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"Black Holler"
Originally Posted by Bradito View Post

What are they showing at the festival anyway?


There seems to be a lot of submissions, so I'm not sure why ours isn't being shown. On the bright side, they were able to squeeze in the student film Dickeaters. I may drive up there anyway just to see that.

 The expedition leader is my favourite.

Mine too!

AI should've entered this.

Update: This movie is screening in Nashville at Cobra on Friday, October 13. You probably shouldn't drive from LA to see it, but wanted to give a heads up.

We're making progress on the DVD and hope to have it completed by the end of the year, too. Then, I can move on to my next never-ending project.

AI'm so proud of my Mangy.

Originally Posted by Bradito View Post

I'm so proud of my Mangy.

AI mean, I'm not driving from L.A., but still. Pretty proud.

Good God, there's the slight chance of distribution for this thing. The long nightmare is nearly over.

AWhen can I probably see this?!

I'd say this year, but I said that last year, so let's go with "someday, maybe?"

(01-20-2018, 11:56 AM)Mangy Wrote:

I'd say this year, but I said that last year, so let's go with "someday, maybe?"

I just got done helping package up the DVD and Blu-Ray for this thing, and we're having a release party for our sponsors on Friday April 13 here in Nashville - Lots of extras and commentaries and deleted scenes and what-not. It helped me learn Adobe Encore, so that's cool.

I think we might still be a few thousand dollars shy of getting this thing streamed. For example, the companies we've talked to prefer that we pay for a QC check, and that can run in the four-figure range. We have interest from a couple of companies, but it still takes a surprising amount of $$ to make that viable.

I'm not at the "Say 'fuck it' and upload the thing to Vimeo and send you guys the link" stage yet, but this hellish odyssey isn't quite over yet.
(03-19-2018, 08:01 AM)Mangy Wrote:
(01-20-2018, 11:56 AM)Mangy Wrote:

I'd say this year, but I said that last year, so let's go with "someday, maybe?"

I just got done helping package up the DVD and Blu-Ray for this thing, and we're having a release party for our sponsors on Friday April 13 here in Nashville - Lots of extras and commentaries and deleted scenes and what-not. It helped me learn Adobe Encore, so that's cool.

And here it is. Pretty cool!

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The screening went well. People bought DVDs and Blu-Rays, so that's good.

There's a shop online for anyone interested -

I think this will be streaming somewhere soon (quite possibly the aforementioned Vimeo). Once that link is up, I'll shill it, and then move on with my life. HOORAY!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd WE ARE LIVE!

Check it out, and I hope you enjoy. Or don't check it out. Whatever!
I checked it out Mangy. You were top notch!

The whole thing is pretty fun. Hope everyone who made it had a sweet time watching it too.
I'll probably see this.
Worth it just for Mangy's "Pull a loud, scrapey table across the floor really slowly while apologizing for pulling a loud scrapey table across the floor really slowly" gag.

That and all the murder.
I ordered the DVD from the online store. Mangy now belongs to me!
Thank you so much! Enjoy the movie the Nashville Scene described as having "not much in the way of nuance"!

The professor and his wife were my two favourite characters. It must have been a ton of fun to play that guy.
It hasn't come in the mail yet! I can't stand all this waiting!
Bradito, I wrote the producer and asked them to mail your DVD off if they haven't already. I'm not above using my "connections" in "The Biz" to help out my friends.
My DVD came in the mail.

And I have to go to work in 20 minutes.

What do I do?!
I just saw this... I assume you quit your job?
I just finished watching it. What a fun backwoods slasher! I loved how Brett kept changing into a noticeably different actor throughout. I'm glad that I went in unspoiled, so the identity of the true villain came as a surprise.
Awesome! I'm so glad you were entertained! I'm holding off on buying a tux for the Golden Globes for now, but considering the piecemeal micro-budget nature of the thing, I think it turned out okay!

The Brett stuff is my favorite gag. The first Brett, the guy in the hallway and the school bus, abruptly bailed after shooting his scenes (something about the combination of zero pay and an interminable shooting schedule turned him off), but I think the writers' solution was pretty great. The good thing about spending ages to film is we could change and improve stuff; the deleted scenes on the DVD include a fairly different opening and closing.

I also love Bruce's (he's the stoner guy who dies in the lake) soundtrack. He did something like 40-50 music cues for the thing, it was nuts.

I'm writing a sequel that probably won't happen, but I had a blast with the cast and I'd love to work with them again. Thanks again for buying the DVD!
I also howled at the scene where you effortlessly climb the tree.

The actors are uniformly solid. Most of the low-budget horror movies that I watch are really hit-and-miss in the acting department, like the production bought the costumes first and then hired whoever could fit into them. Here, everyone is believeable in their respective roles and understands the tone.
I wanna see Mangy!
You can rent the DVD from me.

Late fees apply!
7 day maximum, but no more than 2?

what the hell?
Ha! The tree climbing was excellent!
Hey, that's why they call me Scampers With Squirrels. I'm taking over the Black Holler Twitter account to try and shill the thing this week... I'm definitely trying to put together a tree climbing gif!

The cast is very good (at least according to me, a member of the cast), and holds the thing together when the storytelling gets a little incoherent. The handy thing about spending years doing something is you can patch over some of those holes. Unfortunately, we had to scrap a lot of ADR work because it didn't turn out well, which would have helped with some of the sound/coherence issues. For example, towards the end, there's a flashback scene where I bump into Marty at the school, and as I'm recapping, Marty was supposed to say "Why don't I remember any of this?!?" It was funny, but we had to scrap it because it didn't sound so hot. We spent a couple of days doing dubbing work, and only about half of it turned out satisfactorily.

I think for a super low budget movie, we did a very good job with the TOOOOOOOONE. I think that and the cast and the jokes help smooth out some of the bumpier stuff. LOTS of credit to Tamiko Robinson Steele, who played Laquita...she kept coming out to the woods and running around for no money even as she was doing acclaimed productions of Shakespeare and "Raisin in the Sun" here in town. She could have told the production to go to hell and it would have been doomed. Thankfully she didn't!

Also, the writers/producers on this were Heidi Ervin (the redhead uptight student Rebecca) and Rachel Ward (the cheerleader). They ended up re-writing with director Jason Berg, but they, especially Heidi, are the reason this got made and completed.

EDIT: Also, if you've seen it and liked it, could you review it on IMDB? I think those notices will help us get on other streaming sites. If you didn't like it? LIE. Here's the link -
It's really sweet that such a drawn-out and challenging production turned into a really fun, watchable film. I agree about nailing a top notch TOOOOONE.

I also have done an excellent job reviewing it on IMDB.
Also, "Heidi the 13th" is the best name for a production company. Ever.
Hey Bucho/Bradito: is it cool if I copy/paste your kind words to the BH twitter account? I'm running the account this week, so thought I would do some shilling.

I also saw this review on Twitter and cracked up:

Watching @BlackHollerFilm on DVD. Can feel the love for the genre there. This could become a cult classic. Take a chance on it.

It's nice to know this movie is Jimmy Dickbutter-approved.
Oh, indeed.

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