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Undergrads (2001) - MTV

Okay, who remembers this show?  It was an animated series about four childhood friends who attend college together and apart.  Lots of fun and cancelled after a single season.  Also had this gag.

AHey, guy...

But yeah, used to watch this show all the time on mtv. That, and of course, Clone High.

Undergrads, like MTV's Downtown, was cruelly cancelled after one season. Series creator Pete Wiliams, one of my Facebook friends and the voice of all four main characters (Nitz, Rocko, Gimpy, Cal), got the show picked up after winning a contest back in the late 90's. I always wished he did another season and have suggested that he should do a Kickstarter to do a second series but, on the other hand, Undergrads was something very special and maybe it's best that its memory has remained unsullied.  Here's an interview with Pete and a vid of him doing recording sessions....

AWilliams has been trying revive the show pretty much since its cancellation. As I understand it, the holdup has been convincing the multiple rights owners to license out the property. Only then can the challenge of funding even be attempted.

Also I'm comforted that you guys exist.

Yeah, i remember this one. Really fun and had quite some gags every episode. Was always surprised it didnt last longer.


Oh shit, I remember this show! I'd love to see a "15 years later" on where all these guys ended up. Even as just a one-hour special or something.


To this day, I still sing "I like Star Wars!  I like Star Wars!" to the Star Wars chase music . . . even though I don't particularly like Star Wars.  For some reason that gag just stayed with me.

Originally Posted by User_32 View Post

Oh shit, I remember this show! I'd love to see a "15 years later" on where all these guys ended up. Even as just a one-hour special or something.

At an expo Williams said that if they ever got a chance to do a second season, they'd continue with sophomore year and simply have the characters make an offhand comment about how much happened over summer break to address iPhones and whatnot.

While we are no closer to a revival, here's a nice presentation about the show's history that Pete Williams gave a few years back.

Well hot damn!
This could really be happening. Williams posted a video on Facebook announcing that the Kickstarter will launch at the end of the summer.
Heads up, the Kickstarter to revive this show with a movie is going online Monday. Boy do I hope there ends up being more than twelve fans of Undergrads out there.
Alright folks. Game on:
 I think all Marvel films are okay. This is my design.

Except for Thor 2: the literal worst.

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