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2015 WH Correspondent Dinner

This is the standout for me....


Thought Strong started out very weak but got better and had some great jokes.  Obama killed as always.


The climax of that anger translator bit was actually kind of cathartic.

Obama fucking owns these events.  That whole riff about the Koch brothers ending with "But my middle name is Hussein!" was terrific.

Also: "Donald Trump is here.  Still."  Long pause.  "Anyways..."


 I did like when Obama didn't need the anger translator when he started talking about climate change. I just hope he acts on it for real.

I've got good news and I've got bad news. The bad news is that I have lost my way. The good news is that I'm way ahead of schedule.

I'm a Brit so I'm not that familiar with this tradition. Does the president's routine typically get as juicy as "bucket", anger interpreter and "[Joe Biden and I] get so close, in places like Indiana, they won't serve us pizza anymore"? The "pot smoking socialist" and "some people are dumb" jokes, as well, seemed way more down to earth and loose than I imagined would be the case at an event like this. Loved the fact he could barely keep a straight face through the "End of Times" gag.


If I'm not mistaken, in the past the dinner was mostly a behind closed doors affair where everyone involved in the political sphere 'roasted' each other.

Only in the last few years has is become a big thing as it is now being televised and professional comedians are involved in the writing of material.

AIt got huge when Stephen Colbert went there in character and tore G. W. Bush a new one on live TV.

I always like watching these though. Jimmy Kimmel's set from a few years ago always makes me laugh. Seth Meyers making the whole room laugh at Trump was great too.

 At the one Meyers hosted, Obama put Trump in his place on his own. Obama brought a recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice where Trump had to deal with Meat Loaf flipping out on Gary Busey. Decisions like that would keep him up at night.

I've got good news and I've got bad news. The bad news is that I have lost my way. The good news is that I'm way ahead of schedule.

something I've been noticing over the last few years is that, while the jokes are usually spot-on about issues of their time, the audience reactions are just so ridiculously muted and worried.

people in the audience didn't even laugh at an obvious joke about Amanda Knox, for fuck's sake.

Look at the attention drawn on Laverne Cox for her (rightful) reaction to "Luther's" global warming joke. these are supposed to be smart people across the aisle, and she was the only one giving it the import it deserves.

which sorta makes me wonder... if so many people in Washington dismiss this as a night solely devoted to the entertainment of Washington and Hollywood insiders, and neither of those groups seem to even remotely enjoy the jokes being made - jokes that mostly everyone else in the country/world laugh at, despite their being at their/our expense - why not make this a paid-audience, mid-to-upper-class event?

it would still raise money for the Correspondent's Association, and it would have an audience of people that can actually relate to what is being said.


This Blog post makes a good point:

I think the muted reactions are due to 1) a  large group of the audience simply hating the President and 2) a larger part of the audience are groveling sycophants and don't know how to react to jokes.

AJon Stewart gave this event the proper assfucking it deserved and also addressed the issue of the audience's muted reactions to jokes at their expense.

will try to embed, but my computer's dumber than Michael Bay's filmography.

ETA: embed fail, of course, but you should look it up.

Isn't this the administration that subpoened the phone records of the Associated Press? I'm surprised any journalist would even show up.


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