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Mount Rushmore of children's television

I will be doing some new art for my daughters room the Idea will be a Mount Rushmore of children's television. Fred Rodgers (George Washington), Captain Kangaroo (Theodore Roosevelt), Big Bird (Abraham Lincoln) but who gets the Thomas Jefferson slot Blue from Blues Clues, Howdy Doody, Bozo the clown, Bill Nye, Mr Wizard, DJ Lance, Jim Henson, Kermit,Shari Lewis, Lamb chop? Who do you think should be on the Mount Rushmore of kids TV have a better option let me know what you think?


Levar Burton, but if you go that direction, please include his visor from Star Trek.  They did a Star Trek TNG episode of Reading Rainbow, so its canon.

Or since its Thomas Jefferson, you could go with Thomas the Train.

Carmen Sandiego and Ghostwriter would probably also make my list of alternates, but I doubt your daughter was born in the 80s, and those have sorta fallen into obscurity. Use anyone fro Zoobilee Zoo if you want to give her nightmares.

Whatever you choose, we better get to see the results.


She was Born in 2011 but Mr Rodgers is her favorite show we watch it like 3 times a day and now with Daniel Tiger she all about it we are even having a land of make-believe Birthday party this year. Burton is a good addition disappointed I dint think of him.


Got the mock up underway.


So this is something that just happened. Also retweeted by Reading Rainbow little kid me just wet my self.


But you don't have to take my word for it.


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