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Wendell Everett, Professional Painter - Semi NSFW

Beginning to get much faster at designs now that I've gotten better with a few anime / art nouveau tricks, especially with the eyes and noses; not outlining the inner bottom of the eye, three of four big pointy eyelashes, sharp thin eyebrows, oval lips, and the same highlight patterns - triangles for the cheeks and forehead, oval for the lip, nose, and chin, shadow on the sides of the face, under one side of the nose, but sparingly under the eyes.


Going to start painting these at 36" x 18" - which is about as big as you can go before the UPS/FedEx/USPS rates start getting out of control. Working smaller should make these a little easier to hammer out and bring production cost down  significantly - but it will make adding detail harder, which is why I've started cropping in closer ... I actually think that from a composition angle my work is improving, even if I've been rushing through my line quality and color values.  My last three designs have all been done in individual sittings, and I'm throwing out less work, so I'm definitely getting more efficient.  I'll be switching gears to selling so I can re-coop some of my production cost .... I have to text my Etsy guy, he also wants to play BF4 so I should really get on it.


Well I've got some designs I've got to paint by October 3, which is when I put up a show in downtown Southport, NC in a casual upper-mid scale wine tasting gallery type place.  Probably going to do the two blue haired mermaids on 36 x 18.  The gallery takes 50% and the owner says the sweet spot for quick sales is $150, but the production cost is still in the $40, so my take would be like $35.  Not great for a ton of work, but at least the designs are only taking 3 hours or so by now, and smaller paintings also take less time.  Mostly I have to get the some more paintings scanned and and sell the 12x24 prints at $150 - the prints are about $55, so I make about $20 on those.  Scanning them costs another $60 a pop. so it's kind of like buying stocks.  Also having dinner with the Etsy guy on Saturday and will give him the Road Warrior stuff.  I'll post some pictures of the show when it happens.


Gave the Etsy Guy the Furiosa and Vernon Wells paintings to put on Etsy.  $100 plus prob $20-$25 shipping.  I give him about $20 and the materials are prob in the $40-$50 range, so my take is about $40 on those.  Going to give him 24x12 mermaid prints to also sell for $100, my take on those is more like $30.  Should have a link soon.

Gallery gets 3 medium sized original in the $150 - $200 range, plus one huge framed mermaid original for $600.  If I sell all four originals plus a mermaid print, my take will be about $600, which would cover a huge chunk of the materials this summer.  Including the airbrush compressor I've spent easily a grand on paint, canvas, stretcher bars, printing, scanning etc in the last few months.

At the end of the month I'll have four mermaids I can make prints from, and I should know if the Road Warrior stuff sells.  The Etsy guy thinks I should do Star Wars stuff - Storm Trooper, Fett, and Bounty Huter Leia are all pretty easy to draw, so might do a SW series (after I do my Nikki Minaj painting). IG-88 is actually my favorite, but I know from doing the Mad Max Interceptor that it's a pain in the ass to do straight lines with the paint pens, since you can't really use a ruler (it would smudge all over the place)

The LA gallery guy wants to see more stuff - a long shot but not a dead end.  Can't really write about it any more since theoretically he could backwards search the images and read everything I'm thinking.  At least this forum is members-only.

AMakes sense that Star Wars stuff would sell but I know from a pal who tried to sell some SW parody T-shirts it can be hard to get them cleared through some online sellers. I have no idea about Etsy but it's probably worth looking into before you spend the time and materials on it. If that works out maybe some Iron Man and Batman themed work would also be popular. Maybe even Katniss.

As for straight lines, is it possible with your techiques to rule a pencil line to go over with the paint pen?

That's actually a good idea.  The paint pens are kinda a pain in the ass because you need to finesse the pressure to get an even flow, and that means using a lot of speed and working over areas with rough textures.  I will try using a a ruler to get better lines, but I'm also just going to start avoiding things with non-organic lines like buildings and cars

Anyways - finished another mermaid.  Not going to bother scanning this one.  The flower on the left is all fucked up, and I sprayed the lips and white spots on the face instead of using paint pens, which fucked up the registration.  At least she kinda looks like Gina Gershon.  I want to see if I can get $180 for this opening night at the show, if I can't I'll knock it down to $150 (I get $75) to cover my materials.


New mermaid design.  Going to print this out with the Nicki Minage tomorrow and should paint them pretty quick


Thought the design from last night could use some work.  this is the most I've worked on a design for a while - Prob 6 hours or so.  Hopefully the painting turns out good enough I can make a print from it.


Big show in Southport tomorrow night .... or as I like to think of it, the Safe Haven Historical District.  There's little shrines to Julianna Hough, Josh Duhamle, and Ryan Seacrest scattered around town, which you could skateboard across in about two minutes.  Around 4th of July, it has the same foot traffic as Manhattan.


