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Since there isn't a Southwest forum...any Phoenix, AZ Chewers?

I think I've seen a few of you identify yourselves as Phoenix residents.  So, if any Phoenix Chewers are still visiting the boards and need something to do before the weekend is over, I have three spare tickets to the Noam Chomsky and Lawrence Krauss talk at ASU Gammage tomorrow evening. I'm willing to give them away for free, so send a PM if you're interested.


There are a handful of us. Unfortunately I'm busy tomorrow evening. Hopefully somebody jumps on them.


There's one ticket left now.  I'd love to give it to a member of the boards, so try to get in contact with me by the afternoon if you're interested.

Chomsky and Krauss are scheduled to begin speaking at 7:00 PM and will be participating in a book signing afterwards.  Gammage doesn't enforce a formal dress code, but most patrons choose to wear business casual attire (basic dress shirt, jeans, etc.).


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