I think, also, purely on a technical level, your writing becomes more confident as you find your way through the story.  I printed it out because I prefer reading on the page, and whenever I read someone's writing I make sure I have a pen, just in case I see any typos or anything.  So there are some marks on the first couple of pages, then less, then nothing (except check marks next to especially great language).  I'll PM you my meager copy edit notes if you care. Smile

Anyway, keep writing; I love your writing; and my reading of Reddit (especially that sub) is much less frequent than CHUD, so I hope you'll continue to post your stuff here!


I'm grateful that you took the time to read it! It actually has two more parts that are forthcoming (for a total of six), and then I might retire that username from Reddit and just start posting here exclusively. I would LOVE your editorial comments, and appreciate your feedback. I haven't written fiction in ten years, and thought I'd give it a go. Sadly, each part gets less and less attention on that sub (and I'm sure nobody on the TIL post realized that it was posted by a "thing" posting as BarbaGramm in another sub), and there are never any comments as to why--even if a person just wants to say it sounds like crap.

Anyway, thank you again, and please send those notes when you get time!


You actually made that sub more interesting with the story and its tendrils, so that's awesome.  I don't have a lot of comments, but I'll PM them to you, and for not writing in 10 years I'd say not too shabby.  And I'm a little scared to see where you take the "thing" but excited to find out!


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