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INTERSTELLAR (An Observation By Christopher Nolan) Post-release Discussion
(09-30-2019, 01:26 PM)Mangy Wrote:
(09-28-2019, 06:02 PM)Nooj Wrote: it’s silly too, because that kind of speechifying is ALL over Nolan’s movies

but the moment it’s a woman emotionally, but sternly making her case to a man....

I dunnooooOOOOooooo hahahaha

(stops laughing and glares)
The Hathaway stuff never bothered me (and I don't totally get why people hate her), although Jessica Chastain figuring out the equation to find her father, then throwing the papers up in the air while spinning around Mary Tyler Moore style did give me a chuckle. "Hoorayyyyyyy!"

The weak part of the movie is all the Casey Affleck/Topher Grace burning cornfield stuff. Nolan had to cross-cut with *something,* but it wasn't compelling at all. Also, I wish someone, at any point, noted that their dinners consisted of corn on the cob and corn muffins with corn pudding. Just one "CHRIST, CORN AGAIN? REALLY?" would have been nice.

I always laughed at the speech about how they were seeing the last crop of okra, ever.  I wish someone had gone 'good, I fucking hate okra.'
So I went on a trip for work and left my baby girl back in the States with her grandparents.

I shouldn’t have watched this.

That said, I dunno why Nolan is starting to veer into really long films. Somewhere between Batman Begins to Inception, his scripts feel more cohesive. The Dark Knight Rises and this feel a bit symbolically dense, but narratively thin. Aka they are The Matrix Reloaded.

Dunkirk feels like a bounce back (all though probably an editing/story choice). Wouldn’t be surprised if Tenet is worse.
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