Made this for tumblr and it got a few notes.  Also made just north of a Franklin at the gallery, I sold out of all my prints for $15 a piece and even sold the painting from the first post.  Put a lot of the stuff at fire sale prices to re-coop costs, they don't call me every time I make a sale, but hopefully I'll make back a lot of the materials costs from last summer.  Been working on my lines a lot more in PS - I think this Britney piece looks a lot cleaner than usual but took like FOREVER.  Also kind of proud of the background since I did the paisley design with a sharpie, took a photo with my phone, and then processed the hell out of them in PS.  My brother in law writes comic scripts so I might start just doing free work for him - I want to learn Magna Studio's modeling tools.  I didn't light the world on fire profit-wise, but I had a fun experience and think I could get something rolling if I started leaning more towards digital prints - the cost/mess/time-suck of paint really wears me out sometimes.


Well, the gallery owner ran into me in the supermarket today and told me I sold three paintings during the summer but he had "trouble" emailing me for some reason (eye roll).  I have no idea how much money this means since all he knew for sure he sold was the Mad Max.  If the big mermaid sold this could mean half a stack in my pocket - I told him I'd come by for the check Tuesday or Wednesday.  Since I sold all my prints and four paintings in less than a year,  technically I feel like a "success".  I could end up painting the Britney if I want to jump back into things .... I'll post here how it goes since I know you're all on pins and needles.

A[quote name="WendellEverett" url="/community/t/151220/wendell-everett-professional-painter-semi-nsfw#post_3994902"]... I'll post here how it goes since I know you're all on pins and needles.[/quote]


Glad to hear it man, get that paper! Did you ever do any comic work with your brother?

It was actually my brother in law .... and, naw, not really.

I picked up a check for just shy of $300.  What I learned is price is overwhelmingly the most important factor - the buyers bought the cheapest, lowest quality stuff while the big, expensive stuff stays on the shelf.  The take away is to start make paintings that cost about $20 - $30 in materials to produce and sell quick for $80 - $100, which is about a $20 profit after the gallery gets a cut.  I made $40 profits off the paintings I sold, but they literally sat on the shelf for a year.  Right now I have my biggest, highest quality stuff priced to make $150 profits, not because they're really worth it, but because I don't really want to sell them.

The other trick will be to make two copies of each painting - if I like how it turns out, I can keep one.  I'm not selling the Vernon Welles I made (I'm keeping that), but I could easily make two more, keep the best one, and sell the others for $75 - $100.

The news that I actually sold four paintings kinda kills my idea of becoming a Youtuber dead.  I can probably start making $2 - $5 an hour as a self-employed artist right now, which is like a 100x multiplier of what I'm making on Youtube with 16 subscribers.  Honestly, I feel like a lot of the paintings I made turned out like crap - I rushed things to make enough pieces for a show, and I let production costs spiral out of control.  As I go into 2016 I'm going to treat things more like a job - keep my eyes on ways to cut costs while doing better, more original work.


Well, I was by the gallery and they're down to one painting.  I actually have a bunch of materials left over from 2014, so I'm getting back to work.  I got a check for $75 this week, and they have another for $140 in another couple of weeks.  I'm going to do another four paintings at least, probably have enough materials for 10.  I'm going to do some "gif sets" where I screen print the words underneath the paintings.

These are what I'm working on now:

I broke up the stencils for Omar in Photoshop and I feel like I'm getting faster.  This took three, maybe four hours:


So, are things like Patreon and the like workable for you? I follow a few artists who've gone down that route as one of a number of avenues they run in parallel with other things they're doing.


I don't know about Patreon.  I've been approved for but haven't uploaded my stuff.  Mostly, I'm trying to crank out some beach-themed artwork and see how quick it can sell at the gallery.  There's a fancy donut shop across town that might put my stuff up too, it's supposedly pretty busy ... I don't know, friend of a friend owns it.  I'm actually going to start doing two paintings of every design, since the designs take forever, and I could easily put the same paintings in two galleries.  I'm also not going to clean up the designs as much - both of these designs are pretty rough, but they're ready to start making stencils from. Pretty happy how these turned out - only two two colors on the surfer (plus black and white) and three on Mindy.


Here are some people I sponsor on Patreon who do commission art:

Didi has a top tier which is completely sold out where for $50 US/month, she does requests each month for those patrons. I'm guessing there's quite a waiting list lest anyone choose to drop out later.

I don't know if this format would work for you (obviously, there's the issue of getting wider exposure in the first place so people would even consider it in the first place) but I just thought you might like to have a look. There's lot more artists out there doing something similar.


Thanks for the heads up Shan.  Not quite there yet with the crowdsourcing - my buddy Kevin pulls in about $200 a month for his podcast from fans, so I know about how to do it, but right now I'm mostly just working on my portfolio and doing shows for fun and pocket money.  I was approved for inprnt and will put some stuff up after it comes back from the scanner, and I have a big, fun show at n cool bakery in Carolina Beach.  I also started a facebook fan page and instagram.

instagram: noahfinlayklein

Also cleaned house on tumblr so it's more just art stuff.

If there are local Chewers who want to check out the show, come on by to Wake N Bake in Carolina Beach August 20 from 11:00 - Noon.


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