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How 'One Nation' Didn't Become 'Under God' Until The '50s Religious Revival

Just listened to this FreshAir/NPR interview....

How 'One Nation' Didn't Become 'Under God' Until The '50s Religious Revival


Kruse's book investigates how the idea of America as a Christian nation was promoted in the 1930s and '40s when industrialists and business lobbies, chafing against the government regulations of the New Deal, recruited and funded conservative clergy to preach faith, freedom and free enterprise. He says this conflation of Christianity and capitalism moved to center stage in the '50s under Eisenhower's watch.

"According to the conventional narrative, the Soviet Union discovered the bomb and the United States rediscovered God," Kruse says. "In order to push back against the atheistic communism of the Soviet Union, Americans re-embraced a religious identity. That plays a small role here, but ... there's actually a longer arc. That Cold War consensus actually helps to paper over a couple decades of internal political struggles in the United States. If you look at the architects of this language ... the state power that they're worried most about is not the Soviet regime in Moscow, but rather the New Deal and Fair Deal administrations in Washington, D.C."

I can't help but think that this information is all too relevant today given the prevalence of folks like Cruz, Huckabee, et al in this country.


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No.....some are Muppets.

AThe alliance between captains of industry and religious leaders, to fight organized labor and the working poor, never really ended. It's still fascinating to look back and see the history of it, especially since it constitutes a kind of "underground" history that isn't taught in state-run or privatized schools.
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